Unboxing the Avent Starter Kit

Bought a newborn starter kit (Avent) online via ebay.ph... Which reminds me, I still have to leave feedback for the seller...  :) Anyway, here's a link to her online store in ebay.ph --> http://shop.ebay.ph/i_heart_sg/m.html

This purchase almost didn't push through because of some scheduling problems for the payment, but thank God, it did, and here it is! I saved, let me see, about 32.5% of the current mall price since I just paid P1,889 (including shipping fees), in SM this set sells for P2,799.75.

first level unboxing... hehe!

First of all, I commend Karisse (the seller) for wrapping it up pretty well. Although the box had one of its corners "harassed", the contents were fairly untouched. And it was sealed. I inspected the plastic wrap, and it was not just something re-attached or re-wrapped, see the pics below too.

the contents have peeped through!

By the way, I apologized to Tom for being so excited. I hurriedly opened the package without him. He was also excited to see it though (since last Friday!) and even sent an SMS this morning that maybe we can open it together, but it was too late. I was already into the contents when his message arrived. Sorry nie!
*I just placed everything back together so he can open it again later at home...*

inventory time! avent newborn starter set contents
So above are the contents of that magical box, same with what was indicated in the box, all looked brand-new and untouched. All in all, there were 8 items (2 x 9oz bottle with 2 hole slow flow teats each = 2 items, 2 x 4oz bottles with 1 hole slow flow teat attached plus 2 extra 1 hole slow flow teats each = 4 items, 1 pacifier and 1 brush).

Overall, I was satisfied with this online purchase. The seller was reliable, and the items complete and the packaging neat and well-cared for. Props for honest sellers with good items and a professional attitude!

So if you want to try to buy something online too, try registering with ebay.ph  and if you're looking for a baby stuff like this newborn starter set, here's Karisse's online store.  :)

Also for more information about Avent products, 'coz maybe you're wondering why go to such trouble looking for an affordable Avent set, here's their site --> http://www.usa.philips.com/c/about-philips-avent/36537/cat/


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