Animetrics Favorite Things

I waited for her announcement, and tragically, I almost forgot about it if not for google reader. lol!

Animetrics is giving away wonderful wonderful stuff this early in the year, and there's actually no harm in trying. {photo credits to Animetrics}

Among these heaven-sent items, I'd rather be given the Neutrogena Wave, which she also has previously reviewed in full detail. Why?

Because I need it, given the current condition of my skin. If you look closely enough you'd notice the deep scars from both acne and chicken pox. I also have uneven skin tone, and pimples. By the way, these are unedited.

 sorry about that, hubby and I were goofing around when this shot was taken.

Yes, my face is a problem. Lol! But it's ok. Besides, even if I wanted to buy one on my own, I still would be able to because of a famous line I've learned to despise at times, "Do you need that?" And even if I was able to justify my so called need, I still would be hearing this small voice telling me I can do without it for a while longer because we needed more free cash for our use - since getting married, I have been a bit more careful in letting go of liquid assets, we'd rather save bit by bit for things in the house, or for our monthly amortizations and whatnots.

Anyway, if you're interested about this giveaway thing, go ahead and click on this link, or copy and paste this address to your browser -->

Hopefully, I get it, the refills are much cheaper compared to the wave unit itself. lol!  ;)

Good luck!   :)


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