Perceived Good. So What's Real?

As always, there have been several misconceptions in life. Mostly are perceived as good, like if you work in this certain company, everybody - and I mean everybody- thinks you have such a big salary just because of the name of the company. Careful. That can be the deadliest misconception you can ever believe in your whole life. Especially if you work where I do.

Most of the people I know, closely or not, all think that my company gives out such hefty salaries. But wait! You're all wrong. Unless you're a manager, a corporate director, someone very close to the higher ranking officers, or someone naturally "sip-sip", or trying to be one just to ride on with the salary-increase-wave, you're bound to slightly enjoy a meager pay. Big enough to sustain you 'til the next payday, but at least not small enough to call it minimum wage rate. Hmmm.

I admit, I sometimes get irked at people - even friends - who immediately presume that I have a huge salary. Sometimes it just blows my top off because they point it out as if I'm the only one who doesn't know it as a fact as true as I'm alive or that Chokoleit is gay. And if I try to explain it all to them, they just nod just to make me stop talking. They brush it off as if I was just making up the story so they can't force me to pay for dinner or something. And they still believe with all their hearts that my company pays good. Yeah right. And the next time we get together, we end up having the same conversation again, with the same reactions - which actually pisses me off a lot more - they just can't get the point. If I'm not in the mood to argue, good for all of us. It spares them the effort to listen to my explanations and I don't waste much of my energy re-explaining things - which I'd probably repeat the next week, or month, whichever. Craziness is common nowadays. Good thing I've been a bit crazy for a long time already - I think it was built-in.



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