Are You COLD?!

Oh my goodness.

As you all may know, our office has centralized airconditioning, so given the circumstances, a logical human brain might infer that when one person feels cold, another person from another room will also be cold.

But. Crazy as it is, here is one office scenario you all wouldn't want to miss!

Here's what happened:

Person 1 gets out of the room, goes to the other part of the room, and blurts out, "Gitugnaw sab mo?" {That's vernacular/Visayan for "Are you cold too?"}

Person 2 looks up and says, "Ha? Busy man gud ko..." {Crap. That, in English reads as "Wha..? I'm busy..."}

Hmmmmm. Who do you think, in her sanest mind, would answer a question like "Are you cold?" with "I'm busy."? Darn it. And she has a degree. Imagine?


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  1. Hahaha!

    I guess person 2 IS really busy.

    BTW, what made you shift to black background?

  2. @Richie,

    I shifted to black (again) because I love the dramatic feel it gives visually. Looks clean and your eyes can focus more on the text and images with a dark background.. :)

  3. Baka sa sobrang lamig na clogged up na ng Ice ang mga tenga nila. LOL

  4. @Cesar,

    Hindi naman. Feeling ko trip nya lang talagang sabihin na busy sya.. kasi akala nya hindi kami nabi-busy ever.. lol


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