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Nuat Thai Banawa Cebu has the Worst Manager!

I have no idea what caused this man to deliberately lose their branch's revenue and a couple of supposedly loyal customers with this crazy antic his playing just because he might have let his personal interests take over his already clouded or even non-existent sense of judgement.

And the antic I'm referring to? Every time we ask to be reserved whether with specific time or not, once he catches a glimpse of our faces he automatically declines! What an airhead "manager", if he is the manager. Or maybe he's just the scheduler or something. Duh.

And just because of the above, we decided to boycott the said eatablishment - Nuat Thai, Banawa, Cebu City.

Blogging via mobile phone

Might as well try it!

I've been wanting to start blogging again after another wave of hiatus.. so here it is... It's so much of a blog entry though, more like an announcement of some sort.

Anyway. I'm alive!!!!!

*the place in the picture is where we had dinner last night...*