Fight for What's Yours - Use Stabilo Boss!

I found it amusing, although it was verging on idiocy. She marked her territory using a highlighter - particularly a Stabilo Boss.

Office equipment, especially those of the likes of company-owned refrigerators, trashcans, printers, etc. are for general use. Hence some people deliberately think that if it's there, it's for public consumption too. Then comes the issue of who owns the food.

Once an edible article enters the beloved refrigerator to cool, it becomes public property. Every once and a while a lost soul with straight gray matter and dysfunctional hypothalamus presumes he, or she, can freely pig out on what's inside the darn coldbox. But then again, there are entrepreneurs in The Office, who for the sake of some profit rate, puts in his/her several pesos-worth of merchandise so everybody can get a whiff and salivate their ways into the day.

So here comes Person A. Person A decides to buy one of the merchandise. Person A pays and asks, quite loudly, "Person B, are these all yours?"

Person B promptly replies, "Yes Person A. All of those." without even batting and eye nor looking at Person A just to make sure that Person B gets the whole idea of the word "ALL".

Unhesitatingly, Person A, gets the one he/she likes to consume and heads back to his/her corner. {bear with me, I wouldn't like to divulge their specific genders.}

Person C then shouts out and says, "You got mine. It has a name on it!!!!" And I answered her, sensing the insignificance of my participation in the unfolding events, "I did not see your name on it! Are you sure you placed your name on it?!" I flipped the container over and over, looking at every possible mark I might see signifying Person C's ownership. And to my dismay, realized I have been smudging it away when Person C shouted back, "Of course I'm sure! I used green ink!" while holding up his/her magical Stabilo. Goodness gracious, if I weren't sane enough I would've though he/she was the one insane! Couldn't Person C perceive that the darn highlighter's ink will just slide right off the slimy, moist plastic container's skin?! Darn.

Too late. I already blurted it out. "Wow, weren't you just so smart! Using a highlighter to mark off territory!!!"


Lessons learned:
1. Do not use highlighter to write your name on consumable items' containers. It will smudge.
2. Try not to meddle with others' businesses. Don't be nosy.
3. Think before you blurt out.
4. Other people's brain matter are just it - brain matter.

Oh well.


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