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A Christmas Party Too Late

We just heard this morning that our company Christmas Party is temporarily being moved to Dec 23. Bummer. I dislike the idea because that would mean that if and onlyif I decide to join the said occasion, I should also move my travel back home another day, which means, I would get to spend lesser time with my family this season. And that, I don't like because...

Because I'm thinking of not spending the New Year with them. Don't fret just yet, I was just STILL thinking about it.

I might of course change my mind in the course of 15 to 20 days.

Government Agency Exemplifies Immature Judgment & Unfair Decision-making which Others Find Laudable

I personally feel that it's somewhat idiotic to base decisions on something that's just "irregular". Something more solid and logical should be made basis.

If you guys don't want people to pass board exams, then don't give them in the first place. Or if that statement happened to stike a nerve, why not TRY TO ANSWER THE ACTUAL EXAM FIRST TO SEE IF IT'S REALLY EASY OR NOT.

Professionals? Yeah, right. Prove it to me.

PRC orders retake of parts of Civil Engineering exam
THE Professional Regulation Commission has ordered a retake in the subjects Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Engineering and Construction in the November 17 and 18, 2007, civil engineer licensure examination given by the Board of Civil Engineering.The commission nullified examination results in the two subjects after it discovered “irregularities” in the results. A total of 4,782 examinees took the licensure examination in eight test centers nationwi…

What Men & Fever Have in Common

Found this in Chai's blog which was written by Mara... hehehe... enjoy reading!


What men and fever have in common.

Being the medical student that I am, I would like to apply my miniscule knowledge by classifying the taken men that have lingered in my life using the different types of fever. Haha.

Definition of terms:
* recall that the normal body temperature is about 37 degrees.
This temperature is the BASELINE.

1. Intermittent fever - this type of fever waxes and wanes, but when it does wane, it hits the baseline. Meaning, it goes back to the normal body temperature of 37 degrees after every febrile episode, then it goes up again.

2. Remittent fever - although this type of fever also waxes and wanes, your temperature NEVER hits the baseline. Thus, your temperature never normalizes despite the many ups and downs of your temperature.

3. Relapsing fever - this fever alternates with days, or even weeks, with baseline temperature.

4. Continuous fever - speaks for itself doesn't i…


I'm not feeling very well today. And for all the care in the world, I have no idea why I'm not feeling well. And I think I'm not making much sense right now.

My head's starting to throb already.I just hope it doesn't get to be a full-blown migraine attack because I'm starting to get fed up with the medications I try to take to ease the pain. I guess I'd have to upgrade my eyeglasses asap. Hmmm. I was planning on waiting until Christmas to do that, but my eyes are now on strike. I've been having migraine attacks for the past 3 months already. Even if some of those migraines were brought about by stress and too much thinking/worrying, I'd still vote for the eyeglass upgrade.

I also didn't want to take a quick after lunch nap, because then my body wouold really like the break and will then force me to do myself a favor and go to a deep REM sleep - which I definitely cannot do while I'm in the office. Poor me. Hmph.

Anyway, guess I'd have to …

Calm Yourself Down!

It's a pretty amusing day today... Started my day anxiously, v'been a little worried how the confrontation with the boss and the auditee would turn out - apparently, it went well. More then well...

I've been a little paranoid because it was actually going to be the first time it will happen for me, the auditee, the boss and the auditor (that's me) will have a "confrontation" and these things usually are pretty bloody. Hehe, good thing I was nervous as hell... Hahaha, joke.

Yeah, I was nervous as hell, my whole body was trembling, my hands were shaking while I was talking, and my voice also shook a bit. But a little later, I started calming down, but the process was not fast enough because the meeting already ended and I was still shaking. hahaha, tapang-tapangan ang show.

Anyway, it was okay, think my recommendations are going to be taken seriously, have to watch my back though from now own because I again saw how these managers will got to lengths just to sav…

If You Want it YOUR Way, DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

This post is dedicated to the one and only most annoying Department Head known for saying one thing while she's face to face with you and then (pick one)

not saying anything because she doesn't have the gutts to,says the things SHE wants done when the people who worked and perspired beforehand are no longer in the room,says a different thing when you're gone,or denying altogether that she ever said anything at all.

Don't you realize that almost every other department head and manager in this fu**ing company hates you and your guts (given that you even have any) because you ARE SO PLASTIC!!! GRRRRHHHH!!!

I am actually trembling because of rage for this woman! You are so hated right now!

But trust me, eventually, you won't be worth anything at all.

All in a Day's...Work?

Hmmm, saw this in some other person's blog... hehehe...

the site says I have a hidden elevn name, and it's - Idril Nólatári
and a hobbit name which is - Daisy Moss of Lake-By-Downs

hahaha, weird... but okay...

Another is this:

Which mythological creature is most like you? (with pics!)
created with QuizFarm.comYou scored as DragonYou have a fiery soul, and your temper is easily provoked. People are afraid of you sometimes. Just cool it down a little sometimes and everything will be great!! :D


Don't Be Such an Ass

Remember the bullies during elementary? or high school? or even colege?
I think this story can all teach them a lesson.... hehehe... please read on...

Having A Baaaad Day

A little guy is sitting at the bar just staring at his drink for half an hour when this big trouble-making biker steps next to him, grabs his drink and gulps it down in one swing.

The poor little guy starts crying.

"Come on, man. I'm just giving you a hard time," the biker says.
"I didn't think you'd CRY. I can't stand to see a man cry."

"This is the worst day of my life," says the little guy between sobs...
"I can't do anything right.

I overslept and was late to an important meeting, so my boss fired me. When I went to the parking lot, I found my car was stolen and I don't have any insurance. I left my wallet in the cab I took home. I found my wife in bed with the gardener and my dog bit me. So, I came to this bar trying to work up the coura…

Frea*ing Brownouts

I believe...



ENGINEERING department sucks!

We've been experiencing on-off-on-off times for just about 2 hours now, and there has been, let me see, 5 times that the power went out, and just about the same number of times that it came back. It just came back on as I'm typing this post. I have no idea why it's happening, hopefully the "engineers" know what's happening, I think I heard something like there has been a power problem in a nearby city/municipality or whatever. Hmmm. To think that the President of the whole company is actually here for a series of serious meetings.

Good thing I'm using a laptop and a UPS. Hahaha... You can hate me now.

Running Out of Happy Thoughts

Hmmm, last night I realized as I stared blankly at this wooden make-shift bench in front of my door - I'm running out of happy thoughts. Happy thoughts? What the hell are they for? This started when a friend of mine advised me to just think of happy thoughts to excape being in the speedy downhill path of depression. Scary huh? But that advice proved to be one that came straight from heaven. It has actually helped me rediscover my interest in writing and expressing whatever it is that I'm thinking and feeling - saved me the cost of getting professional help. And I get to practice using the language again which I managed to use less and less in the workplace or in my room. (Although sometimes I feel more comfortable talking to myself in English)

Anyway, going back, yep, I'm running out of happy thoughts, and watching all these series(es) on tv can't give me a fresh supply. And I just can't turn off this uncanny ability to play and replay things in my mind - vividly, …

It's F*cking Freezing in Here!

mood? wanna still ask about my mood?

It's so darn freezing here inside my office and I can still get my fingers to tiptap at my keyboard to write this stupid post. Ha! That's perseverance for you.

Think I'm gonna buzz out of this hole for a bit and get myself a hot cup of instant coffee - the only version I can afford while it isn't quite payday...

What If

mood? - I'm full and I'm kinda crazy...


What If (by Babyface)

I ran into a friend of yours the other day
And I asked her how you been
She said my girl is fine jus bought a house
Got a job a real good man
I told her I was glad for u that’s wonderful
But does she ever ask bout me
She said shes happy with her life right now
Let her go let her be

And I told myself I would
but something in my heart would just not let you go
I just want to know

What if we were wrong about each other
what if you were really made for me
what if we were supposed to be together
would that not mean anything
what if that was supposed to be my house
that you go home to everyday
how can you be sure that things are better
if you cant be sure your heart ain’t still here with me
Still wanting me

Your friend asked me if there was some1 special
in my life that I was seeing
I told her there was no1 in particular
There’s jus I myself and me
I told her that I dream of you quite often
she jus cut her eyes at me
she said yo…

Top 10 Reasons to Smile before 12noon!


Note: NOT in particular order. ;)

My chikadora officemate. And all the chismis that she knows about the happenings in the office, the employees and the whole the company itself.Coffee. Makes me smile anytime and everytime I have some; not really a coffee addict though, just love it. but i'm thinking of minimizing my consumption nowadays.Chocolate. Any form it comes in, whether a chocolate drink, candy, biscuits, whatever, as long as it's chocolate!Inday jokes. I remembered this super smart Inday and decided to search for some posted collection of her speeches and I had such a good time reading them! Even Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda reportedly had to undergo nose bleeding!Blogs. My blogs, my precious blogs. Hehehe. I have 3 active blogs which basically have the same contents, but different looks and designs. I have a different set of audience and readers for each, so I'm quite happy despite of the fact that I don't earn any from the ads from adsense and some other t…

Perceived Good. So What's Real?

As always, there have been several misconceptions in life. Mostly are perceived as good, like if you work in this certain company, everybody - and I mean everybody- thinks you have such a big salary just because of the name of the company. Careful. That can be the deadliest misconception you can ever believe in your whole life. Especially if you work where I do.

Most of the people I know, closely or not, all think that my company gives out such hefty salaries. But wait! You're all wrong. Unless you're a manager, a corporate director, someone very close to the higher ranking officers, or someone naturally "sip-sip", or trying to be one just to ride on with the salary-increase-wave, you're bound to slightly enjoy a meager pay. Big enough to sustain you 'til the next payday, but at least not small enough to call it minimum wage rate. Hmmm.

I admit, I sometimes get irked at people - even friends - who immediately presume that I have a huge salary. Sometimes it just…

Through a Rapist's Eyes

I saw this in one of my online blogs' contacts/friends and I found it interesting to read things like these... plus it had a catchy title... read on girls, it's an FYI... you never know what occurs in other people's minds - even mine.. hehehe...
A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts:

1] The first thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle. They are most likely to go after a woman w ith a ponytail, bun, braid or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed. They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair. Women with short hair are not common targets.

2] The second thing men look for is clothing. They will look for women whose clothing is easy to remove quickly. Many of them carry scissors around to cut clothing.

3] They also look for women on their cell phone, searching through their purse or doing other activities while walking because they are off g…

Love & Life - Oh Really?

Love and Life by Albert Einstein

Sometimes in our relentless effort to find the person we love, we fail to recognize and appreciate the people who love us. We miss out on so many beautiful things simply because we allow ourselves to be enslaved by our own selfish concerns.
- this is possible. but i dont entirely believe that trying to find the person we love is ALL selfish. although there are aspects of this process that will tend to lean on the selfish side, i still think we should give the benefit of the doubt. kawawa naman eh...

Go for the man of deeds and not for the man of words, for you will find rewarding happiness, not with the man you love but with the man who loves you more.
- but still, hearing the words will give us the kilig factor once in a while, di ba?
- umm, before i was not really in favor of choose the one who loves you more, but nowadays, i'm starting to believe it's better to do so.

The best lovers are those capable of loving from a distance far enough to allow …

Let's Take a Walk...


Hard as Stone, Soft as Cotton

I found this in Nelsh's multiply site, when I finished reading it, I almost broke down crying, buti nalang na-conscious ako sa malaking glass window sa harap ko kasi kitang-kita ako ng lahat ng tao pag ngumawa nalang ako bigla dito sa office....

She received this through an email and posted it in her site... Please continue reading...


My boyfriend and I live together for years and he is an Engineer by profession. I love him for his steady nature, and I love the warm feeling when I lean against his broad shoulders.

Three months of courtship and now, two years engaged, I would have to admit, that I am getting tired of it. The reasons of me loving him before, has now transformed into the cause of all my restlessness. I am a sentimental woman and extremely sensitive when it comes to a relationship and my feelings, I yearn for the romantic moments, like a little girl yearning for candy. My boyfriend, is my complete opposite, his lack of sensitivity, and the inability of bringing …

Earthquake! Quick! Run to the Nearest Padlocked Door!

Hahahah... okay, go ahead and read the title again. Yep, you're not hallucinating, that's exactly what I posted - "Go to the nearest padlocked door." Crazy, right?

I just couldn't imagine how 40+ year olds who have been in the working class for almost 10 years or maybe more, or how managers that are presumed to have relevantly high IQs, even think of going to an exit that is clearly locked! Given the capacity to think even on times when people are all panicky because of an earthquake, the fact that our offices are located in the basement of a 20-floor building, and the fact that the company spends time and resources to conduct internal Basic Safety and Security Trainings for the employees, the most stupid idea you can EVER ever think of at this very moment is to go to the farther exit that is CLEARLY and is also KNOWN to have been padlocked for quite a long time already. I said farther because there is one exit that is not locked and is intended for emergencies th…

Usapang Lalake Pare...

Nakakatuwa 'to, Guys, is this true? do you really have conversations like this? As in? Share your thoughts naman, so we can be enlightened... {Charot..}
Saw this post from Teri {thanks nga pala ha} and found it really fascinating. how I wish I can witness a real conversation that runs like this. Hehehe... Minsan lang kasi iparinig ng guys sa mga girls yung ganitong mga saloobin nila... Usually pag lasing na and heartbroken...

***************grabe. usapang lalake*
*sindi ng yosi*
Musta na, pare? Ako, okay lang. Eto. Nagmumuni-muni. Nag-iisip. Minsan talaga may mga bagay na hindi ko maintindihan. Ewan ko ba.*hinga ng malalim*Bakit ba ganun pare, ilang beses ko na pinag-aralan pero lagi na lang lumalabas na parang kahit 'sang anggulo mo tingnan, hindi nagiging patas para sa mga lalake ang ilang bagay pagdating sa pagmamahal. *tingin sa stars*Minsan naiisip ko, alam kaya ng mga babae ang hirap ng lalake na gumawa ng first move para magtapat ng pagmamahal? E yung hirap na…

Me and my Migraines

I'm in the office right now, still suffering from an overnight case of migraine. Yep, that's right, overnight. This f*ckin' pain started last night and hasn't left me until now - and it's already 10:53 am! Crazy head! Grrrhhh!

As annoying as it can be, as I'm typing this, the throbbing lessens. So does this mean I have to type away my day so that I wouldn't feel too much of the migraine? Oooohhh, this is driving me crazy! I really wouldn't say it's because of the computer monitor because I'm actually using a laptop. So there's not much of that radiation. But I think my eyes are screwed up again. Maybe I really have to have my eyes checked. Hmmm... But I think that can wait, don't wanna drop a few bucks for that as of now. {it's throbbin' again...I hate it...}

Maybe it's my mellow music playing also that causes the throbbing? or.... or...... whatever.....

I wanna sleep but I can't because number 1: I'm in the office; numb…

Birth and Death

Today is All Saints' Day around the world, and in my world, it's my brother's birthday.

Weird huh? How two opposite things can be related and be celebrated on the same day. One is related to death, and the other... well, obviously, to birth.

I'd have to admit, I miss my family. Really. Just wanna make me cry. Duh. I haven't actually seen them in almost a year. The last time I was with them was last Christmas. Just imagine. I know my dad misses me too, 'coz he just can't stop reminding me to go home this Christmas. Anyway, for sure, I'll be home for Christmas - I basically don't have a reason to stay here in Cebu.

Anyway, I also have a loved one who has already gone to the other side of this universe - my uncle, Tito Amiel. He died of something related to his liver. What we all knew was that he had liver serosis {i hope i have the spelling right}. And they just didn't pay much attention until one day, he just went away. That was during my review for…