Advantages of Being Employed

One way to become rich is being employed, having a good job, working for a corporation, a partnership, or another individual.

It’s not really an advice most rich business men who are financially independent shell out to others, but it’s another way nonetheless.

As much as I can think of right now, here are some of the advantages of being an employee:

Training. People who get employed get training – technical skills, interpersonal skills, leadership, patience, and several other traits that we get from being employed which may not be properly enhanced when we start off as the owner of the business.

Spending Power. As obvious as it comes, having a job provides the food for the table and the shopping money. Most of us have that uncanny flair for shopping and we really can’t exercise our spending techniques if we don’t have the money in the first place.

Meeting Other People. In some jobs like PR, Sales and Marketing, we can have the opportunities to meet other people in our life. These maybe famous personalities, average people like us, or the nerds and geeks that technically run the whole company. And in these meetings are where are ethics and social graces are well tested.

Opportunities for Career Growth. By finding a job and being employed we experience working in different fields of expertise wherein we discover our strengths and weaknesses. Through this, we are able to uncover more and more opportunities for career growth either within the company or outside of it, in the same industry or in a extremely different one.

No Capital Needed. By being employed we do not have to look for financial companies, banks or others from which we can get loans or source of funding for us to use as capital for our business. All we need is the minimal funds we need for business attires/suits, transportation expenses, cellphone load, computer rental (for internet access away from home), printing services for our applications and resumés, and make up!

Lesser Problems to Think of. Interms of handling the business... Of course! Because these will be our boss’s problem.

So far, these are the advantages I can think of, and it’s good to say that this article will be continued and the next topic will be some of the disadvantages of being employed by another person or company.


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