My first Sony Experience is with my SONY Microcassette-corder with Clear Voice Plus

It was my very first personally owned Sony device.

the SONY Microcassette-corder on my desk
I was a fresh graduate from BS Accountancy – on the brink of a burn-out, yet scheduled to take review classes for the upcoming board exam. We all know how morbidly “ill-reputed” CPA Board Exams are, most probably due to its high mortally rate – I mean the rate of passing compared to the number of persons who took the exam, the highest national passing rate I’ve heard of so far was from last October 2008’s exam which was about 33+%, if I’m not mistaken.

So I pleaded for the purchase of a recording device, and my Dad said it’s better to use a Sony, more durable, and he has used one during his college Med years. Also, because it already has an option to record even if the voices are faint, or to stop recording altogether if the background stays quiet or if there’s no one talking; this feature is what was termed as Clear Voice Plus.

...First Time mo?!...

A great literal plus since it lengthens the life of the battery and saves tape space. Back then, Sony was not yet marketing its voice MP3 recorder, which I would have rather bought even if it costs me more, since I can easily download it from the device to my laptop.

again, on my deskAnyhow, the SONY Microcassette-corder with Clear Voice Plus really helped me since I can easily get back to yesterday’s or the past week’s discussion without a snitch. I can even listen to the tapes while I’m lying down trying to relax. It has even recorded bloopers during lectures, and even those undeniably corny jokes by Valix, and sometimes those grossly green stories by Guerrero.

I’m now part of the working class and still using my SONY Microcassette-corder. I used it to record one internal investigation, with the permission of the person talking – of course, just to document the real story. another shot at my SONY deviceAlso, friends and friends of friends have borrowed it time and time again to record some important lecturer’s ideas and stories. A loved one has even used it to document a head-on collision with an egotistic and self-centered Design Teacher.

“It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: the VAIO T Series, which I definitely believe can help me out in my internal auditing work, especially in making my reports even when I’m on the go like in airports and hotel lounges, and with my blogging hobbies while in a bar or a coffee shop.”


  1. Hallo BrazenLass!

    Taga Cebu pud ko dai!hehe Musta? naa na work? or lisud competition sa Accountancy jobs sa Cebu?hehe

    Bta Good luck!^_^

  2. Pinoy IN Germany said...: Hallo BrazenLass!

    Taga Cebu pud ko dai!hehe Musta? naa na work? or lisud competition sa Accountancy jobs sa Cebu?hehe

    Bta Good luck!^_^

    --> yep, naa na work... i'm in a private company.. di man kaayo lisod ang competition, it's more on the guts to apply.. hehe!


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