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Do You Have Enough to Pay For Emergencies?

How much do you have in your savings account? Half of your monthly salary? A quarter of your monthly salary? Do you have any savings at all?

If you cannot answer any of those questions outright with a loud confident yes, then you have a problem.


It's either you know how, but you can't, or you don't know how so you just can't. Right?

If you know how to save - meaning you KNOW how you can save, it's just that you THINK your expenses are just a bit bigger that you're actual income for the time-being, then all you have to do is adjust your self-discipline. To do this, you definitely need someone to help you. Not to save, but to remind you that you are saving. Let's say a friend or an officemate who'd remind you not to buy that cute little bangle or that nice shiny patent leather bag, or not to go to that coffee shop to get your favorite frappe because you ARE saving money.

If you DON'T know how to save, then you should continue reading…

Smelly Blazer? = Annoyed Heart!

Aside from the fact that my blazer smells like hell - because our lovely yaya just wouldn't say that she already has no more laundry soap, the sun hasn't shone at its best for the past 3 days, and so the darn blazer smells like it has been used for three weeks straight! Shirt! I have a annoying story from the Office right now....

My reports have been rushed, and now, they're stuck with Person A. - Pardon the anonymity gig... :) - When I logged into my messenger, offline messages from Person B said they need me to add something else to the reports. Darn, and the "best" part is that they wanted ME to ask for the details to add to the report, while the fact was that THEY wanted ME to add the things to the report. What the..?

I know it may be our job to look for the details of things because we're the audit people, but heck, they wanted to include this issue which was NOT part of the scope of work the Person A approved in the first place - they'd have to give …

How Much Are You Worth?

Ok, so we've heard it all before - from Senators to Presidentiables every time National Elections draw near. The Net Worth of Mr So&So is This Much Billion, etc. etc. etc... For us simple people, how much are we worth?

To determine your net worth, here are simple steps to start computing.

First, if right now you own, I mean really own, 3 cellphones which any wiling buyer (not your friends and relatives!) would gladly pay for at P 6,000 each; 1 notebook/laptop for about P 10,000; a bank account with a total available (meaning withdrawable immediately) of let's say, P 42,000; and jewelry with total pawnshop-appraised value of P 30,000. Your total assets - or things/properties, including your cash, that you actually and rightfully own and control will be:
3 cellphones @ 6,000 = 18,000
1 laptop/notebook @ 10,000 = 10,000
bank account = 42,000
* jewelry @ pawn-appraised value of 30,000 x 3 = 90,000
TOTAL ASSETS = 160,000.00

* We multiplied the jewelry pawn value by 3 because pawnshops …

How to Compute Your Withholding Tax

Darryl Doctor of IM4PINOY has advised me to practice my profession while blogging, and so one inquiry has reached my inbox lately - HOW TO COMPUTE WITHHOLDING TAX AS SEEN ON YOUR PAYSLIP.

Since we're in the Philippines, the discussion I'll be posting here is based on Philippine regulations, and now that is the new law on Withholding Tax or Revenue Regulations 10-2008 (to implement RA 9504).

To start, look at your payslips and determine your Gross Receipts/Income for the payroll period. I believe most of us are paid semi-monthly, so I'll use that as an example.

After locating or computing all your income for the period, look at this shortened table to see in which category your exemption belongs to.

To explain:

If you're single (without dependents, or in other words, children that are dependent on you for support), you should look at row A. This should also be for married women whose exemption for your kids have been claimed by your husband (married without dep…

Blogger is failing Me

I sincerely hope that the loading glitch is just temporary. So far this week I've tried viewing my blog and Blogger has failed me time and time again. This blog and this blog doesn't load at all! My browser's status bar just keeps on saying that it's loading when in fact, it's not.

Darn. My dilemma now is, to have it load faster and more complete, I'd have to take down all my ad spaces - which is gonna be really frustrating. I hope someone can read this and address the problem soon.

More US Companies Might Close

Just logged out from my email and saw the headline from Yahoo! Finance, 15Companies That Might Not Survive 2009. As an overview, here are the companies:

Rite Aid - medicines, pharmaceutical items
Claire's Stores - accessories, jewelries, etc.
Chrysler - of course, you what that is.
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group - I have no idea, didn't quite read everything from its site
Realogy Corp.Station CasinosLoehmann's Capital CorpSbarro - darn. I liked Sbarro.
Six Flags
BlockbusterKrispy Kreme - too much of a sweet thing, huh?
Landry's RestaurantsSirius Satellite RadioTrump Entertainment Resorts Holdings

Oh, well... Good thing I have been very blessed so far, amidst the crises. Nonetheless, let's not lose hope, and pray that everyone, yes everyone, is not that much affected by these.

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Nobody's Indispensable.

Went on duty in the main office yesterday and I was a bit uneasy with the silence surrounding me - well, except for the not-so-silent hum of the airconditioning vent just above my head.

I was expecting to receive a draft report from my "kids" today, unfortunately, nobody seems to remember that I specifically asked for updates every morning. Yesterday's excuse was that the people concerned were either absent or on leave and that they needed more documents to support potential issues that they might report later on. Apparently, they chose not to send a report - with or without issues on it.

I've told them several times before that they need to update me on everything, even on the positive side of things. This just makes me more uneasy and worried about what these guys are thinking and whether they even understood a word of those things I blabbered even before. I also wonder whether they value their work and the experience they are gaining from these activities. Well, the…

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