Facial Regimen Update 1

I started this facial regimen experiment last May 21, and so far, here are the pictures of the current results:

{of course, I'll tell you all again, I didn't enhance these, so forgive the color tones - these are due to the surrounding light in the office. I just cropped these a bit, particularly the last 2 pictures.}

Hmmm, so far, so good. You can already compare the pictures from the previous entry and already see the difference! Cool.

Side effects? Stiff neck.

Because! Since we bought a motorcycle, I always have to ride with my head bowed a bit or turned to the right, or left, for a period of time to prevent prolonged sun exposure! Eeeek! Because if not, I might have "islets" or "islands" of dark spots. And that would be so darn tragic.

Anyway, have to go. Cheers! :)

On a side note:
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PS: Take care, swine flu cases already confirmed here in Cebu City. :)


  1. hi...ano gamit mo?? pkisagot sana tanong ko.... or add me sa facebook jersonkadchao@yahoo.com or txt me 09325214514 yan din prblm sa face ko

  2. Hi, actually, local obagi lang yan.. pero tinigilan ko na rin, tamad kasi ako..


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