Nobody's Indispensable.

Went on duty in the main office yesterday and I was a bit uneasy with the silence surrounding me - well, except for the not-so-silent hum of the airconditioning vent just above my head.

I was expecting to receive a draft report from my "kids" today, unfortunately, nobody seems to remember that I specifically asked for updates every morning. Yesterday's excuse was that the people concerned were either absent or on leave and that they needed more documents to support potential issues that they might report later on. Apparently, they chose not to send a report - with or without issues on it.

I've told them several times before that they need to update me on everything, even on the positive side of things. This just makes me more uneasy and worried about what these guys are thinking and whether they even understood a word of those things I blabbered even before. I also wonder whether they value their work and the experience they are gaining from these activities. Well, they should - there's an ongoing crisis and they would really never know when the company would deem them dispensable.

I didn't want to scare them or something but I realized that they needed to know how insignificant they can become to a company once the expectations are not met. I pointed out that they are currently not on the VIP list, most especially since they haven't even been with the company for more than 6 months. Hopefully that can serve as a wake-up call. I just don't know now whether they even tried waking up.

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