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"Race to a Free Review" Contest

Okay, here goes....

Since there have been comments already given to some of my post (thank you all so much), I also visited their sites, and now have finally decided to run this "Race to a Free Review" Contest here in Freshly Baked...

The mechanics is simple: just go ahead and visit my blog, read some posts and be kind enough to leave comments, I'm monitoring the comments thru Commentful and co.comment so don't you worry. Each person that reaches at least 10 comments in my blog will be given a surprise!

Hehe, not really a surprise... I will of course return the favor by reviewing your site/blog and of course including you to my Commentors' Hall of Fame - my blogroll for the people who left lots of comments in my site and whose blogs/sites I have reviewed in return.

Hope you'll find time to try it!

55 Ways to Be an Annoying Officemate

When you're especially bored like me, you tend to find ways to entertain yourself.

Here are 55 Ways to Be an Annoying Officemate

1. “Hi-lite” your shoes. Tell people that you haven’t lost your shoes since you did this.

2. Agree to organize the company Christmas party. Hold it at McDonald’s Playland. Charge everyone $15 each.

3. Arrive at a meeting late, say you’re sorry, but you didn’t have time for lunch, and you’re going to be nibbling during the meeting. During the meeting eat entire raw potatoes.

4. Attach a sign that says "FAX" to the paper shredder. Sit and watch to see how many people fall for it.

5. Bring in dishes that you tried to cook but didn’t turn out quite right as special treats for your co-workers.

6. Build models of the Seven Wonders of the World using empty soda cans.

7. Change the message on the company voice mail system. Get “Creative”.

8. Compose all your e-mail in rhyming couplets.

9. Decorate your office with pictures of Cindy Brady and Danny Partridge. Tr…

Wash Your Garments Email Urban Legend

Wow, for the nth time, I've received an email like this, although with varying subjects, they still spawn the same idea... Hmmm, interestingly enough, the people who decided to start this urban legend did not seem to know how to edit pictures well, notice how the outline of the circles don't blend well with the main object...(so I won't clue you in on what's on the picture.. hehe!)

So continue reading to discover what's in your undergarments! But let me tell you, I still have freakin' goosebumps crawling up the back of my neck when I see that picture... Grrrhhh! Morbid!

Please share with as many women and men that you know.


Please make it a habit to wash your just purchased undergarments before wearing them. This is sensitive.WASH GARMENTS BEFORE WEARING, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Our undergarments are made in different parts of the world, sit in boxes and go through many hands and exchanges before we purchase them for ourselves.


the Jane Taylor Email Scam

I have received emails like this before, and if it's your first time to receive such emails, you may probably think they're real. Unfortunately, they're not. And fortunately, we have the internet now, where we can try to track down if there are similar emails that have circulated before... Here is the email I received recently, which, good enough, went straight to my spam folder.


jane taylor

show details
Mar 27 (2 days ago)


love.. actually.. is a decision..

"I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee there'll be one day when one or both of us would want to get out. But I also guarantee that if I do not ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life 'coz I know in my heart, you're the only one. "

Everybody was sighing as we watched Julia Roberts say these lines to Richard Gere in an unromantic setting-the balcony of a building in bustling New York City-in the movie Runaway Bride. A few scenes before that, it was Richard who said the same lines to Julia, likewise in an unromantic scenario, as they were talking about how people propose marriage. True enough, when we were teenagers it was a question which we loved to answer in slumbooks.

It remains a topic that creates giggles and shrieks whenever friends talk about it. But does one really know what love is?

We often mistake it for a crush, an infatuation or sometimes, even for the sheer joy in companionship. Sometimes, we think it's a feeli…

When a Person You Love Lets You Down

My heart is feeling really heavy today. And I don't really wanna delve into the nasty details, but let me just clue you in that it's not my bf that I'm talking about here.

I didn't really expect it to happen, or maybe I had an idea that it was possible but not that it was at all probable. I hardly ever thought that a principled man like him who is known to be such a stubbornly determined person can ever stoop that low. I never, ever thought it was possible until I was given the gross details of the corroborating evidence. But I just couldn't hate him (there, it's a guy alright...).

By now you might be so curious as to who this person is, but I'm obliged not to say or to give a specific name or standing or whatever detail to protect his identity. There may be readers of this blog that may have an idea who I'm talking about. And for those of you who now do, please, please, please keep it to yourselves. Just let me vent out my feelings thru this post.

I was &…

Our Dream House

Here are some pictures of the real life miniature of the residential building (in other words, a house) that Tom (my bf) designed from scratch to this miniature... I haven't seen it personally (remember, i'm still in Manila...) but hopefully next week i'll be able to see it...

(a picture was taken of the real-life miniature of our dream house and then it's background was altered to show clouds!)

(the inside view... :))

(another top view... )

Another Favorite Super Heroine

I just remembered another heroine last night, it's Xena the Warrior Princess. I found a nice quote from one of the characters of the series Autolycus...

Autolycus: Distracts me? A beautiful woman lying naked in a bathtub?
Autolycus: ... Where was I?

According to Wikipedia,
Xena first appeared on the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys television series (in the episode The Warrior Princess airing in March 1995), as a seductive but treacherous warlord.[4] Two more episodes during May sweeps chronicled her evolution from a villain[5] to a friend and ally of Hercules.[6] Interest in her was so strong that shortly afterwards she became the main character of the spin-off series Xena: Warrior Princess. Ironically, although her character was originally obsessed with defeating Hercules and obtaining his title as the greatest living warrior, she never defeated "Zeus' Favorite Son". In fact, Hercules is the one credited with pointing her down the path of redemption when he…

Photo Sharing

I was surfing and stumbled upon a nice photo sharing site, it's nice also because you can have blogs here too... It's Fotki... You can join for free, if you like... :)


I have been going thru my contacts in MyBlogLog, and saw a link to these really amazing pictures! Why don't you visit it also and see if you like 'em...

HRD Photography!!!

Sleeping Naked

The Benefits

Comfort and health

Not only is sleeping naked more comfortable, but it's good for your health too. Increasing your level of comfort makes it easier for you to relax and sleep, so you get a better night's kip. The resulting deeper, longer sleep makes it easier for your body to regenerate and repair itself, and build up your energy for the day ahead.

Sexual benefits

If you sleep with a partner, being naked heightens the level of intimacy between you, and you are likely to have sex more often. You may also feel closer to your partner as a result of sleeping naked with them. There is also evidence of improved fertility in men as a result of being in cooler conditions thanks to wearing less clothing.

Work and lifestyle benefits

If you find yourself tired in the morning or during the day even though you've had at-least eight hours sleep, you may only be sleeping lightly for that period of time. As mentioned earlier, sleeping naked allows your body to relax more immediatel…

An Open Letter to Chief Justice Puno

I'm publishing here an open letter I found in the online version of a national newspaper, I hope this somewhat helps a little in trying to circulate this.

The Philippine STAR 03/17/2007

Chief Justice
Supreme Court

(National and Local Levels)

M a b u h a y:


As part of your efforts to reform the Bar, may I humbly submit some suggestions based on my past 12-year pro bono service and experience as a director and officer of the IBP PPLM Chapter from 1995 to 2007 and as the Founder in 2001 of the Las Pinas City Bar Association (LPBA), Inc.:

Sec. 5, Art. I (pro bono/honorary service) of the IBP By-Laws should be religiously observed by all IBP chapter officers and directors and by the IBP national-level officers and governors.

Some local chapters were reportedly using a part of their local chapter funds to finance the IBP-related traveling, hotel, meals and representation expenses of their officers and directors, e.g. nationa…

The Differences Between Men and Women

SECOND WIND By Barbara C. Gonzalez
The Philippine STAR 03/24/2007

There are many differences between men and women. First, the way they look. Men are generally taller while women are smaller and rounder. Ooops, what am I saying? As I write this the names of tall, big women quickly pop into my head. Then I remember running into an old tall friend of mine while she was walking around with her significant other who was shorter than she.

"Are you taller than he?" I asked mischievously, as he walked away. I remember earlier years when she swore she would never go out with anyone shorter.

"No, no," she said, smiling. "Actually if you see us in the mirror, barefoot, we are as tall as each other but after I get my slippers on I look taller. I even feel taller because I look down into his eyes."

"How does that make you feel?" I asked.

"Fine," she said, shrugging her shoulders. "He likes it," she added, amazement sparkling in her eyes. "…

8 Types Of Guys Women Avoid

Have you ever wondered if the way you act makes women cringe? Have you ever worried that your behavior might be making them run in the other direction?

Just as women are attracted to certain archetypal men, there are other types of men that women go out of their way to avoid. And this is especially true during the early stages of a relationship, when a woman is trying to gauge a man's personality.

Below are eight types of guys that women consistently stay away from. I have compiled this list from conversations I've had with numerous women regarding the behaviors they dislike in men.

But don't worry if you recognize some of the following traits in yourself -- most of them aren't deal-breakers. The idea here is not to change your personality, but rather to keep certain female-unfriendly behaviors in check. Read on to find out what women dislike, so you'll be able to make a better impression next time around.

1. The Needy Guy
He is overly emotional and shares all his feeli…

50 Things Guys Wished Girls Knew

I found some of the things listed here as funny. And that some, if not all, in my own opinion, may have come from a jerk... sorry... but i do think that the guy who wrote this may prove to be a real jerk after all.

In this day and age, there are so many things that guys do that annoy their female counterparts. The scratching of privates, wearing the same outfit twice in one week, the grunting, the drinking until passing out in the kiddie pool on a hot summer day. Hey, we've all been there, am I right? Ok, maybe not. However, women are not without their faults. While admittedly I do my share of things that piss people off, I cannot be held accountable for the entire male species, just as no single woman is responsible for their species either. While it may be easy and convenient to generalize based on a single incident from the opposite sex, it’s just not fair. In the interest of equality, I have created a list of things that women should know about the male species. I have read se…

50 Facts About Women

I hope my readers will not generalize all of the women... This list was taken from

1. Women love to shop. It is the one area of the world where they feel like they're actually in control.

2. Women especially love a bargain. The question of "need" is irrelevant, so don't bother pointing it out. Anything on sale is fair game.

3. Women never have anything to wear. Don't question the racks of clothes in the closet; you "just don't understand".

4. Women need to cry. And they won't do it alone unless they know you can hear them.

5. Women will always ask questions that have no right answer, in an effort to trap you into feeling guilty.

6. Women love to talk. Silence intimidates them and they feel a need to fill it, even if they have nothing to say.

7. Women need to feel like there are people worse off than they are. That's why soap operas and Oprah Winfrey-type shows are so successful.

8. Women don't need sex as often as men do. This…

It's Graduation Day

I feel really happy and proud because the love of my life is graduating today. After several years and two other different courses that he chose to leave behind, he's finally graduating and succeeded in this chapter of his life. The hard part is, I cannot be there to celebrate with him. I'm stuck here in Manila until the end of this month. Grrrhhh!

I feel so annoyed right now because I just can't do anything about it! I don't have enough money to get a plane ticket to go there and back again in Manila on Monday, I so miss him so much and I really wanted to see him get his diploma and just be there with him on such a momentous time of his life... I'm starting to hate my company... Hehehe! Not!

Anyway, for all the world to know, I just had my lunch and feeling a little full right now, but I can handle it.

Update on PSHS-SMC Graduates Travel Ban

Here are links to the following pertinent documents that relate to that travel hold thing imposed against the Philippine Science High School graduates of Davao City.

PSHS-SMC Sample Contract

Bureau of Immmigration Watchlist for Batches 1992-1996

PSHS Main Memo # 4

PSHS-SMC Letter to Bureau of Immigration

PSHS-SMC Reply to the Petition Letter

And again, here is the link to the online protest letter made by the alumni together with the signature form for the signature campaign....

10 Steps to a Killer Resume

You know the feeling. You spend hours, or even days, creating a résumé. You pore over every word of your cover letter and agonize over what to say in your email. Then you hit ‘send’ and wait. And wait. And wait. No one calls. No one writes. You don’t know if anyone even saw your résumé.

When this happens, it’s easy to get dejected and worry that employers are not interested in you. Don’t! Remember, they haven’t met you. They have only seen your résumé and that may be the problem.

An overwhelming majority of job seekers make basic mistakes with their résumés - mistakes that ensure that they will not get the interviews they deserve. If you feel as though you’re sending your résumé into a black hole, try this ‘Ten Step Program’ to diagnose problems and get your résumé working for you.

1. Is your résumé the right length?

You may have heard that your résumé should fit on one page. This is nonsense. Recruiter or hiring managers don’t care if your résumé is one or two pages long. But they do car…

Tips and Suggestions for Writing a Resume

Handsome resumes are back. Thanks to new technology which retains the original document, formatted resumes with embellishments like boldface, italics, fancy fonts and bullets are back in style.

It's important to note that the use of online screening before your resume is rated is growing. Applicants are flooding mail boxes whether or not their resume bears any resemblance to the job's requirements, so, companies are increasingly using automated systems to screen resumes prior to sending them to recruiters and hiring managers.

It's helpful to take a few tests on company career portals where you don't want to work to gain experience taking tests and increasing your comfort level.

Choose your resume format wisely. Use a format that highlights your strengths and hides your shortcomings. If you use the format provided by the job search sites, then you don’t need so much editing and rearranging the elements of your resume. It also helps because as long as your resume complies w…

Cartoon-themed Templates

I’m really fascinated by these templates and I actually found myself envying the people who use them. Samples are posted in splat designs and I absolutely adore them! I really like the cartoon looking representation of most authors and also the colors used in these characters which also matches all the colors in their blogs, and I admire it, really!

If anyone is kind enough to make me one, could you please, please, pretty please leave a comment in this post or maybe in the chat box found in the right most sidebar of my blog. Thanks!

No Connection – Seriously.

I am so annoyed right no because I am now composing a post that I can only upload the next day! Why? Because I have my internet connection in my office but not in my room! Grrrrhhh!

Hmm, anyway, while writing this I’m watching a local soap opera. I have continually wondering from which foreign movie or story did the makers of it base their story – it’s more like the movie If Only, the twist is, the guy really goes back in time because he was given the chance by Destiny to go over everything again and try to save his girlfriend from death by getting run over by a bus. Sounds drastic, but that’s how she died.

Ummm, getting back on the story of my friend and her break up - there’s actually no update. She continues to contact me and still, she continues also to give the cold shoulder to the guy. They hardly ever talk now, even see each other. And the guy right now is enjoying his new found attention from a younger girl, about 9 or 10 years younger. She’s a college student right now. And he’…

Is it Time to Dump Him?

This won't come as news to women: Men aren't all that good about breaking up. Sometimes a man will half-heartedly try ("things just aren't clicking"). Sometimes a man will force you to make the first move ("well, if you think things aren't working out then"). Sometimes a man will stew in a bad relationship for years before actually having the guts to break it off. Why? For lots of reasons -- one of them being that many men, even if they don't like the relationship anymore, don't want to be immortalized (to you and all your friends) as The Bad Guy. Not an excuse, but it's what men tend to do. When you consider a recent national survey showing 21 percent of men say they're on the lookout for a better relationship while they're in a relationship -- then it's all the more important that women know the signs of a guy who's looking for the exit before he's even in the room.

Dump-worthy: He ignores
Not dump-worthy
: He doesn&#…

Being a Fairy

In my curiosity with the way how fairies looked and are designed I happen to come across a very childish yet cool Disney site, the Disney Fairies... I really found it cute the way you can create your own fairy, I mean you can decide how she'll look like, what kinda powers she'll have, the clothes that your fairy will wear, even the colors will be to your discretion!

It's a nice way to encourage the artistic side of kids if you already have one (or more...), just make sure that if you allow them to use the internet, you are around to supervise them. And after designing your fairy, you can also decide what to call her, and later on, even design her home! Now that's quite cool, even for a yuppy like me...
Here are screen shots of how my fairies (I have two, Alexia, a water fairy and Heather, the light fairy) and their homes look like.



Link Fest


It's Time to Break it Off

Have you seen an episode of House lately? Where the only solution to prevent death is just to cut off a body part like a finger, a hand or a foot? This situation of cutting off or breaking off is not only applicable to medical situations, but also to a person's personal life.

Sometimes, we tend to be so involved in something, a hobby or a vice, that we are blinded by how we feel or how we would want to see the situation and not how it really is. There are times when the only way to know what's really happening is to ask somebody else. We may have those gut feelings, hunches if I may say so, especially for us women where our instincts play such a vital role. But what if it involves ourself and the person we love most? Hanging on to a person just because is not such a good idea. Sure, you may have shared more than first love, or more than 5 or 6 years, but I really don't think that is reason enough, especially if it's already hurting you. Sometimes, a little pain helps us…