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How Google Earth gets Updated

Ever wondered how google updates google earth images? Or even how they started in the first place?

Maybe this could help.


Difference Between USA & Philippines

We were feeling filthy rich last night so we bought 1/4 kilo of lechon (roast pig) for dinner. After devouring it, Tom and I decided to take a walk around the village. We always have chats, whether the topics are nonsense or seriously brain boggling.

We passed by a house with their tv facing the window; the show was Agua Bendita. You can laugh at me for saying this, but I do watch Agua Bendita, for the simplest reason that the director really knows what he's doing, Andie as Agua sounds freakishly weird for being too soft-spoken and Pilar Pilapil is such a hateful grandmother it's getting unrealistic.

Anyway, so Tom nonchalantly asks,

Tom: "Nie, do you know the difference between the US and Philippines?

Me: [thinking hard as to what he's up to so I can blurt out a comeback even if he hasn't started yet... but to no avail..]"Not really. What is it?"

Tom: "US has two political parties and a lot of channels..."

[He hasn't even finished yet whe…

Open the Door!

In the midst of the fire, these people called Security to have a locked door opened thinking it's the fire exit.

Made up Stories of Poverty

Here it is, someone really wrote about it once and for all.

And just so you know, I've noticed weird things about that ad too, I was just too lazy or chicken to blog about it. Imagine, if he was poor, why would their family picture have a nice lawn as a background? And they have really decent clothes on. Don't you agree?

Here's an interesting video about that brother's death issue.

And this one, would you believe that a house with a second floor at the time of Villar's childhood is equivalent to being poor? Hmm...


September 2009 Bar Exam Results, Released March 2010

This is for all those who were patiently and anxiously waiting for the Bar Exam results - exams held in September 2009 and the results were released just last night, March 26, 2010. To look for your name in the complete list, go to this link:

or these links straight from the Supreme Court website:

Congratulations to our new lawyers, hope you do what is right according to our laws... God bless you...

And for those whose time has not yet come, don't worry, you still have a lot of tries available, the game is not yet over. Trust me.


Pilipinas Got Talent: Techno-Violinist Princess Ybañez

I guess I can confidently say that we (hubby and I) know this talented young woman. For one thing, we go to the same church, and another is that one of her grandmothers is our ninang in our wedding.

If you missed the airing of this episode of Pilipinas Got Talent, here is the video straight from Youtube:


And support her too. :)

Reading is still a Project - even at work.

I didn't think reading can still be a project even after high school when book reports were requirements to get a final grade.

So what exactly am I talking about?

It's the LSOP elevation thing where my department and another one we call CSD embark on reviewing just about 200 local SOPs (LSOPs) developed by colleagues that are either still here or not. These LSOPs come from different properties/branches and from different departments. Just imagine the bulk of the reading material! Eeeek!

Aside from reading them, we have to literally review them one by one and sort them out according to a set of criteria to be able to come up with a list of all the LSOPs that we shall be recommending to be elevated to SOP status. Which means, in normal human language, that once these local SOPs are made into SOPs, they can be implemented or required to be implemented universally or to all properties/branches. Did you understand anything there? lol!

As a backgrounder, so you all won't be too c…

Win an iPad Contest!

I think this is not a hoax, but for the record, I haven't won it yet.. Maybe we both will!

So why don't you try it out, it's harmless and there's an income opportunity too if your a Twitter tweeter. Just click on the banner below. Or above.

These Sudden Brownouts

Officemate shrieked like a girl when the lights suddenly went off; he said he was concerned about losing his files - he was using a laptop.

*rolls eyes*