Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Half-Blood Prince

The sixth Harry Potter movie is continuing to creep toward its Nov. 21 opening.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince's trailer is almost done, but the bosses haven't seen a finished product yet. In this movie we'll be given a peek at the young Voldemort - Tom Riddle.

His role will be played by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, the 11-year-old nephew of Lord Voldemort played by Ralph Fiennes. He was chosen not only because of his strong resemblance with his uncle, but also because there is such a haunting, brooding quality to him.

Anyway, up and coming is the online trailer for this soon hit, so let's wait for that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Need a Vacation

Yes, we need a vacation. Need is quite a heavy term, so let's just change it to "want". We WANT a vacation.

We're here in one of our company properties, supposedly to do audits and of course to have our presentation (see the full experience as we felt it in the Office Chronicles), but all we're thinking about is how relaxing the ambiance is, and that we need to relax and enjoy the scenery. It's been a long time since I last came here, and I'd really rather just rest and de-stress myself. But that may not be happening as we were tasked to finish one audit for a period of 5 days tops.

Crazy, but it's okay. We've been through more stressful situations and we survived. hehe. Nice.

But we really need a vacation.

Happenings....Office Near a Beach You Couldn't Swim in.

Yep, we're in on of our offices located just along the shoreline, but funny thing is, you can't actually swim on the darn beach.

Anyway, why we're here, you can read the full account on the events in The Office Chronicles.


'Ber Months?! Can We Really Do That?

At last, we have finished our presentation to the renowned ManCom (Management Commitee) last night. After almost having a heart attack due to the nervousness that me and my colleague were feeling because the first scheduled meeting was actually postponed - it was actually the fault of the BigBoss since he missed his flight. Nonetheless, the prolonged agony, I think, was worth it.

We got ready a good 30 minutes before we were scheduled to talk in front of the ManCom. But instead of just waiting, RB and I decided to have dinner first before killing ourselves with monstrous heartbeats. A few more bites before the last bit of meat from our pizza disappears, Ms Pots [not her real name] called us up and instructed us to go immediately to the conference room.

When we entered the door, it wasn't at all shocking, but because of our weird heart rates, we were shocked - they were having dinner! We were asked by BigBoss to go and eat with them. Hmmm, what an honor, right? But we were just too fidgety to eat, so out of politeness' sake (all the other members of the ManCom are at this point, telling us to go get something since BigBoss told us to eat), we got up from our seats and headed towards the desserts. I got myself a cute slice of chocolate cake and a can of Coke. RB took a slice of lasagna and something else. So we ate. It actually took all of us about 40 minutes to finish eating.

After dinner, three more people finished their presentations, details of which are of course confidential and we wouldn't want our ass*s bitten off for divulging company secrets, so let me assure you that what were discussed will not at all spark your interest and let us go directly to our presentation.

As I started I know my voice cracked a bit because I was so nervous I couldn't even feel my fingers. It was a long, long time since I last reported to a group of people you know, it's been quite a while since I left college. So anyway, I blabbered along, conscious that my voice was loud, and I was also aware that I was making eye contact. It's something I developed in college - when speaking in front of a big group I make eye contact to make me relax, opposite of everybody else's idea that you should think that you're talking to chairs to get the nervousness off and instead of the common occurrence that speakers' voices slowly fade into oblivion (except when using microphones), mine is loud- but not annoyingly pitched - and stays relatively stable and loud until I actually finish speaking. And it was a good thing because all the personalities I stared at responded by either nodding their heads or smiling. I was also very much aware that I fumbled with some words, I even had a minor mental blackout when I was thinking for a term that would best describe "set aside". Anyway, that didn't come out good, but it doesn't matter now, does it? BigBoss even interrupted at times to ask the other ManCom members of some inter-related activities that would be of very good use for our nifty little department. And also to agree that what we're planning were all very good, especially after establishing the fact that we can be a little internal business consultation group. He liked that idea. Very much so that he even gushed about it a bit.

So after that he asked me - directly - when the target date is for the start of the formal implementation of the things we presented. I said, some are already working, some are being established, while some are plans just yet. So he said, "[My real name], you should have all these up and running by the 'ber months. Ok?"

'Ber months?! That's just almost one full month away! Can we really do that? By the way, 'ber months mean Septem-ber, Octo-ber, Novem-ber, Decem-ber. In short, BigBoss said, we should have the whole system working by September. Great. This is starting to be very stressful. Challenging. And worth the while.

Good luck. To us.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meeting, a Skirt and a Slide

I was checking out on my friend's blog and I noticed the pictures she posted. The darn girl is wearing skirts. Skirts! For crying out loud - skirts!

I was a bit surprised to have noticed that majority of her pictures were that of her wearing a skirt. So I asked her why on earth is she starting a new habit for herself, and she blogs back and says, "Haven't you seen me wearing skirts in school?"

What the...? Of course I saw her wearing skirts in school. But of course I wouldn't be as excited to know the reason if I was pertaining to her wearing skirts in school right? [Finish this post by clicking on "Read more of this story here..."]

Anyway, let's suffer that thread of the conversation to go and disappear into thin air. We have just finished eating a bit of something just to fill-in our stomachs right after a two-hour meeting with the Financial Controller regarding issues unraveled during the audit on one of her sections. {By the way, I might post something about this on my other blog, so watch out for that...} It was a good thing that Ms C was so charming and cooperative, and don't make me forget to mention that she really did sound so learned about the ins & outs of her department. I was wondering the whole time - when the heck can I be like that anyway?!

Hmmm, so let's just say I'm going to busy myself again for a while revising our report so that we can already send it for release to management. And after which, I shall be preparing myself for our presentation in a big month-end, sort of, meeting with the Higher Ups. Lucky me. Or something.

By the way, can anyone tell me if I can use a blackberry 7130g to control my slide presentation? Pretty please?

Irked, Annoyed, Hyperventilating

I've been hyperventilating for about ummm, an hour already and I most probably won't divulge the reason as clearly as a toddler can understand it, but let me just tell you that I started the day a little irked, and then when I checked my email, something I saw there instantly added more dry wood to the embers. It actually contributed to my already bad day that I just couldn't begin to describe what I'm feeling.

Right now, I'm still catching my breath for all of you to know, and my chest doesn't feel quite alright at all. And for your information, I may be staying like this for quite some time, so to serve as a warning, just don't mess with me today or else, you're really gonna regret it, and I know what I can do and say to any of you today I'll regret for several days and maybe even weeks.

Just shut the heck up and stay sane for your own good. Get it?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Irritatingly Busy

My schedule is packed and for the first time, I found it useful to input my tasks in the task application of my phone. Good enough since the phone I'm using now is a Blackberry 7130g.

It's an "OK" phone but I find it irritating that I cannot successfully load a new application. I tried loading a bible reader, but it returned an error message saying, "Too many aps." And so, the annoyingly curious "experimentalist" that I am, I bored thru the internet for a possible solution and found a forum that said I should delete most of the language packs that I won't use to free up some space. But heck, it still didn't work, and since I was already wasting too much time trying to figure it all out, I decided to just drop it.

So now, my phone still works, but I still don't have that darn reader. Hmm. Help?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy Day Opened by a Headache

As much as I wanted not to, I started my day by having a headache. Grrrh.

I'm really going to be very busy today, have a bunch of things to do:

1. Prepare a localized SOP.
2. Review and revise our presentation for the management committee next week.
3. Supervise the department and make sure that everybody's working right on schedule.
4. Review their work to make sure, or at least try and make sure that nothing is not being left out.

Hmmm, if these are not the cause of my headache, then I don't know what is.
But of course, as I felt the first few pain pangs banging on my head, I decided to make a promise, {which I did not break} that right after filing the request for system access I was to read my bible and pray. And as how God is, when you promise, you should fulfill. So I did.

And as a testimony, I don't quite feel the headache disturbing me anymore - Thank God - cause if it does irritate me, I won't be able to finish my list.

Lesson re-learned?
1. Don't forget to start your day right - start it with a one-in-one talk with God.
2. When you promise something, to the Lord or to anyone, do not break it. Fulfill it as how you said it.
3. Don't be a sloth so you won't have work overload. {Hehehe...}



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BlogUBack Challenge

I found this "challenge" in social spark and was intrigued. Mainly not because of the spark opportunity, but by the thumbnail. {Hehe, sue me for being a kid at heart, I love drawings and illustrations!}

Anyway, so I scan the blog mentioned, and hmm, seems interesting enough. Especially the post where I verified that I AM, indeed, a GENIUS. Haha!

The link to that post can be seen here:
Cool Visual Trickery

So if asked whether I'd drop by again?
- Well, yeah. Given that I remember to bookmark it. :)

Welcome, Hello, Good-bye.


Our new colleague started his new "life" with us yesterday. He seemed silent, but on his second day, he's started showing signs of normal-ness. Great.


Since our new guy doesn't have his own company-issued computer, we decided (I mean myself and the Fixed Assets Officer) decided to issue the laptop that was turned over by Jane. Although he has a laptop of his own, I discouraged him from bringing it. I said, "Let them think that you don't have anything to use so they can give you the company computer. At least you don't have to worry about the wear and tear on your personal belongings."

The cycle and concept of "seniority" will be in use again since Jane's pc will go to RB, his will go to Matet, and Matet's will go to Roland. I don't want to trade mine for another hand-me-down. So nevermind.


Dottie has decided she doesn't want to continue spending her braincells with our company so she decided to tender her resignation today and inform the Finance Director (her direct supervisor) that she wants to leave already and plans to go to Singapore. The thing is, Ms Finance Dir didn't take the news quite well - not because suddenly, almost every one bombarded her with resignations, but because she's on an emergency leave, and doesn't want to be disturbed. [Ok, so I made that up, sue me.]

Anyway, greener pastures are for the cows who take the risk of crossing the road and going over the fence. Congratulations to Dottie for having the guts to resign and leave this place for a far better one, I know we'll be seeing each other for about a month still, but then again, farewell. Don't worry, I was "assigned" to help you look for your replacement. I won't leave you hanging. Ngyehe.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Seems that the only way I can shed off extra pounds without working out is through fasting.


Where Do We Go from Here?!

I'm not singing the song, mind you. I'm just using the line because it seems appropriate given the circumstances our workplace is facing right now.

The Plot:
The pathway from the main road going inside the vicinity of the building is not owned by the company. We pay the owner of the lot for our right of way.
Inexplicably, something went wrong - either the owner wants to get his lot for his own use, or he's demanding more from our company. Either way, he decides to re-claim the right of passage - the main path that the employees and majority of the customers use to get inside our building.

What the Owner did, and is continuing to do:
1) He put "banderitas" (small flags hanging on a string suspended above ground, along with the electricity lines...) along the border of his lot.
2) About two days after he placed those unsightly colored flags, he parked two vehicles on both sides of the road to prevent cars and other vehicles from entering the company premises, made and placed signages also to inform people passing by that it was his lot and he's claiming it.

What WE are Doing:
1) Reported the incidents to the nearest police station.
2) Contacted the owner if he could pull down the flaglets.
3) Since he decided not to take down his banderitas, we called our legal counsel.
4) Called a tow truck to pull the vehicles out of the way.
5) Stationed our uniformed guards to watch over our property in case he goes berserk and decides to do something outrageous, unwise, or something he'll regret afterward.

I am really enjoying the episodes of this "My lot, Your Lot" series.
But I also hope, they'd all arrive into an amicable settlement or something. Otherwise, where o we go from here? Where does he suggest we pass? Obviously, we can't fly our ways into the building from the main road.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why You Were Given a Company Phone

It's not because your boss likes you...

Not because your co-workers even think they like you.

The bomb-sniffing dog doesn't even glance at you...

You were given the privilege of "owning" a company phone....

So that whenever, wherever, you can be contacted.

That includes the times when you're taking your long sweet time having snacks....

Or taking a leak.


New Blog - Office Chronicles

Seeing that I have posted several musings regarding my office life, I've decided to just set up a new blog to accommodate my "thoughts" regarding office life....

I hope my readers can understand why I decided to delete "Know Your Accounts".... It's just way too niche-related to update regularly...

Anyway, you'll all be finding updates on accounting & audit related topics included in some of my posts here in "The Office Chronicles".... take note of the link though because as far as I'm concerned, somebody already owns a blog with the exact URL, but only has two posts....


Thanks for dropping by...
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