Friday, May 29, 2009

Facial Regimen Update 1

I started this facial regimen experiment last May 21, and so far, here are the pictures of the current results:

{of course, I'll tell you all again, I didn't enhance these, so forgive the color tones - these are due to the surrounding light in the office. I just cropped these a bit, particularly the last 2 pictures.}

Hmmm, so far, so good. You can already compare the pictures from the previous entry and already see the difference! Cool.

Side effects? Stiff neck.

Because! Since we bought a motorcycle, I always have to ride with my head bowed a bit or turned to the right, or left, for a period of time to prevent prolonged sun exposure! Eeeek! Because if not, I might have "islets" or "islands" of dark spots. And that would be so darn tragic.

Anyway, have to go. Cheers! :)

On a side note:
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PS: Take care, swine flu cases already confirmed here in Cebu City. :)


  1. hi...ano gamit mo?? pkisagot sana tanong ko.... or add me sa facebook or txt me 09325214514 yan din prblm sa face ko

  2. Hi, actually, local obagi lang yan.. pero tinigilan ko na rin, tamad kasi ako..


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