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The Roaming Office: What the...?!

We were having breakfast and so I decided to spark some morning chitchat.

Me: What time did you sleep last night?
A: Early... {we have a new time scale?! I thought we were still on the o'clocks?!}

Me: Ok, so what was on TV right before you slept?
A: I was watching GMA. {ok... that was a nice movie. Darn.}

What the heck was wrong with you? Anyway, I know I got my point across already. Or else what was my huge voice for? Ayt?

I do believe I'm a monster at times, but heck, I need to be if I need to stick some sense into your brains every once and a while. It's really not hard to maintain a bad rep, but I'm getting tired of it. I most certainly want to change my image, but guys and gals like you make it so darn difficult. {**Scream!!!**}

BTW, it's Saturday, we're in our casuals, but still out here working. Going back the paths we once trod because several things were left out.

I wonder.... how can I pass on my wisdom to the next generation without having brain surgery? …

Do Not Study.... to be JUST an Employee.


Thanks for understanding.


Somewhere in RoxasBlvd.

I and my team are Somewhere in Roxas Blvd and we are currently busy eating out the confidence and photocopier toner of this place. Kidding. Of course we're auditing.

I be going back to Cebu in about a week, but the 2 will be staying here up 'til the third week of February. I thought I'm already far from the pressures of policy-making only to be called a few times and told a fairly discturbing story which leads to the need for another policy. Not to mention the one relayed through instant messaging. Hmm.

Anyway, I'm a few slices of meat over my normal feeding capacity. Good thing this place has stairs. We just use the stairs to go to the 7th floor. How's that for footwork?

Back to the policy-making. Have to cut this post short and go on with the policy thing. And oh, did I forget to mention I nearly forgot that I need to change the form of the rating thing? Oh, ok. Yeah, nearly forgot. That's it then.

Filipinos Will Need a License to Post Online

Apparently, there's gonna be a hearing regarding the proposed law or act or whatever requiring Filipinos to acquire a license first before they can post things online. This affects not only business and small companies, but also bloggers and even social networking users like that of Friendster, Facebook, and Twitter.

Isn't this a bit weird? I think this is a concern for all of us, especially since this has an effect on our right to free speech and expression. Even if it cannot be literally heard, postings like those of blogs and online newsletters are a form of expression which is part of our right to have.

If you want to get acquainted with the memorandum, here is the link to that, and the news posts can be found here, here, and here.

Requirement: A License to Post Online

Alas! After almost two months of hiatus.

Funny because the trigger point which took me back to blogging again is the impending threat on the rights of the bloggers and all the people who post things and information in the internet, because apparently, it includes those whatnots posted in Friendster. And I don't believe everybody would like having to get a license just to say your from this and that college, and that you went to Tagaytay for a picnic!

Hmmm, an idea just popped into my now aching head. Isn't this brought about that blogging incident by the two guys who allegedly beat each other on a golf course? Because if I remember it correctly, the daughter of one of the parties knew how to blog and so made a tirade of posts about the incident. Hmmm.... So fishy eh? NTC is favoring some side, huh?

Anyway, everybody's a-fuss right now. There's a new guy in town. But... nevermind. I won't expound on that.

On other matters - no request for new people is coming out of Fin…

Hitched Narratives!

Sorry for fewer and fewer posts here in The Blue Speckled Diary... I was just updating my Hitched Narratives where I post my wedding preparations... Hehehe...

If you like, you can visit Hitched Narratives at and subscribe to get real-time updates and what's happening to the journey towards my wedding day.

I also just posted something in By Word of Mouth. You can view the post by going to ... The most recent entry is "Don't Worry..."

Thanks for understanding, God bless everyone!

Don't Worry...

I just saw the comment of Dan Mihaliak on NO FEAR and I realized that all of us has those moments when we feel down or depressed or even worried with what we fear is going to happen in the future. And among these worries are financial-based, meaning about money and wealth and needs and wants.

I don't believe it was a coincidence but my husband to be and myself were just talking about these stuff too - the expenses for the wedding, for the house that we just 'bought' (mortgaged.. hehe..), and our daily expenses and other such whatnots. He actually just called sounding so down because he's already starting to be overwhelmed by the figures we came up with. But as I opened my bible, my reading plan brought me to Matthew 6. A famous chapter for verses about Not Worrying. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Matthew 6:31-34 say:

Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

(For after all these things do the Gen…