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Who doesn't want to get rich?

I know I want to. In the shortest possible time with the littlest effort possible. But we all know that's improbable. Impossible even.

So... Instead of waiting for interest income from a savings account that doesn't exist, husband and I decided to invest in stocks. It wasn't that difficult to understand given my background, yet of course we need to go through making some bad decisions along the way. Bought some shares that we're good, bought some that are now awesome. But we all have to get the right information from all sources we can get from that are actually credible and believable.

For the Philippine setting, I found one - it's Pinoy Investor.

They provide all sorts of information ranging from technical analysis to fundamentals, even the entire stock symbols listed in PSE (that's Philippine Stock Exchange, genius...). If you want to subscribe to their updates and research, I have included a link to their page at my sidebar…