Hayden Kho Sex Scandal - What's the Fuss?!

KATRINA HALILIAside from the fact that we might see this Doctor Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili and a bunch of other girls like this Maricar Reyes (who I might say couldn't even be presumed as a "proactive" person - see the photo below) humping and pumping voyeurism, what else IS there to see?

Why do we still need a Senate inquiry on a very simple subject that actually can be summarized into this:

1. The girls consented to HAVING sex with Hayden.
2. Hayden set-up a "hidden" camera somewhere to video tape the act, whether or not the girls know it.
3. They continued to have sex, even after any one of these girls found out there was a running coverage of the said event.
4. Something went wrong and now the videos are out.
Hmmm. In my personal opinion, the THING we should be inquiring about is HOW the videos got out and WHY were they posted in the internet. That's it! No need to ask and ask and ask why the heck Hayden likes to record himself having sex with girls - plenty of them I might add. It's a pride, psychological, psychiatric thing he has. We don't need to ask him anymore, I'd bet his psychologists already know. Don't you think?

But we also understand that this will be and IS free publicity for the senators who are actively participating. Congratulations to them. Aside from threatening Alec Baldwin, now he has another bonus issue. Cool. Not!

Anyway, my "good" officemate has just discovered the existence of plurk and is now trying it out, despite the side comments I keep on hearing from her every now and then due to lack of guidance. I might give this link to her a few minutes from now.

On a side note:
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  1. punta ka d2 maraming pinay scandals



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