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What Really Happened?

I actually don't have any idea. And I'm actually worried right now since the two doctors that examined me offers two different views on what happened to me.

It was Saturday morning, and as usual, I went to the bathroom to unload my bladder. I noticed a little discoloration and when I looked at the toilet paper, it was red. Good thing I'm not so much into panicking so I changed clothes, went back and lay down, got my phone and asked Tom to call. I then asked the Finance Controller here to refer to me anyone who can go with us to a hospital so I can be checked.

It was a good thing also that I'm currently in another location, employees here are easier to deal with and will give you support as much as you need especially in "emergency" cases. The property lent us their van for our disposal and the company nurse Theresa accompanied us until everything was done.

First we went to Davao Medical School Foundation where I was initially checked by Dr Amelia Vega. I unde…

Formally Welcoming A New Member of the Family

Yes, you're thinking quite straightly. But may not be interpreting correctly though. lol!

This is just to follow suit on Tom's facebook announcement that he has just formally turned into a father-to-be. "Formally" because the first 2 tests we did were just over-the-counter testing kits and we wanted a more formal way of being confirmed so we went to Hi-Precision to get tested. I'll upload some more pictures of the kits and Tom's excitement when they become available for upload.

I was a bit worried too because I couldn't feel that I was in the mood for sharing urine samples, but heck, Tom gave me 3 cups of water just so I can go through with it already.

After 2 hours, we went back to the lab and got the results, the releasing person was all smiles with her congratulatory releasing of the paper that said it was POSITIVE. And so started Tom's shouting and smiling while driving along the roads of Cebu City going back to Ken's house. He was going almost…

Finding Organic Products in Cebu City

Having trouble finding organic products in your locality? Tried google and yahoo but failed to choose what site to go to?

There are actually a lot of online shops nowadays, but the trouble seems to start when you need to choose which site to click on. You may have had trouble searching for the right site because you missed the right keyword.

To help you out, here is one all-around group of sites that features all natural and organic products from shampoos to conditioners to lip balms to makeup to laundry detergent!

PhilOrganics. PhilOrganics was coined by Badz Anoba, one of the brains of Apparently, he couldn't fit in too many of his endeavors into his very hectic schedule, so he turned over PhilOrganics to yours truly.

PhilOrganics' main objective is to collect different organic products - whether for personal care, household use, or even raw foods like vegetables and fruits - into one online site. However, since I do lack the programming skills and very well thr…

The Bottomless Pit

For me this looks bottomless enough. Ugh. My arm and leg hairs are on ends.. Goosebumps alert!!!

And thanks to CATSUPketchup, a twitter friend, she shared the link to the real news that makes this picture as real as can be.

Read it here. I just hope and pray nothing of this sort happens here in the Philippines.

For more pictures, see below: