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Update on Scofield

Received reactions for my post on Wentworth Miller being gay - and auditors always see the nitty gritty details...

The article was dated August 28, 2007. And by September 26, 2007, another article went out saying that Wentworth finally answered a journalist regarding this issue saying he's just busy working and looks forward to having a girlfriend and a family.

Seems like better news, eh girls?


I Hate the World Today

Wentworth Miller Goes Public with His Gay Boyfriend

The article says they've been going out since June. The other guy is "Scotty" the boyfriend of "Kevin" in Brothers & Sisters. Wentworth have been denying news that he's gay, saying he's just busy with tapings and all. And now this!

I hate the world today.

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Trying to Imagine

...the feeling of having short hair again.

Not the boyish cut, but just shoulder-length hair. I think it definitely feel a lot lighter. Something like this, 'coz I know my hair is not so smooth and sleek, it's actually unruly and kalkag.

Started imagining the feeling because I just got these vibes that I'm sending off "ermitanya" vibes already...

Let me Rant on my Own Little Blog


These new staff are just f****** irritating. They just don't seem to know what to do! I did NOT really want them on board because their respective interview results were just not satisfactory enough but my supervisor, for the love of God, wanted them in.

And now, this one guy, who always brings tissue paper whenever he goes to the restroom (are you gay?!) always asks stupid questions. Questions that anyone who has tried auditing at least once in his short life can answer. I believe he absolutely thinks that if he asked me what to do and I gave him the answers, in other words, spoon-fed his lame ass, he wouldn't have problems later when I check his work.

Oh really?! I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

I'm not senile, I can remember what things I've discussed in detail, what comments and tips I've given, what reading materials I gave, what other sorts of prep I told them to do, I've exhausted my patience showing them how to do one audit at a time, step by f*****…

OMG. They now have an Ad!!!

We all still remember that group of friends that jumped up and down and screamed their lungs out when Venus got into the top 15 of Ms Universe, right? Well, if your memory's failing you, here's the clip of that:

Now, they have their very own tv ad with KFC!!! Imagine?!


Why Government Run Newspaper is NOT Good

Because they will filter/screen information...

And edit pictures to their satisfaction.

For the whole story of this crazy photoshop tweaking by the Egyptian Government, go to this article.

**photo credits: yahoo news

Found the Missing Celebrity Chef

Tom and I were wondering where on earth could this chef have gone after he went M.I.A. from his show in QTV....

An article in said he's still in the country, has his own restaurant now, and is actually married since 2008.

**Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan.**

19 weeks and counting!!!

And according to babycenter, the baby is now about 6 inches long and weighs 9 ounces. Sensory development reaches its peak this week. The nerve cells serving each of the senses - taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch - are now developing in their specialized areas of the brain. Nerve cell production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections. Hmm, so maybe that's why I feel a lot of fluttering - a LOT of fluttering - (this is how fetal movements at this stage feel like) maybe because the baby can now hear my voice and whatever sounds it can hear from the inside... And recently, I've been feeling a little heavier even though my OB said I didn't gain any weight since my August visit. Hmmm.. Actually I've decided to cut down a little on too much rice so I won't gain too much weight and later have difficulty, right? But I still eat good, always considering this little fella inside.

We also had a good laugh during my last prenat…

Before I Cut my Nails

I wanted to cut my toenails as soon as possible because I'm feeling some of the edges are burrowing themselves in my flesh.

Anyway... I just had a striking realization after looking at some baby bathing videos and listening to Johnson's Baby channel in youtube.

I don't want my child to grow up na hindi marunong mahiya. I want him/her to have just enough hiya or self-respect or self control that he/she just wouldn't barge in and ruin some other kid's photo because he/she just loves to have his/her picture taken. I don't want my child to be like that. Madadala nya kasi pag laki nya. And these kind of people, if not guided properly are those overly self confident to a point na atribida na or antipatiko. Mga tipong signal number 3, di pa nagsasalita. Gusto ko syang mag pose kung sya ang pipicturan, hindi yung wala nang magawa yung kukuha ng picture kasi hinawi nya na yung birthday celebrator para sya ang nasa gitna. O kaya eh solo pic dapat, pero andun yung mukha ny…

What I'm planning to Read Now

I love the cover.. So simple..

Test posting from my phone

Just wondering if it actually works.. Lol!


Ang dami-daming nagbabago ngayon. Mga lugar, kainan, mga logo ng bangko, mga logo ng restaurant. Ang mga pulis lumalala, ang mga pulitiko, lalong lumala. Ang mga tao pagod na, ang iba naman tumanda na at nag-kaanak.

Nabanggit ko nalang din ang salitang "nagka-anak", malapit na rin ako dyan. Kaya pagkalaki-laking pagbabago ang pinagdadaanan ko ngayon.

Pero parang pagbabago lang naman ng logo. Ganun pa rin ang katauhan, ang mga prinsipyo, ang kaisipan. Ganun pa rin ako - minsan makulit, minsan mataray. Dito parin ako nagtatrabaho kung saan ako nagtatrabaho bago pa dumating ang pagbabagong ito. Ganun parin ang pamumuhay, payak pero masaya. Ang mga pangarap ko para sa sarili ko dati, ganun parin. Ang pagbabago eh nangyari sa pisikal na anyo, para ka lang nagbago ng logo. Pero kaakibat nito eh ang pagbabago na rin ng pananaw mo sa iyong hinaharap - "pyuchur" ika nga.

Nagbago ang pananaw ko sa mundo, parang gusto ko lahat maayos at masaya dahil hangad ko na paglabas ng mu…

Hey Newbie, Be Warned.

To tell you honestly, you must be very careful. You're treading on thin ice here. I'm just quietly observing. So far, you're on your way to being the second person who didn't get past regularization in this department (probably even this whole company).

You applied for this job, you should at least show interest with what you're supposed to be doing. Auditing doesn't mean you just email people and wait for their replies. You have to get on your feet and go to your auditees, interview them, look at their facial reactions, dig for the documents if you have to. Don't just sit there and warm your office chair. You're not being paid to act as if you're the boss. Just waiting to get instructed and waiting for more. You're not supposed to ask me what you should out in your report because you were supposed to be the who was auditing, right? All the resources are available, you have soft copies, you can borrow the printed forms, you can interv…