CE AGRESSION seeks support from Congress!

Civil Engineering Against Retake Students’ Union

For Immediate Release

Manila Philippines

12 December 2007

CE AGRESSION seeks support from Congress

Solons unanimously stand against retake

Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation chaired by Cong. Raul Gonzalez, Jr. of Iloilo started its investigation to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) regarding the ordered partial retake of the examination of Civil Engineering, held at RVM Building, House of Representatives this Wednesday.

After Committee has evaluated the grounds of retake as presented by the PRC, and heard the sentiments of the examinees, it unanimously stood against the retake decision and supported the petition of CE AGRESSION. The Committee is asking PRC to nullify their retake order before several groups start filing TRO (temporary restraining order) and assault the Commission. Leonor Tripon-Rosero, PRC Chairperson; Dr. Angel Lazaro III, Board of Civil Engineering Chairman; and Mr. Nilo Rosas, PRC Commissioner attended the said hearing.

“PRC sounds like unprofessional… Sins of just two examinees must not affect the fate of the entire examinees,” said Cong. Amado Bagatsing, former Chairman of the said committee. “Statistically improbability” was discussed and turned to be unacceptable to lawmakers since only one statistician, who is Dr. Milagros Ibe, concluded the result.

Cong. Maria Milagros Magsaysay of Zambales emphatically stressed that the said “irregularities” was not yet thoroughly investigated and yet, PRC has already decided to order retake. The Committee is asking PRC to set aside the retake order and proceed to the investigation and should felt sorry to the examinees since the damage has been done to the CE profession.

This unexpected turn of events was initiated by the gallant acts and laudable response of Cong. Teodoro Casiño of BAYAN MUNA and Cong. Victor Yu of Zamboanga del Sur.

CE AGRESSION aimed to seek support from Congress by sending all the documents and materials to Cong. Casiño. The Union went to House of Representative session yesterday to witness the Privilege Speech prepared by Cong. Casiño. Unfortunately, the inquiry was not delivered after the Congress prioritized to discuss the amendments of the medicine price-reduction bill. On a positive note, Cong Yu, a civil engineer, approached the Union after the Congress recognized the presence of CE AGRESSION. He stated that he has already brought out the topic to the Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation and invited the Union to attend the hearing happened earlier. Cong. Yu also talked to Cong. Thelma Almario of Davao Oriental, Vice-Chairperson of the Committee to include the petition of civil engineering in the hearing.

Meanwhile, PRC asked for some time for them to discuss the issue. But CE AGRESSION will continue to pressure PRC as they also seek support from the Senate and Malacanang.

According to PRC, in the subject Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering, the results were “statistically improbable” due to the unusually high grades obtained by the examinees in the said exam. In the subject Structural Engineering and Construction, two (2) examinees were caught in possession of mobile phones, one of which contains answers to thirty (30) questions wherein twenty one (21) were found to be correct.


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