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3 Years Ago...

I wrote a poem. And I kept it hidden for more than 3 years. Anyway, just bear with me.

Seeking the one thing I cannot find
Leaves me wondering and wishing for the light
Staring at the stars and the moon shining
I wander back to the past that has left me broken

Staring at nothing, talking to my shadow
Looking beyond the world around me I see
There's a hand guiding me, touching my hand
Saying, it's not yet time my child, it's not yet time.

Don't push too hard, don't force it upon you
Open your heart and feel the pain
The pain of losing will make you strong
Stronger and wiser beyond your years.

It's not yet time my child, it's not yet time
The person you're longing for may not even be right
But this thing I know since the day you were born
All these were bound to happen because I planned it all.

My plans for you I cannot reveal
The journey to the end you might not take in
The cries, the pain, the tears you may not want today
But be assured I'll soon wip…

Johnson's Baby Shower Contest

Yep, I joined this contest as I mentioned in one of my previous post. And it was just last night that they tagged me with their wall post, which is found here.

If you can remember, but I'll just repeat it anyway, I mentioned that to show support to the contestants, a LOT of LIKEs is needed. And you all now see where exactly I'm going here. Would you please LIKE their page, and LIKE that wall post?!

For convenience, I'm posting the links here so you all wouldn't have a lot of difficulty looking for the links or the buttons:

Johnson's Page: Shower Contest Mechanics: Post to LIKE:

This contest runs until January 2011. Just in time since Phoenix is due in February. lol! *I sound so confident!*

Anyway, thanks everyone! Share this to all your friends too. Don't worry, liking Johnson's page won…

I Want to Migrate!!!

Websites, that is.

I dunno, I've just been wanting to revamp my blog again for how many days now. Re-classify posts, remodel my layout, everything. I've also been dreaming of my own domain.

Hmm, I've been surfing around for information about free hosting, paid hosting, etc. Good thing I found this web hosting site that actually has a lot of information to offer - WebhostingFan.

Their site boasts of a long FAQ page full of the common questions any newbie would want to have answered. It also has a Reviews page, which highlights other web hosting sites and the reviews about each. WebhostingFan also shares web hosting news and updates and it's also connected to social networking sites, hence the simplicity of sharing information all over the webworld.

Maybe I should really sit on the idea on whether to get my own domain now.  :)

Eh sa babae anak ko, bakit ba?!

An open letter (hate mail) for all those na ganito magreact sa mga buntis na babae ang anak. You might want to recall kung kayo ba 'to. If you're not, then disregard. Pero kung kayo, ay nako, mag-isip nga kayo ng malalim. Especially kung ako ang ginanito nyo:

Sa totoo lang, naiinis na ko sa mga taong nagtatanong kung babae ba or lalaki tong pinagbubuntis ko.Magtatanong, tapos pag sinagot mo na "babae" o kaya "girl", bibigyan ka ng facial expression na parang  - "Ay... babae... Kawawa ka naman. Sure na ba talagang babae? Di na mababago? Kawawa din asawa mo, babae ang anak nyo."Bakit ba kung babae ang anak ko ha?! Kayo ba kaya nyo nang magbuntis? Kaya nyo bang i-sure shot na lalaki? Ha? Eh ano kung babae, kayo ba bubuhay? Ha? Kung naging lalaki, susustentohan nyo ba? Hindi nakakatuwa minsan ang mga reaction nyo, kala nyo ok lang? Kala nyo ba nakakapagpagaan ng loob yang mga facial expressions nyo? Kala nyo ba nagtatatalon ako sa tuwa samantalang ang …

Proving Old Wives Tales Wrong!

Remember my posts about old wives' tales for predicting the gender of an unborn child? I tried the suspended ring test and the Chinese Birth Calendar.

According to the suspended ring test, if the ring swings from side to side, it's a girl, and if swings around in circles, it's a boy. Well, guys and girls, my bad.. I read it the other way around. So to cut it short, that old wife's tale is true with Phoenix (yes, we're naming the baby Phoenix, just that, no second names). The ring from my video swung from side to side which means it's a girl. How come we know that it was correct?! Because we finally had that sonogram last Saturday! Here's a snap on the printed film (I actually hate CUPSI for not having a better ultrasound machine or printer and also for being so stingy they didn't give us more snap shots of Phoenix! Hmph!)

The Chinese Birth Calendar was altogether wrong. Boo!

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So, Guess Who also Watched Pacquiao!!!

Borrowed this picture from Sam's FB.. :)

So..... Guess who else watched it live!?!

A lot of Cebuanos are prone to identify this guy in an instant... lol!   :D

Unboxing the Avent Starter Kit

Bought a newborn starter kit (Avent) online via Which reminds me, I still have to leave feedback for the seller...  :) Anyway, here's a link to her online store in -->

This purchase almost didn't push through because of some scheduling problems for the payment, but thank God, it did, and here it is! I saved, let me see, about 32.5% of the current mall price since I just paid P1,889 (including shipping fees), in SM this set sells for P2,799.75.

First of all, I commend Karisse (the seller) for wrapping it up pretty well. Although the box had one of its corners "harassed", the contents were fairly untouched. And it was sealed. I inspected the plastic wrap, and it was not just something re-attached or re-wrapped, see the pics below too.

By the way, I apologized to Tom for being so excited. I hurriedly opened the package without him. He was also excited to see it though (since last Friday!) and even sent an SMS t…

Honor your Parents...FAIL!


Lovely to Look at...Eh Binay?

Indeed, this couple has been the most enjoyable to look at since Mr. & Mrs. Smith...

On the Side:
Have you heard? One of Bill Clinton's aides shouted at VP Binay and told him to leave  the VIP room in Manila Hotel. Hmm... Doesn't the size of Binay's entourage already speak of something?! He's always very well guarded, you wouldn't think he's just a nuisance or a "palaboy" in the VIP room now, would you?

And all it took to make the pain go away was a facebook birthday greeting. Oh, grow up!
*No pun intended.*



Sometimes when I see or read or even hear about things in the internet that was so witty it's funny, I get these urges to start some project of some sort to showcase witty one-liners or sarcastic phrases/sentences that not so many would easily understand. Then the problem pops out:

Who would stay long enough to even understand what I'm saying?!


Maybe that's why I just have this blog.

Help me Win a Babyshower!

Johnson's Baby World of Firsts has started an online contest for moms-to-be to get a chance to win a luxurious baby shower. So I joined. I nominated myself. lol! What the heck, right? Help me win by first praying that my nominated gets chosen, and then when that happens, to help me gather as many likes as possible to win!

For more details on the said contest, please click on this link:

Johnson's Baby World of Firsts' facebook page is here:

You May Have NOT Noticed it Yet...

But isn't there something with Quinn Fabray of Glee? Doesn't she look a little familiar or something, you can quite point a finger on it exactly?

Tom and I have been watching Glee now, so far we haven't missed an episode yet from season 2, and hopefully we don't. We've been a little fascinated with Quinn's face and we both think she's pretty, in a sweet yet snotty/cheerleader-ish sort of way. And it just occurred to me early this morning...

Isn't it because sometimes she seems to have something similar with Jessica Alba's face? Not entire like two peas in a pod, but there are certain angles or maybe facial features that's similar with Jessica's. Anyway, for effort, here's a picture of both of them.

Well, that's just my opinion.
What do you think?