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Budgeting: Every Finance Manager's Headache

Every year-end, all companies do their budgeting for the coming year. This means, actual expenses as of the cut-off date are collated, evaluated and then a budget for the following year is drawn from the proposed projects and actual operating expenses as assessed previously.

It just so happened that our company first gives all department heads to "propose" their own budgets. But then, these are subject to checking and revising and correcting, of course, by the Corporate Officers, before it gets approved.

So how come I'm writing these down? Because I'm irked. Annoyed. Irritated. That some of the department heads think that once they have proposed something, it becomes law. Hello?! What's so hard to understand that we still have to go through the checking process and the approval? Our budget cannot be approved if it didn't pass the qualifications or limits set by the authorized "approvers" - who in this case is the Corporate Finance Officer. How come …

I miss Blogging!

I do. I miss blogging. Not the deadlines or the research, but just jotting down, typing away... Just like that.. I kinda lost the touch after giving birth since my Phoenix is a handful, but I totally want to go back to blogging again. For one because it just loosens up my brain a bit just enough to get me going with my tasks again. Two, it kinda gives a little jiggle to my head just so the creative juices will keep on seeping through the tiny little cracks so I don't lose it at all.


And I also miss the cha-ching I sometimes get from blogging. *smirk*

Don't mind me though. I'm just bored.