Right. Write.

Sometimes I would rather write than talk.

And I surely missed writing.

But I right now, we (the Husband and I) have a new "hobby"  -- creating picture quotes, or whatever the heck that's called.
Like that one.

So I'll challenge myself again to bring this blog to life.
30-Day blogging challenge. I must make myself post something in this blog for 30 straight days.
Follow up on me, would you?

Why, why, why...De Lima?!?

"My my my Delilah,Why why why Delilah"
Change Delilah to De Lima and it still fits well enough. Hahaha.
Honestly, I liked De Lima when she was still with CHR. But when she became the acting secretary of DOJ, something was off. There was a change in her demeanor, a change in the way she carries herself, even in hoe she conveys her thoughts, which were previously so clear, structured and does not worry about political correctness. And the more she advanced in her senatorial race, the stranger she seemed to me.
But now, especially now with this tiff with the highest ranking person in the government -- who is so sure about himself and confident as a mafia boss (can't use the term I want to use because it has expletives!) because of course, as a lawyer he knows he can get away with anything at this point in his life -- De Lima is acting sooo... what's the word...childish. Even with words of a diplomat and diction of an orator, the act is still so childish. Brandishing her &q…


Started another reading plan in my bible app. Yes, keyword - STARTED. I literally start them, but could not last too many days, somewhat lose interest, and not end. Same with the topic at hand - work. I most of the time start something, only to not have it end the way I would like to.

Maybe because I'm a crammer. I live for cramming. Been doing this since high school, carried it over to college, and prolly have it embedded in my system already. I procrastinate up 'til I need to burn all my energy to catch a deadline. Maybe it's the rush, and the feeling of success when I finish the task. Which only means one thing. I'm not passionate enough with my work. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Yes it's a shame for Christians like me. To not be working like the best steward I should be. Yes. How could I be entrusted with big things when I waste my time and effort doing nothing and busting my brains to cram for the small things.

Because I don't find it fulfilling anymore. I don…

Early Morning Impression

We were driving Phoenix to school very early this morning, when suddenly I had a statement impressed to me by God,

Truth, truth.I need to know I'm not housing an Achan.

For someone who has not been thinking about things like this since that time, it was unusual for me to have this statement pop-in my mind at such an early time of the day. And only God knows why.

Game of Thrones Season 6...

As of this writing, nope, I haven't seen the premier episode, and nope, I don't want spoilers. So if you're planning to give me spoilers, stay away from this blog. Or from my social media sites! Or else...

I'll ignore you. Forever.



Been out for quite a loooooong time.. Even tried migrating this blog to wordpress and then regretting it afterwards.. So i stopped updating. and writing. and getting feedback, and everything in between.

Now, I'm back. Again. For good? Maybe, maybe not. Am I busy? Yes.
Am I alive? Yes of course, I wouldn't be able to write this post if I was dead. Even if you believed in the after life and ghosts.

So what's new? A lot of things, and a lot of people. One specifically is a new person -- a daughter particularly. Phoenix has a younger sister now. Her name is Phive. [Don't ask.]

What else?
You may want to wait for other updates, so far, that's it.


Ok, here's a new pic for you. Well, not so new, …

Cupcaken - If you're in Cebu and you want Cupcakes!

I have previously blogged about Cupcaken here and so far it's doing quite fine. But have you been there?

A few other bloggers have been there and have, of course, posted very good reviews about the place. We want to thank them and recognize their posts about Cupcaken here:

Cupcaken... Sweet and Great from My Tasteful Life.Cupcaken from Blog that CakeHeaven in Cupcaken from The Sweet-Toothed DiariesThat Cupcaken Cebu from The GlamarazziCupcaken from

For others that may not be aware, Cupcaken has a facebook page:

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For inquiries, please drop a line see our FAQ Notes at our FB page, or shoot us an email at

Cupcaken can also be seen in Tyke's Cafe at the Mezzanine of Pier 1, Cebu Port Area.

We would like to hear from you!
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Filipino ID Card - I Have Issues that need to be Clarified!!!

Saw an article in PhilStar today - House pushes issuance of 'Filipino ID Card'

1. Ok, 1 ID number for life, or until a person reaches 18. Why 18? Does that mean you get to change your entire identity when your 18?

2. "other revisions deemed necessary by the cardholder" -- so that should mean that the government should not deny changes to a person's 1-number-for-life ID just because 'deemed necessary', right?!?

3. So what if I just got that new unified ID for sss/phic/pagibig, and now this new Filipino ID? And what about those with professional license numbers? The TIN number/ID?

4. So this ID will totally scrap out the relatively newly implemented unified ID for sss/gsis/pagibig/phic, right? Which also just scrapped out that other new unification for other IDs before that I can't remember anymore -- which are half-baked plans that underwent half-baked implementations. Right?

5. Will the banks and other GOCC's and corporations stop asking for at le…