No Connection – Seriously.

I am so annoyed right no because I am now composing a post that I can only upload the next day! Why? Because I have my internet connection in my office but not in my room! Grrrrhhh!

Hmm, anyway, while writing this I’m watching a local soap opera. I have continually wondering from which foreign movie or story did the makers of it base their story – it’s more like the movie If Only, the twist is, the guy really goes back in time because he was given the chance by Destiny to go over everything again and try to save his girlfriend from death by getting run over by a bus. Sounds drastic, but that’s how she died.

Ummm, getting back on the story of my friend and her break up - there’s actually no update. She continues to contact me and still, she continues also to give the cold shoulder to the guy. They hardly ever talk now, even see each other. And the guy right now is enjoying his new found attention from a younger girl, about 9 or 10 years younger. She’s a college student right now. And he’s employed. Well, God bless them.

Oh, and I just had this food pang I just felt. I don’t call it a hunger pang because I’m not hungry. The feeling is more like I can either vividly picture out the food or even sometimes smell it as if it was just in front of me. And guess what I just thought of? Eggplants. Thinly sliced eggplants fried on a low fire and with a little bagoong. I don’t have a better known word yet for bagoong, but I can tell you it smells like hell. Ahahaha! But it’s good, it’s salty actually, but it’s not fish sauce also. It’s especially good with unripe green crunchy mangoes. Yumyum! This eggplant combo is best eaten with a lot of rice which I cannot really have because I’m trying to go on a diet. Booohhhoooo…. Poor me… I’m blaming it all on my genes.

And another thing? I’m really supposed to be working on a report right now, but I’d rather write down my thoughts. I feel better when I write (or type, in this case). It’s like I have my own little planet of ideas all of which when I try to put down into writing all vanishes into the millions and millions of vaults in my brain and doesn’t wanna come out unless it’s really time to work. Absolutely hateful… But I should really be working harder so I can save enough money to look for a new apartment where I can bring in a computer and have my own internet connection. Then I would be more fulfilled as a professional by day and a blogger by night. Sound good huh? And I’m also planning to buy a digital camera so I can learn to take pictures, then study Photoshop so I can teach myself to manipulate the pictures to make it look like something I’ve conjured from the depths of my hypothalamus, and set up a photoblog, maybe co-author it with my boyfriend. Sounds good again. And also when I have saved enough again, take some units in business school so I can have my masters degree, then maybe take on law school… Arrrgghhhh! I’m insane!

Anyway, I’m totally out of my topic. Maybe I’ll continue this later. Hehehe!


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