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Frustrations of a Frustrated Artist

There are sooooo many things I have always wanted to do since I was small. One of which is to sketch something beautifully recognizable on a blank sheet of paper with a pen or pencil. Some said all you have to do is to concentrate, relax, let it flow and let go of your hand. And the results of which turns out to be a few pesky doodles even Sponge Bob looks more decent!

Next to that is to paint a really amazing portrait or scenery or whatever. All I come up with is an abstract that can't be clearly categorized. Haha!

I also wanted to play the piano. It was actually a good thing we have guitar lessons during high school, otherwise I'd be totally illiterate with any musical instrument. Which now reminds me and makes me nore frustrated that it has been years - literally - since I last played the guitar. Hmmm.

So these may be the reasons why I just write. Or type. This turns out to be my most convenient outlet for my "artistic" inclinations. Still, I have to satisfy some …

Cupcaken rides the Y101 wave...

Sometime soon, you'll be hearing a lot of Cupcaken on Y101...

Just see them brainstorming!

Dancing in the Rain

It's been a looong while since we last bathed in the rain, and today was the perfect time to have a go at it again.

Heavy rain started pouring in early this morning, so we decided to literally get up our butts and brave the downpour leaving Phoenix with a puzzled expression.

At least we had to have a little "we" time with our car too. She had a good bath today with her car shampoo and all. Hahaha!

It's still raining... But our toes and fingers were already pruning up so we rinsed already. Did my own pedi and relaxed a little until finally, we heard Phoenix already up from her morning nap...

Daddy's Little Princess

Sleeps with her mouth slightly open... Just like her daddy!

Nuat Thai Banawa Cebu has the Worst Manager!

I have no idea what caused this man to deliberately lose their branch's revenue and a couple of supposedly loyal customers with this crazy antic his playing just because he might have let his personal interests take over his already clouded or even non-existent sense of judgement.

And the antic I'm referring to? Every time we ask to be reserved whether with specific time or not, once he catches a glimpse of our faces he automatically declines! What an airhead "manager", if he is the manager. Or maybe he's just the scheduler or something. Duh.

And just because of the above, we decided to boycott the said eatablishment - Nuat Thai, Banawa, Cebu City.

Blogging via mobile phone

Might as well try it!

I've been wanting to start blogging again after another wave of hiatus.. so here it is... It's so much of a blog entry though, more like an announcement of some sort.

Anyway. I'm alive!!!!!

*the place in the picture is where we had dinner last night...*

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Debuts Tom Epperson’s Latest Works

Looking for that perfect inspiration to help you in your photographic pursuits? From May 30 to June 5, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives photography and art aficionados a real treat as it lets everyone marvel at Tom Epperson’s latest works in a special art show that will be held in Greenbelt 5. Entitled “Brewfinder: Enthusiasm Over Coffee at the CBTL,” the weeklong exhibition highlights the artist’s photographic prowess with a set that revolves around the concept of finding beauty in just about everything. “This event is part of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s commitment to enrich passions, especially passions that are related with the arts,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. “Needless to say, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always supported causes we believe can help improve society, and art does that. Art teaches us that perseverance and patience, and not just skills, are important when it comes to creating beautiful things. And this …

Long Overdue - Pics of My Birthday Loot

Title captured it accurately -- this post is loooongggg overdue!!!

here are the pics:

All the items seen above were priced raging from 99 - 150.. Including the Polo Sport perfume for Tom and my CK lipstick.  :)

Pre-Birthday LOOT!!! :)

We were supposed to be waiting for Phoenix to give us, willingly, the sample needed for her to undergo Urinalysis yesterday, but we spotted a nice little stall in Robinson's Cybergate where I, finally, was able to convince Tom to buy me some...

I'll post the pictures in a while... just have to download them first from my phone...  :)



Are you looking for a place to indulge your late night food cravings on a Wednesday night? Or you can’t wait until the weekend to visit your favorite late night food markets? Then Midnight Mercato, Metro Manila’s premiere late night weekend food market, will be open on Wednesday nights starting February 29 to answer your foodie call! Indulge in the Midnight Mercato experience and enjoy an extensive selection of foodie favorites - steamed cheeseburgers, crunchy pork belly, wagyu steak on a sticks, deep dish pizzas, authentic Vigan empanadas, ice-cream filled mochi balls, specialty milk teas, dark lager beer cheesecakes – straight from the kitchens of home-based and specialty chefs, while enjoying live acoustic performances and free wi-fi. Wednesday Midnight Mercato is perfect way to celebrate the middle of the week! Midnght Mercato is open from 10:00pm to 3:00am every Friday, Saturday and Wednesday (starting February 29) and Mercato Centrale is open every Saturd…

Of Arts and Brews: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Opens in Ronac Art Center

Wishing you could have a bit of artistry to go with your daily dose of coffee or tea?

Making a very creative debut at Manila’s newest art and retail hub—Ronac Art Center—is gourmet coffee and tea purveyor, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.

“Again, one of our main goals has always been to make it easier for all Filipinos to have access to the best brews available out there,” explains Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. “Like in all our other stores, we took very careful consideration before deciding on this new location because we wanted to make sure it will indeed present convenience to all our followers.”

The new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store opened today, February 27, 2012. It is conveniently located in Ronac Art Center’s ground floor and caters to all sorts of coffee and tea aficionados in the Ortigas-Greenhills area. Staying true to the location's avant-garde nature, the store's design debuts a very interesting new look that's u…

World Premiere at Cupcaken - I Lay My Love on You by the Anoba Brothers

The world premiere happened at Cupcaken, February 21, 2012, Tuesday. It's Ken's birthday and they just decided out of nowhere that they somehow want to resurrect their music video days.

So without further ado, the Anoba Brothers singing I Lay My Love on You....

I Lay My Love on You - by ANOBA Brothers from Anoba Studio on Vimeo.


**Original by westlife**

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Opens 42nd Store at Two E-Com Center

Specialty coffee and tea purveyor, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, reinforces its claim as the preferred café chain in the country by opening its 42nd store right at the heart of Pasay City.

Located at Two E-com Center in the Mall of Asia Complex, the new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store will be serving customers their full selection of specialty coffee and teas by February 18. “This newest addition to our line of strategically-placed stores will help us fully realize our vision of providing every Filipino with the best available coffee and tea out there,” explains Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. “Being a new landmark that packs commercial, retail, residential and business areas in one unique structure, having a shop at Two E-com Center will help us reach more people and tap different markets in a way that we have never been able to do before.”

Located in an alternative business and entertainment district amidst a spectacular bay setting, the …

A Curious Thought: What’s Inside a Bad Boy’s Pair of Pants?

What does action star Robin Padilla, former president Joseph Estrada, and cosmetic surgeon-turned-celebrity Hayden Kho have in common with Hollywood stars James Dean, Collin Farrel, and Robert Downey, Jr.?

Unless you’re a brooding man who can make women want to drop everything and land in your brawny arms every time something unfriendly comes their way, most men have all went through devastating heartaches at some point in their lives. We’ve seen it a thousand times—nice guys getting dumped and friend-zoned over stoic, devastatingly gorgeous, distressed men reminiscent of Damon Salvatore and Edward Cullen, who can make even blood sucking look sexy. What is it about bad boys that put sparkle in women’s eyes, glow in their cheeks, and blood rushing into their veins and other lovely parts?

No, this is not another story about vampires who sparkle in the midday sun while wearing outrageously pale faces and pouted lips. This is the truth that young boys long to d…

One Decade Down, Several More to Go!

In about 6 more hours, we'll be officially recognizing our 10th year together. Who would've thought we'd last this long? We're totally different personalities, and yet, maybe through God's grace too, we have managed to get along and "survive" each other. Quite the ride, huh?

He's the silent type. Not! Oh my, if that were true, it'll be the end of the world! Because he's the type of person who'd feel feverish if he doesn't talk in a span of at least 2 hours (except of course if he's watching a movie or sleeping). And sometimes he even couldn't help it that even if we're watching a movie he still talks every now and then, and when he sleeps he snores - very loudly - so he still isn't quiet at all. He sings a lot - and I mean a lot. Good thing he sounds decent. :) Though decent may sometimes be an understatement.

He's patient and understanding and tolerant. (Otherwise, how on earth would you think we'd pass the 10-y…

Cupcaken - the Cupcake Haven of Cebu City

Today's a big day for Ken and Yan, not because it's the Chinese New Year,
but because today's the grand opening of their newest endeavor - Cupcaken.
As the name implies and if you haven't noticed yet, Cupcaken specializes in

Aside from cupcakes, Cupcaken also serves Illy coffee in, of course, an Illy cup (Yan
says that's an italian brand and is so much better than starbucks'..)

We also had a group of foreigners check out the place, they say they passed
by a while ago and Cupcaken was still closed, so they came back. Funny
thing, these guys know how to speak in Cebuano! :)

And one more thing, Cupcaken is not just a run-of-the-mill cupcake store,
they also have couches for guests and groups who would like to be more

They also accept orders, I think.

So come and visit us soon, Cupcaken is located on Banawa Street, beside
Nuat Thai. (If your going from Katipunan street, then it's before you reach
Paseo Arcenas.)

Think I'm gonna give one of …

Dear Phoenix, It's 2012!

Dear Phoenix,

It's already 2012, almost your birthday!  :)

It has been an absolutely fulfilling 2011 for me and your Daddy. We have watched you grow up from this tiny baby who just squeals and cries when needed, to this tall, long-legged baby who now drools on everything, walks like she has no tomorrow and says "cat" even while looking at a dog.

You may have not noticed but there has been so much that happened last year. One was of course, you were born, then Mommy got assigned somewhere farther and left CIAD in good hands. Daddy also got a new job and I think is still enjoying it. :)  You now have more batchmates in church, you prefer Tita Brenda over the other people in the Nursery and your Tita Yanyan is already carrying your cousin even before your Tito Ken can open CupcaKen.

Your uncles and aunts are also doing better, even though Kaye is already spamming our FB accounts with her k-pop thingy. Kuya TJ now has a job, he doesn't want you calling him uncle, you kno…