On E.S.'s Comment... :)

I too, basically do not have anything against retakes per se, but the thing is, the promulgation of the retake should be based on a solid precedent and should have undergone the due process required for making huge decisions that may affect one profession as a whole, not only for this exam, but for the rest of the lifespan of the Civil Engineering profession.

Conducting a retake may, or may not, prove that the fault was either on the examiners - for giving a not so difficult exam - or on PRC, for making such hasty decisions based on phrases that they themselves cannot explain well in public ("statistically improbable"). And I understand your confidence that you can go with the retake and have nothing to worry about. I believe most, if not all, of your colleagues in this batch of examinees have the same confidence, it's just that the effort and the time they spent for preparing for that exam is now relatively in vain, and the government agency that's supposed to be supporting all the professions in our country has proven to be a decision-making body that bases its steps and actions on shallow and downright disputable evidences and information. They (the PRC) have proven themselves also of NOT following the rules and regulations, especially those termed as implementing rules, on board examinations that they themselves have authored (probably) and have claimed to be strictly implementing. This not only affects the outlook of other professionals not part of CE, but also of other countries who USED to look up to Filipino engineers for their brilliance and expertise. This incident also affects the general outlook, opinion, and confidence of the public on government agencies (and the government in general) and the ability of its officials and employees to act and decide based on what's right in accordance to existing rules, norms, laws and morals, and is now reeking a stench that it is currently STATISTICALLY PROBABLE that ALL government agencies are capable and willing to enrich themselves or to create a facade of being FOR THE PEOPLE and yet, uplifting themselves in the process - with their personal motives rallying close behind.


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