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The most number of laptops that are running and being used by the attendees in one single meeting.
So far.

It's Real, Robin Williams is Dead

It's not a hoax, it's true. Robin Williams is dead.

According to reports, he committed suicide.
I found out about it early this morning from CNN.
And there are several other news reports regarding his death, therefore, it's not a hoax!
And from twitter and other social media accounts like facebook and instagram, for the hashtag #RIPRobinWilliams, just click on the photo above to see the latest posts.

Dingdong & Marian - NOT their First Engagement!

It’s trending and I got curious what’s the fuss. Although I totally applaud Marian for that particular program’s opening number. She danced really well. I thought the only steps she knew was the gyrating hips for Marimar. Haha. But for those who haven’t seen the youtube video versions, check them out from Marian Rivera’s Youtube channel and directly go to part 4/5 so you can watch the proposal (or just see the video I embedded, after the jump). And for you to notice something  that may or may not have been clearly noticeable with the telecast version which, by the way, was live and kept the stars on their toes because they’re so used to just recording episodes and airing them weeks later.

Can I lose 12-17 Pounds with JUST Water?!?

17 pounds gone (for that guy) BUT after migraines/headaches, irritation/angst, hunger, and for me, probably working while hungry while everyone else at work, and at home, is eating something that smells really very good and eats so very slowly just to annoy you... Can 6 days with absolutely nothing but water be worth it?

I have no idea.

But it sure does make you curious doesn't it? -_-

It will take me more than the promise of 10+ pounds loss to get me to try it!

I've Finally - For the Last Time - Decided to go for that Ebook!

I have finally, again for the nth time, decided to write one ebook.

And another for a different category.

And another.

And another.

Until I finish at least 2 ebooks before 2014 ends.

Or so help me......

CPA Board Exam Results - July 2014 Exams

PRC (the Professional Regulation Commission) has released the results of the CPA Board Exams held in July 2014 about three (3) days after the last exam day. We are now welcoming 1,107 out of 5,540 new CPAs to the real world. Now, goodluck in job hunting!

For more details on the following, just click on the titles:

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