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Product Launch & Me Speaker!

We had a one-hour product launching this morning and I was tasked to discuss the details of the said "product". Well, basically, it really wasn't a product, and it wasn't really a product launching... I was just kidding. Basically hiding the truth of the matter behind business jargon.

So this is what it really was: we're trying to implement something that will idealistically curb our expenses by 300,000 a month. Cool huh? Plus we get to monitor attendances and un-required overtimes, and nonsensical requests for more people. Even nicer - since we can hit more than one bird with this one stone.

And of course, we have the anti-change group. They say it's too much hassle. Yes it is! 100%! But the thing is, it gets less of a hassle over time. More practice makes perfect - with perfect implementation, more savings, less people, more compensation to go around. Right? Nice....And I spoke to the group. Yep, with my huge booming voice, my sarcastic side comments, and ann…

Buy 5, Get 1 Free - This Journal will Actually Change Your Life 2009!

Looking for the perfect planner to start ...HURRY! PROMO GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST....your new year? Well, it's actually here... In comparison to the well renowned Starbucks Planner, here's an actual play by play - see this post!

THIS JOURNAL WILL ACTUALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE has dropped its prices to P720.00 each, yet there's more, if you buy 5 of this you get 1 absolutely free! {TV shopping music...hehehe! }

Actually I already own one, and it looks fabulous. To order, go to or email them at info[at]freespeechpublications[dot]com for your orders.

It's also available in all POWERBOOKS and FULLYBOOKED branches in Metro Manila.

Freebie if you Subscribe to The Blue Speckled Diary

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, I'm giving away a freebie for new subscribers!

I can easily confirm your subscription if you availed it via email, but for RSS subscribers, just send me an email and I'll personally send the freebie to you as soon as possible. Or you can leave a comment at one of my posts.


What is Christmas to You?

Here are our opinions on several seasonal questions regarding Christmas....


"Ang mupilo, pildi"

[He who folds, loses.]

Sure God has a lot of Sense of Humor - We hope that too!

Bloopers in the Cabinet
Apparently Dureza assumed God and GMA had the same sense of humor:

"I’d like to do a light prayer... I’m sure the Lord also has a lot of sense of humor and my prayer was in that context. I said something about the hope that the President would have the tolerance to serve the nation even beyond 2010," he said.

"What was grounded off was my statement that she will perform beyond 2010 in her personal and private capacity. Everybody thought it was a slip on my part but it was intentional in a sense it was a light prayer... but some people did not get it right maybe they did not have that much sense of humor."


Obama returns the call, Finally!

Press Secretary Jesus Dureza also said in an interview that Obama called GMA at 3:17 a.m. and “reassured” her of “good relations between the Philippines and the US” under his administration. {Wow, that's like what, 3Pm in the US? …

Why I think PayDotCom is the Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net!


If you are familiar with (R), or even if you are not but you want to make profits online, then you will want to check this out ASAP ...

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Well, there is a GREAT NEW SERVICE now...

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They give you cool tools like BLOG WIDGETS, and they even have an adve…

True Identity

Christmas Give Aways - Want One?

As usual, as a sign of peace among all people and also to encourage our patrons to continue their loyal contribution to our company pocket, we give out things on holidays such as Christmas. Usually, these are composed of calendars, mini-planners/organizers, pens, posters, etc. And for the VIPs, these consist of turkeys, cakes, big executive planners, wines, and other high value items.

For this year I overheard that the budget for giveaways for one branch has ballooned to almost 2 million. Where on heaven and earth will we get 2 million worth of nonsense but sometimes useful giveaways? Imagine? Two million just for one branch? Crazy.

Nonetheless, our suppliers are fidgeting back and forth, going insanely excited as to who will get the opportunity to bag the title, “Supplier for Xmas Giveaways”. Would someone calculate how much they’d get if they can get the 2M thing?! Hello?!

So I started browsing the net for companies within and outside the country, looking for a benchmark price. Guess w…

Wishing for my Own [dot]com Site

I have been blogging my way thru the internet since February of last year, and up until now, I haven’t got my own *.com site…. Terrible you might say, but heck, it’s too darn expensive. I just can’t afford it. Yet.

So one day I check my email. Ta dah… tad umm… ta dah… Aha!

Here’s one fancy email, it says “$1.99 Web Site, Includes hosting and more!”

Curiosity kills the cat. At least, this cat got caught off guard so I clicked on the email and read the details. Guess what? You can also avail of your very own website for as low as $1.99, they can also host it for you, they have 24/7 customer care, ...Just think –! Grrh...where you can eat your heart out ranting and raving about your issues on your new-found hobby – your website! You can even choose what extension your site will be under! There’s .com, .me, .info and other dot dots you can think of.

I don’t mind if you get your OWN WEBSITE earlier that I would, and I’d rather think it was because of my help that y…

Fight for What's Yours - Use Stabilo Boss!

I found it amusing, although it was verging on idiocy. She marked her territory using a highlighter - particularly a Stabilo Boss.

Office equipment, especially those of the likes of company-owned refrigerators, trashcans, printers, etc. are for general use. Hence some people deliberately think that if it's there, it's for public consumption too. Then comes the issue of who owns the food.

Once an edible article enters the beloved refrigerator to cool, it becomes public property. Every once and a while a lost soul with straight gray matter and dysfunctional hypothalamus presumes he, or she, can freely pig out on what's inside the darn coldbox. But then again, there are entrepreneurs in The Office, who for the sake of some profit rate, puts in his/her several pesos-worth of merchandise so everybody can get a whiff and salivate their ways into the day.

So here comes Person A. Person A decides to buy one of the merchandise. Person A pays and asks, quite loudly, "Person B, are…

My first Sony Experience is with my SONY Microcassette-corder with Clear Voice Plus

It was my very first personally owned Sony device.

I was a fresh graduate from BS Accountancy – on the brink of a burn-out, yet scheduled to take review classes for the upcoming board exam. We all know how morbidly “ill-reputed” CPA Board Exams are, most probably due to its high mortally rate – I mean the rate of passing compared to the number of persons who took the exam, the highest national passing rate I’ve heard of so far was from last October 2008’s exam which was about 33+%, if I’m not mistaken.

So I pleaded for the purchase of a recording device, and my Dad said it’s better to use a Sony, more durable, and he has used one during his college Med years. Also, because it already has an option to record even if the voices are faint, or to stop recording altogether if the background stays quiet or if there’s no one talking; this feature is what was termed as Clear Voice Plus. ...First Time mo?!...

A great literal plus since it lengthens the life of the battery and saves tape space. B…

LeBron James Famous Dunk Video!

MakeUp, Lunch and Juice

Just finished having lunch at our ever trusty canteen. Took the only veggies since I was grossed out looking at the other viands.

MC was trying out her new make-up bible - we termed it the make-up bible because it's container was as big as a notebook and it folded into three, basically looking like a book with a zip-up sleeve. She tried on green-ish eye shadow, two tones of lipcolor, and a light pink blush. She said she bought it for 500 bucks. I think it was overpriced.

Going back: during lunch of course we tried having polite and un-polite conversations, mostly of the new developments and the past of a news article, and MC had a lot to say. She was fuming at that certain "thing" {hehehe!} because what was indicated {I wouldn't say if it was written, said, or sang!} according to her was out of context. Besides, it appeared as if it was worsening things. IL on the other hand tried being on the side of the "thing", which turned the conversation into…

Buy 5, Get 1 Free - (This post was moved.)

Looking for the perfect planner to start your new year? Well, it's actually here... In comparison to the well renowned Starbucks Planner, here's an actual play by play - see this post!

THIS JOURNAL WILL ACTUALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE has dropped its prices to P720.00 each, yet there's more, if you buy 5 of this you get 1 absolutely free! {TV shopping music...hehehe! }

Actually I already own one, and it looks fabulous. To order, go to or email them at info[at]freespeechpublications[dot]com for your orders.

It's also available in all POWERBOOKS and FULLYBOOKED branches in Metro Manila. HURRY! PROMO GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Yesterday's Lunch among THEM

Or maybe not.

Yesterday's lunch was a bit...well...disturbing. Just imagine feeling 5 sets of eyes staring at you while you move along the way, peering through the plates debating with yourself whether to take that slice or not. Aside from staring, they were more talented this time, they were talking - and between several paragraphs, I imagine, they glance towards our table.

Hmmm... Games that people play. Didn't they realize that we were younger than any of them and that we may have more experience playing these kinds of "war" games in our youth? {which was of course, not so long ago...} So what we did was, I told X & Y that we were being talked about in the other table and about what I was about to do which was....

I told them that we are to continue talking about anything, but I warned them that I was about to launch something that may, or may not, aggravate the situation. I motioned them to continue whatever that was that we were talking about and I will continu…

Chained! - Leave your Link!


Image in the Post Footer

I decided to transfer the image from my post title to my post footer 'coz I think my blog looks too cluttered.

So what I did is to just cut and paste the code:

background: url('IMAGE URL HERE') no-repeat right center;

from my post title code (h2) to my .post-footer codes...

If I get a bit annoyed 'coz it still looks cluttered, then I might decide to delete the image altogether.

Updating Others thru The Office Chronicles

My attention was called by someone, I won't name him/her anymore (so sue me!), because allegedly people from AB&C (even that's something!) are super updated with the happenings in The Office. Hmmm. Would you wonder too if you read this blog and you're NOT updated?

I'd say "allegedly" since not all my posts in The Office Chronicles are cross-posted to my multiply account. This whistle-blower person sounded so concerned with the degree of updated-ness (if there's such a word..) that people in AB&C are currently into. When I asked this whistle-blower person what things were the AB&C people "updated" in, he/she (hehehe, bite me.) said that they told him/her that they knew he/she was in where he/she is in right now. Goodness, this sounds as if it's nonsense, but if you're directly involved in this situation, I believe you'd understand perfectly.

Anyway, so I asked, What's the use of a blog, if I can't write something to …

Re-arranging The Blue Speckled Diary

Even if all my fingers feel as stiff as pens, I would just like to inform everyone that I trying to re-arrange my blog a bit to rid of some of the clutter, plus, I might be crazy enough to add some bits and pieces of my own designs like that of my blog header...{Thank you, thank you...*ehem*}

It took me a while to recover some styling I've managed to single-handedly ruin after several trials of uninstalling intense debate. Nonetheless, most are already up and running, some were already overhauled, and some are well.... still to come.

Anyway, to all my subscribers, please take note that I have changed my feed URL so there may be a problem with what you're receiving via email - although I'm not entirely sure. Here's the new feed URL. So please update your subscriptions.

And all the tweaks I've done so far, if and when I remember how I did them and to post them, then I will so that everybody would know about it, especially those who are just starting to blog and are not…

Using a Calendar Icon instead of Post Date

Got the codes from -here- and I added other things to make sure that the alignment and spaces match my blog:

To adjust the placing of the date header itself so that it's aligned with my post title, I added these below the date header codes (h2):

width: 50px;
height: 50px;
float: left;
padding-top: 30px;

And to adjust the placing of the month and date inside the calendar icon, I added this to the .month block:

padding-top: 3px;

And, that's it! You can go ahead and try it out for your own blog!

Boy Abunda is in Zamboanga Sibugay

I don't have the faintest idea what he's doing there, but apparently, he's there.

Mommy said he's there to do a documentary for our Congresswoman Ann Hofer. I also don't know why - yet. Later I will, don't you worry.

Anyway, just for perks... A girl relative is gonna have her homecoming to our beloved Zamboanga Sibugay because she's going to wed this December. (Got the word from my mom. ) Hopefully, I should be able to attend the ceremony. It's been a long time since the two of us talked to each other, let alone sent SMSs.

Oh, well...

An Office-Crasher on the Loose!!!!

Help! Someone went inside our office uninvited!!!!

Fresh from a long weekend and guess what I found immediately upon opening our office door! Someone (or maybe something? I dunno...) had calmly entered our office and "used" our things. And because of my flaring temper - which I also held back enough to think clearly about what I will put into the memo - I have had to issue another memo to several department heads early this morning telling them how I came about noticing that several of our things inside our LOCKED office where out of place and apparently used by someone who has obviously gone inside the office and probably used these things and how that NO ONE is allowed to enter our office anymore unless one of us is present, or at least with my knowledge and permission.

What things? You're asking me what things? Well, I found the one and only plastic chair in our office was not in its usual nook. I saw it facing the mirror mounted on the door already with my blue pillow…

Picking the Right Planner for 2009

It's already November, just about the right time to think about planning for a planner.

I made a post previously about a JOURNAL and compared it to the famous Starbucks Planner, highlighting its pros and cons to just about help us to decide whether we should consider it or not. So far, very few has visited the post and left comments, so I'm again urging you to at least have a peek at it to help you decide whether you'd want it or not - instead of spending much on coffee and having your blood reek of caffeine.

There are other planners out there, but I think you should give The JOURNAL a try.

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