Busy Day Opened by a Headache

As much as I wanted not to, I started my day by having a headache. Grrrh.

I'm really going to be very busy today, have a bunch of things to do:

1. Prepare a localized SOP.
2. Review and revise our presentation for the management committee next week.
3. Supervise the department and make sure that everybody's working right on schedule.
4. Review their work to make sure, or at least try and make sure that nothing is not being left out.

Hmmm, if these are not the cause of my headache, then I don't know what is.
But of course, as I felt the first few pain pangs banging on my head, I decided to make a promise, {which I did not break} that right after filing the request for system access I was to read my bible and pray. And as how God is, when you promise, you should fulfill. So I did.

And as a testimony, I don't quite feel the headache disturbing me anymore - Thank God - cause if it does irritate me, I won't be able to finish my list.

Lesson re-learned?
1. Don't forget to start your day right - start it with a one-in-one talk with God.
2. When you promise something, to the Lord or to anyone, do not break it. Fulfill it as how you said it.
3. Don't be a sloth so you won't have work overload. {Hehehe...}


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