- there's an Article about you Containing gross misspellings and misinformation

Still no sign of any reply or reaction from Cebu Daily News... And I found another error:

The article I found online is published at this link:

So I started to read it, since these guys are my brothers-in-law and Sam soon to be my sister-in-law... And I was mortified to find out about the misspellings and a misinformation contained in the said article.

Number 1: Misspelled Name

ClaudioniƱo Abano - It's ClaudyniƱo Anoba

Next, Misinformation

Buboy / Joan / Badz Anoba and Cris are NOT brothers. They're not even related.

I hope Cebu Daily News (who published this in print) can contact the Anoba brothers and tell them about this, and issue an erratum for the published article online and probably in print, if this was the same one published in CDN.

Proofreading is a must. So is getting the CORRECT information.

Just saying.


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