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Hottest Pinay Scandal!

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No Profanities

I removed my chatbox (CBox) that used to be on my sidebar because some frustrated person decided to take his liberty and place some unnecessary comments and profanities on the chatbox.

Aside from being disappointed at how BARBARIC this person can act and sound, I was pissed because I do think and believe that in public blogs like this one, monitoring and controlling of untoward comments and events is almost next to impossible, but you should at least be decentenough to inform the owner that you are about to leave YOUR DIRT behind. I repeat, I was pissed off because no one, and I mean NO ONE can talk profanities in my blog through comments or what-nots unless permission to do so has already been granted to you. And as for you, crazy barbaric person, you are not allowed to leave your dirt here - whether you're a professional already or not. If you are, then shame on you. You could have been carrying a spotless reputation.

Now you sound and seem like you don't.

On E.S.'s Comment... :)

I too, basically do not have anything against retakes per se, but the thing is, the promulgation of the retake should be based on a solid precedent and should have undergone the due process required for making huge decisions that may affect one profession as a whole, not only for this exam, but for the rest of the lifespan of the Civil Engineering profession.

Conducting a retake may, or may not, prove that the fault was either on the examiners - for giving a not so difficult exam - or on PRC, for making such hasty decisions based on phrases that they themselves cannot explain well in public ("statistically improbable"). And I understand your confidence that you can go with the retake and have nothing to worry about. I believe most, if not all, of your colleagues in this batch of examinees have the same confidence, it's just that the effort and the time they spent for preparing for that exam is now relatively in vain, and the government agency that's supposed to be sup…

CE AGRESSION seeks support from Congress!

Civil Engineering Against Retake Students’ Union

For Immediate Release

Manila Philippines

12 December 2007

CE AGRESSION seeks support from Congress

Solons unanimously stand against retake

Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation chaired by Cong. Raul Gonzalez, Jr. of Iloilo started its investigation to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) regarding the ordered partial retake of the examination of Civil Engineering, held at RVM Building, House of Representatives this Wednesday.

After Committee has evaluated the grounds of retake as presented by the PRC, and heard the sentiments of the examinees, it unanimously stood against the retake decision and supported the petition of CE AGRESSION. The Committee is asking PRC to nullify their retake order before several groups start filing TRO (temporary restraining order) and assault the Commission. Leonor Tripon-Rosero, PRC C…

Privilege Speech of Rep. Teddy Casiño


Privilege Speech
Rep. Teddy Casiño (Bayan Muna Party-list)
Fourteenth Congress, House of Representatives (First Regular Session)
December 11, 2007

Mr. Speaker:

I stand on a question of personal and collective privilege on the plight more than 4,000 civil engineering graduates who have been rendered an extreme injustice by the Professional Regulatory Commission.

Mr. Speaker, on November 17 and 18, 2007, four thousand seven hundred eighty two (4,782) graduates of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering took the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), in eight testing centers in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legaspi and Tacloban.

The examination came and went quietly without any hitch until a mysterious, questionable and highly illogical decision by the PRC, upon recommendation of the Board o…


Practically all My Students in Cebu (both feeling pass or fail) say

I contacted engineering schools here and they were very disappointed
with the PRC announcement! School Deans too are signing the petition
that I'll be forwarding to them tomorrow.

Personally, I pray that PRC will minimize the damage by just
accepting their fault and be responsible and professional enough for
their negligence. Victims (examinees) for sure will not remain
silent. They will keep on making noise. This will be very bad for the
Institute and for the country. Everybody loses.
Why not PRC just admit that they were negligent in Cagayan de Oro;
retract the RETAKE ORDER; put on hold the result of only the 2
students caught in possession of cellphones (examinees caught in
possession of cellphones) and their respective boardmates/barkada. ;
penalize EXAMINEES base on clear PRC rules when proven guilty; but
for the rest release the result soonest? Those are the simplest and
most HONORABLE things PRC…






The Civil Engineering Against Retake Students’ Union (CE AGRESSION), representatives of the examinees of the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination November 2007, filed a petition last Monday, December 3, 2007, as a response to the official announcement released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last November 26, 2007. The Commission nullified the two subjects in the said exam, namely Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering, and Structural Engineering and Construction due to some “irregularities”.

According to PRC, in the subject Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering, the results were “statistically improbable” due to the unusually high grades obtained by the examinees in the said exam. In the subject Structural Engineering and Construction, two (2) examinees were caught in possession of mo…

The Hard Lessons on Love and Men

1. A man won’t let go if he really loves you.

Do not hold on to someone who has let go of you. He does not love you and does not value having you anymore. Believe me, he will not let go if he really loves you. There are some
reasons he is not willing to tell.

2. Do not look for reasons why he ended the relationship.

There is only one reason why he ended your relationship. He just does not love you. Do not waste your time thinking of reasons or what you should have done. Move on and be open to a
man who will truly love you.(For sure he's happy now with someone else..)

3. Do not get hang up on your past.

Do not nag or distrust your current boyfriend just because your ex hurt you. Do not treat him or the relationship the same way. Do not compare. He will not react the same way as your ex. Do not be worried that your simple mistakes will cause him to look for another girl. What
happened with your ex was not your fault. It was not because you didn’t guard him enough or you didn’t make him happ…

The Logical Conclusion

Hehehe.... That was our phrase for the night last night. It has an odd story about it, and as much as I'd want to share it to you, I just think I can't.

Anyway, I'm just gonna share something else today. I've discovered a link to a fantastic business idea, a home-grown Filipino website which basically draws from Alibaba. But the thing is, it's catering to the Philippine market and is set to attract lots and lots of Filipino businessmen who want some exposure to the e-trade. Well, this is your chance at that.

Introducing you all to AnobaShop!

This is run and managed by a well-meaning business oriented professional who also wanted to dip his toes on cyberspace businesses and this is one of his projects. He was also the brainchild behind our church's website. Anyway, you can try and register at AnobaShop and try out it's cool features - one of which is to be able to scour for new suppliers, post your own offers to buy or sell, or just be able to determine whethe…

Waaaaahhhhhhh!! Sleepy me!!!

I'm in a bit of a "mess" right now - I'M SLEEPY!

Crazy me is sleepy. Yep, I know it's old news but I AM really sleepy. Think I dozed off last night at about 3 in the morning ( hehe) and had to wake up at 6 the next day 'coz I had to do a favor for a friend. Hmm.. wait a minute, haven't you all noticed? I haven't been rambling about my so called "lovelife"... Why?! Because I really don't have one, which logically means, I have nothing to ramble about.

So let's change the scene. I'm in the office right now, a wee bit relieved despite my heavy head, because our 13th month pay have already hit the banking cyberspace and escaped the maze of ATMs to drop right into my hands. Well, at least not all of it - have to save some for my trip back home for Christmas. You know how you need a little extra oomph when you go home for occasions such as Christmas... Hehehe...

Anyway, think we're going out of office premises this lunchtime to go to…

What Famous Leader Are You?

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by

hahaha, this is crazy!!!!

Really!!! Can You Imagine?!

Ok, don't answer that...

WIFE vs GIRLFRIEND...How Do U Know?!

How do you guys know if u've got a wifey or a girlfriend?!


*your girlfriend will hang up the phone when she gets mad
*your wifey will sit there and yell until u UNDERSTAND... even if you don't

*your girlfriend will smile and laugh quietly at your jokes
*your wifey will burst out laughing not caring if she looks wierd

*Only you will know when your girlfriend is mad at you
*Your WHOLE crew will know when your wifey is mad at you

*your girlfriend only knows a few on your friends
*your wifey has inside jokes with them

*your girlfriend remembers the day you guys started going out and your birthday untill you break up
*your wifey knows the day you started going out, your birthday, the first time you kissed, and so much more even after you break up

*your girlfriend will tell you what she adores about you
*your wifey will tell you EVERYTHING she adores and hates about you

*your girlfriend will be there untill you tell her to leave
*your wifey will be there even after you beg her to…

1000 Visits!

Just checked today and voila! This blog have had 1000 visits already! (That's in one counter only, I just noticeed that the other counter has already registered 1,700+ visits!!! GREAT!!! I really don't mind if those were unique or not, as long as it's a thousand, I'm fine with that!)

Anyway, my friend is still quite annoyed AND upset with the CE Board Exam Retake thingy, and he's now spending a little time unwinding and telling himself not to hate PRC too much.

Hmmm.. I also heard that Manila Peninsula will be opening its doors again to the public today at about 3pm. What a time. I wonder what's so special with 3pm.

What else? Ummm, went out last Saturday to relax a bit, saw Hitman. It was not really THAT nice. I mean, it didn't quite live up to expectations. It was nice in a way or two, but not so attention-grabbing like the Bourne series or even the Transporter.... But this is just my opinion.... hehehe...

Anyway, have to go....