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Colds, Cough, Torture.

Couldn't be any better. *rolls eyes*

This is the second time - in the same month - that I'm sick with cough and colds. At the first incident, I was amused because I totally lost my voice - at first it cracked up, then the tone changed, then it was gone! - which I wanted to happen for about several years now. And so it didn't really bother me that much since it answered one of my long-time wishes. I also had runny nose but only on the second day of its onset.

But now, I'm not enjoying it anymore! I'm coughing like our neighbor's dog, which never, ever stops barking. Once it starts barking, it sounds like it doesn't even stop to breathe! I was even thinking our neighbor is just playing a very rude joke by turning on a recording or a battery-operated huge barking dog toy. Or something. I just cough and cough at short intervals so that now my throat hurts. Because it hurts, my voice doesn't sound like its mine. To add the cherry on my mud cake, it's not …

Vote Isla in Benetton 2010 Global Casting

Have you heard?!

Benetton has launched an online global casting for their 2010 campaign and as one of those internet lurkers who like to look at nice pictures, pretty faces, and nice bodies, and let's not mention your - and my - instinct to be a bit patriotic when seeing ads abroad with familiar faces like that of the Nike ad with Pacquiao, or that magazine ad for the Pinoy fights in Las Vegas (that one with Donaire, remember?).  We would most certainly and most definitely like to see another Pinoy/Pinay in one of those international brand campaigns. So what can we do...?

For one, I know someone, a Filipina, non-stereotypical (read: look at her hair and cool tats! *wink wink*), super fit and healthy - she does yoga, absolutely pretty in print media, and I think she can kick your as-s if she wanted to. Guess my next statement would be, go to the site and vote for her! lol! Here is the link toIsla's profile,or copy and paste this to your web browser:


Farmville, Cafe World, Audit, Head and Tooth

New updates on Farmville and Cafe World are up and you may have noticed that already - you can now expand chicken coops (I lost one of my two coops because of this. grr!) and get bonuses for helping out friends and neighbors. I also noticed Farm Hands, these "spirits" that help you harvest from all your animals in just a split second. Cool. But i think you can't buy them, you just have to wait for a friend or neighbor to publish that he/she is sharing his/her farm hands. Such a big help they are, especially that a lot of my chickens are all over the place!

The spice rack update in Cafe World has also started. It feels a lot like the upgrade/building of the horse stable in farmville, you have to ask your friends and neighbors to donate the necessary materials to build your own spice rack. I just haven't grasped exactly what that rack is for.

Moving on. Remember that post I had about Uncle Fester being in my office? Well, he was back here the day before yesterday becau…

Fleurcreation: I'm so Into Giveaways!

Again, scanning through my google reader, I saw another one! And this time, it's a dainty sugary nice giveaway.

Liza just opened her online store, Fleur de lis Creations and to top it off, she's giving away hand-made jewelry and cellphone charms.For the first prize winner, it's a lovely necklace:

for 2nd prize, dangling earrings:

and last but not the least, a yummy cellphone charm.

If you also want to join in the buzz, just grab her badge, (get the code directly from her post here), and maybe read through the instructions too, so you can also join! We'll never know, you just might win, instead of me.. lol!

So, good luck?

Animetrics Favorite Things

I waited for her announcement, and tragically, I almost forgot about it if not for google reader. lol!

Animetrics is giving away wonderful wonderful stuff this early in the year, and there's actually no harm in trying. {photo credits to Animetrics}

Among these heaven-sent items, I'd rather be given the Neutrogena Wave, which she also has previously reviewed in full detail. Why?

Because I need it, given the current condition of my skin. If you look closely enough you'd notice the deep scars from both acne and chicken pox. I also have uneven skin tone, and pimples. By the way, these are unedited.

 sorry about that, hubby and I were goofing around when this shot was taken.

Yes, my face is a problem. Lol! But it's ok. Besides, even if I wanted to buy one on my own, I still would be able to because of a famous line I've learned to despise at times, "Do you need that?" And even if I was able to justify my so called need, I still would be hearing this small voice …

How will our Baby Look Like?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not yet pregnant, at least that's what I know.  :)

I was lurking in facebook when I saw someone else try to predict her friend's baby's future face. And.... As curious as anyone can be, I tried it out. Entered this address on my browser,, registered and just followed instructions.

And according to morphthing, here's how our offspring may look like:

And he/she has blue eyes.


Ate Jovie's is officially, pregnant! yay!  Congratulations Ate Jovie, and EJ, you're really gonna be called Ate EJ already!  :)  Because last Christmas Ej was actually "forcing" me that I she wants to change her name into Christine Elealeh Joy, and that her nickname should be ATE Christine. lol! At least the "Ate" part came true...  ;)

The Blue Speckled Diary is a DOFOLLOW Blog


This blog is now a dofollow blog, which basically means that if you leave a comment with links, this blog will recognize it and there will be an exchange of value and credit towards improving search engine ranks.

And for those who didn't know or has not tried to use PR Checker to check this blog's page rank, it's actually a PR3 blog.

And to always remind you of this fact my dear reader, I've placed a picture at my sidebar saying that if you comment, I will follow. So, comment away!

Badge of Happiness

Found a comment under one of my appreciation posts and upon following the link to her blog, I found out that I received a Happy 101 Badge!

So sweet of Loveleng of Chronicle of an Inconsistent Mom to give one to me and recommend this blog to her readers too!

To pass on the happiness bug, here's a list of some of my most visited blogs in the last few weeks:
Chronicle of an Inconsistent Mom by LovelengAnimetric's World by RowenaiBlog 1 [Oh] 1 by Red AppleTrip or Treats by JeanYatot Chronicles by YatotFeel free to pass on the Happy 101 badge to your friends and blogmates, and don't forget to thank them for whatever it is they have shared knowingly, or unknowingly.


Just Received my Trip or Treats Prize!

From this tweet, I was informed that I won a Christmas Goodie Giveaway from Trip or Treats and finally, through the kindness of Ms Tessa Prieto-Valdes, who I wasn't able to meet (it's okay, I know she's gonna be real busy for the Reveal Fashion Show tonight), it has arrived and is now sitting prettily on my desk.

 there it is, with the note from Jean of Trip or Treats...
 I liked her stationary... especially the header which says: "spirituality is the source. love is the force. life is the course." so cool.
her paperclip was cute too.. it didn't really look like a typical paperclip.

So let me say Thank you again Jean...  :)  I'll try to post pictures of when I try to have it baked already. And oh, regarding that thing you mentioned on the note... Sure, I'd love to work with you, I'm also looking forward to its opening 'coz Tessa's the interior designer, right?
~ So if you too would want to win yourself some goodies, or read some fabulous reviews…

Does Globe Customer Service Suck?

Even the bigger companies like Globe and its customer service, including their billing and charge monitoring systems have slowly dwindled over the years into something just plain annoying.

Pia Magalona, on her tweet today - which was the first to catch my attention, dubbed this as the KML Syndrome - "Kung Makakalusot, Lulusot!" {If they can get away with it with their excuses, they will! - sounds a bit like Murphy's Law huh?}

Anyway, the tweets looked like these, yes tweets.. They were more than one!

TO EVERYONE: look at those ADJUSTMENTS and GPRS charges! Dyan sila kumukuha ng add'l sa GLOBE. Sabi nmin y may GPRS charge e SuperSurf? from UberTwitter

I said pa-investigate muna. Den girl comes back n says SORI dpt pala wala GPRS chrg bilang SuperSurf! Wapak! It's d KML syndrome. from UberTwitter

@talk2GLOBE SEE!!! Andaming paddings ng bill ni Elmo! Worth almost 3K ang dagdag! I had all my other accts chekd again!

KML stands for Kung M…

Facebook is UNSTABLE.

At least Farmville had the balls to admit it and publish something like this:

{click on the image to enlarge it}

How about considering the old homepage now?

Don't forget to be a fan of The Blue Speckled Diary in Facebook!


Eating is that one activity that takes your mind, and mouth, off from snoozing at work.

Doing 5S, I mean 6S, to my Office

I have been invited several times by our human resources department to join this 5S Housekeeping traning session and I have never been interested.

Until, I finally awoke to the fact that my desk looked like hell, and I couldn't find a paper clip amidst all the clutter. I had too many papers lying around, too many teeny weeny thingies jumping around my laptop, which practically took over the center of my desk. Don't get me wrong, my desk isn't small, and my laptop isn't too big. It's just that I have too much stuff ON my desk which I practically don't use every single minute of the day.

So I decided to search the net for this 5S thing, and a twitter friend, @OlinTaha pointed out that it's now 6. And voila, after searching more, it really was 6!

Implementing the 6S Rules.

SORT. After looking around and noticing this 2 big piles of paper, I decided to sort it all out. What to take note of: Company's retention policy on documents - this will help you decide whi…

The Blue Speckled Diary Facebook Fan Page

Okay, I decided to breathe life to that page, again.

Yep. You read that right, the facebook page for The Blue Speckled Diary is alive and kicking, and you can be an instant fan by clicking at the fan box to your right.

You can even share your thoughts or interact with me via that page, just like any other FB page... You can even suggest topics, or better yet, if you like, you can even be a guest blogger!  :)

What ya think?

Hah! A Fancy New Phrase

Managed to coin another fancy shmanzy new phrase a few hours ago...

Exponential Rate of Brain Cell Depletion

And it's actually a bit self-explanatory.



Brain Cells

Brain Cells.

the main cellular composition of your brain, which is the organ you use for both voluntary and involuntary bodily functions.the more you think, the more you use up.the less you think, they still get used up.what you need to be useful. at all.a scarce thing very hard to produce, I think.. (Ooops, there goes 1,000 of them already, just for that statement! lol!)

Smallest Place I Called Home

When I was starting out my work here in my current company (wouldn't want to mention it, so sue!), I rented out a room in Labangon (Cebu City). The rate was really small and I was to occupy the whole room by myself. It wasn't at all "bongga" or anything. In fact it was... cramped. Really cramped. I felt like a sardine pushed into a can with 3 others, plus the sauce.

It was about 2m x 3m, I think, I never really wandered how "big" it was. But what I remember was that it fit a double-decker single bed that was just wide enough that your body will fit just ok when you lay supine, plus a small wriggling space. There was also a small cabinet, a small table where I put my TV on - I had to get one so I'd stay sane after work. And a little walking space for one person to be able to move around, change clothes, hang her feet or something, use a stool as a dining table, etc. It was really THAT small.

Aside from the room being small, the landlord was small…

I'm sick, don't bug me!

I'm not feeling well. Don't mess with me.
This was the warning I issued to all my facebook and twitter friends early today because, as what it says, I'm not feeling well. Runny nose is not such a good thing, especially if you need to look down all the time to look at your laptop screen. Darn it.

Even the base of my nostril is a bit sensitive to the touch already. I've been sneezing and wiping for just about the whole morning already. Gulped up more than 600ml of fruit juice already, a cup of green tea, and huge mugs of water. Been to the restroom for just about 6 times since I came into the office, and at the rate I'm consuming liquids right now, I just might double that number before the day ends.

Aside from colds, I actually have a lot of things going on in the office. And I'm getting a bit fidgety. Grrr.. This was also why I got stuck with no recent updates in the last few days. I was actually busy.

harhar. *sniff*

Got to go. *sneeze*

I was just wandering…