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Still no sign of any reply or reaction from Cebu Daily News... And I found another error:

The article I found online is published at this link:

So I started to read it, since these guys are my brothers-in-law and Sam soon to be my sister-in-law... And I was mortified to find out about the misspellings and a misinformation contained in the said article.

Number 1: Misspelled Name

ClaudioniƱo Abano - It's ClaudyniƱo Anoba

Next, Misinformation

Buboy / Joan / Badz Anoba and Cris are NOT brothers. They're not even related.

I hope Cebu Daily News (who published this in print) can contact the Anoba brothers and tell them about this, and issue an erratum for the published article online and probably in print, if this was the same one published in CDN.

Proofreading is a must. So is getting the CORRECT information.

Just saying.

Shame! - Insensitive Picture-Taking now on CNN


Those incidents of people taking pictures of the bus and even posing beside the bus is now in the CNN iReport Blog. International media has already taken notice of this disrespectful act.


For that entry, click here:

photo credits to CNN iReport Blog.

Shame on You, hindi yan Tourist Attraction!

The nerve!!!!

Nakuha nyo pang magpose dyan sa resulta ng kaengotan nyo?!

Kayo naman mga gels, konteng respeto at kahihiyan naman...

** Thanks cheftonio for the pics...

Police and SWAT looked incompetent during the Hostage Taking

Ay nako.. totoo naman talaga... mukha silang tanga. lahat sila pumunta sa harap ng bus, nung may pumutok sa harap, dapa lahat! pati lahat ng taga swat.. tapos, lipat sila lahat sa likod at dun naman nagbasag ng salamin.. nung may pumutok sa likod, dapa ulit sila lahat.. tapos, lipat sa may pinto, sa gilid.... ni hindi nga nila alam na may emergency door yung hinayupak na bus eh! kahit si Ted Failon gigil na gigil na dun sa emergency door na yun.. kulang na ngalang eh kumuha sya ng megaphone mula dun sa newscenter ng abscbn at isigaw nya sa mga pulis na may emergency door.

hahay.. saan ba kasi kayo nagte-training ha? sino nagtuturo sa inyo na ganyan ang gawin? mas magaling pa yata mga teenagers sa inyo na naglalaro ng computer, baka may strategy pa!


O baka kasi puro kayo ganito kaya wala kayong magawang matino?!

At 13 weeks, 4 days (with Photo)

yeah, got crazy. took these shots while I was in the office waiting for 8:30 in the morning.

And yes, I honestly believe some of the bulge at the upper part of my tummy is due to my gaining weight. lol! The baby's contribution is just at the lower part of my tummy, just above the pants... :)

OB Visit and Maternity Clothes

They're not exactly the typical maternity clothes we used to see our moms and others wear. I really don't want those. Lol! Good thing there was an ongoing sale in SM Cebu and spent more than 30 minutes finding the "design" that somehow doesn't make my eyebrows rise.

Luckily, I found 3 upper pieces, one that just looks a bit like an ordinary shirt, and 2 blouses that I can use in the office. they're quite comfortable since they're a bit big. Got them from Additions and Mama Care brands in SM department store. I also managed to find a pair of pants that fit me nicely. It has an elastic band at the waist so when the time comes, it can still fit.

Before heading to SM we went to my OB, Dr Cyd Raagas of Visayas Community. Good thing there really was no t a lot of people lining up at her clinic. She's only "by appointment" on Saturdays. So we went in, chatted a little about how we're doing, how we're feeling, etc. and then she said she'd…

My WANNA EAT Cebu Experience

"I want pizza. Hmm, Brasco."... "Brasco?" Tom flashed a questioning look. Here he goes again, he can't remember where the heck to go. "It's in Wanna Eat. IT park, remember?!"

My last update about my pregnancy is that there are a lot of smells that I can't stand. Somehow tomatoes and tomato sauce got included in that list a few weeks back, and garlic too, but I was surprised to find out that there's one kind of pizza that doesn't make me cringe - Brasco. Brasco is just one of the brands carried by Wanna Eat Cebu, an all-in-one food tripper's heaven located in IT park (Cebu City).

I think Wanna EatCebu just opened recently, since it was just a few days ago when we actually stumbled upon it while looking for a place to eat where I won't gag because of the odors and whatnots. It looks like a mini-food court and carries a really wide variety of choices for an individual, a couple or even a group. I personally think the main "at…