Dingdong & Marian - NOT their First Engagement!

It’s trending and I got curious what’s the fuss. Although I totally applaud Marian for that particular program’s opening number. She danced really well. I thought the only steps she knew was the gyrating hips for Marimar. Haha. But for those who haven’t seen the youtube video versions, check them out from Marian Rivera’s Youtube channel and directly go to part 4/5 so you can watch the proposal (or just see the video I embedded, after the jump). And for you to notice something  that may or may not have been clearly noticeable with the telecast version which, by the way, was live and kept the stars on their toes because they’re so used to just recording episodes and airing them weeks later.

dingdong marian while watching the macau video
photo credit: pep.ph (obvious ba?)

Thing to notice #1: Dingdong and Marian cussed. On separate lines though. Marian, I think, said either “taena…” a more street-version of “Tang-ina”, or it can be just “Patay na…” Dingdong on the other hand said “Tang-ina!” straight up. I think they both thought the mic of Dingdong was already turned off because they were about to go into a commercial break.

Thing to notice #2: Marian was asking Dingdong if he already mentioned their getting engaged in Macau. Yup, those video Dingdong showed before going into the proposal drama (which Marian of course at some point laughed at and Dingdong had to tell her this was serious so she had to stop laughing). Marian’s exact words were,”Di mo na sasabihin yung… Nag engage tayo sa ano… Macau? Hindi na?” So all the speculations about that Macau trip and the enternity ring after that were actually true. They were already engaged. Take note: I’m not stalking their lives because I’m a fan, you just can’t help but see posts all over facebook. Sorry.
dingdong-marian engagement hushed conversation
screenshot of thing to notice #2
Thing to notice #3: Who would not know that there’s a proposal? The hashtag was #Lastdance. Unless Marian or Dingdong has terminal cancer or they’re planning to commit suicide after that episode, no one would actually believe that their last dance would be on that day! Right? Or was it only me that noticed because everyone else was getting all “kilig” over the well-rehearsed proposal?
marian rivera engagement rings
in photo: engagement ringS (pep.ph)

One thing I’m sure of: Marian actually does know how to dance. ;)

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