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Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

One of the eternal questions in this world, and here are some of my personal opinions/ideas.... :)
Because some other gossipy chicken was on the other side motioning something to this chicken, so this chicken - not quite understanding what the gestures meant, was overwhelmed by her curiosity so she quickly and quite stupidly crossed the darn road.the macho rooster was on the other of her eggs rolled over to the other listen to the ongoing debate on "Which came first - the chicken or the egg?"to try and commit suicide because the rooster left her for another challenge itself to cross quickly - and maybe force itself to learn to fly...expressway or a small rocky bikepath? harhar...

Santa Baby Singer Dies

Who doesn't know that sexy voiced song that starts with "Santa Baby"?

Well, sad news, the singer who owns that lovely sultry voice, Eartha Kitt, has already died at the age 81.

For more details, here's the yahoo link....

Bloggers Freedom in the Philippines

Just saw an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Blog Addicts section where the Vietnam government has apparently set a law on blogging. There is says that the government can ban any posts that undermine national security, incite violence or crime, disclose state secrets, or include inaccurate information that could damage the reputation of individuals and organizations.


Good thing I'm Filipino.

Christmas Day Rain

As most of us know, since it's Christmas we all take a leave from the hassle and bustle world of our Office and go back to our families from other parts of the country. Mine stay in Mindanao.

Today is Christmas Day, post heavy dinner syndrome for us Pinoys. I'm a bit queasy from too much blood sugar, but what the heck, it's the holidays.

So updates for the surviving subscribers of The Office Chronicles. It's raining here today in this part of Mindanao, and my hard-headed brother and his soon-to-be brother-in-law went on a ride to the center of the town to canvass for wood planks. We have to replace the steps of our stairs... Hehehe... So now, they came home looking like wet chicks. Oh well. Think they're finished bathing.

Got to hand 'em the towels... :)

Christmas in Zamboanga Sibugay

I'm gonna be spending my two weeks vacation here in Zamboanga Sibugay with my family... Haven't been here since the wake of my grandmother last June.

Hmm, so far, here are the details:
We (BF and me) brought in 7 bags in total - which includes 1 stone two-burner stove.... waaaah!!!The travel took - 7 hours to Dumaguete, 4 hours from Dumaguete to Dapitan, and about 4 hours Dapitan to Zamboanga Sibugay! Sheeesh... Looooonnggg journey.....I've eaten and drank about 2 slices of chocolate, 4 biscuits, 1 bowl of soup, 3 glasses of softdrinks, 1 glass of water, 4 pieces of Sinigang na Pork, and a few bits of dried mango bits.
Took a bath and prepared the bed.watched tv and talked with mommy.wrote 1 post to update my lovely folks! (sorry I have no pictures yet... I forgot to bring my bluetooth dongle too... darn...)Brushed my teeth, and gonna prepare to sleep... BFs already snorin' his lungs out...


Christmas Parties and Family Feuds


Yes, everybody's on leave already - or at least filing for leaves. But the current buzz around The Office right now is what gift they received in the manito-manita and who the heck gave it to them.

They were overly fussing over the remote-controlled car that University gave China(don't mind the codenames; you won't decipher it as easily even if you try... hehehe! just read on...). Funny thing was, it still had a price tag when China opened it. Hahaha.

And I, on the other hand, received a laptop skin... A yellow Winnie the Pooh Laptop skin... Hmmmm. Imagine.

Next up... The games proper. We had our version of Family Feud, and thanks to our IT guys, the effects were great - although we had a minor glitch at one of the questions, but it was workable. We all thought we won, but as it turned out, the group of Old MacDonald Had a Farm won! By just 7 points! Grrrh...

After about 2 sets of disco grooves from Indigo the group decided to play one last game - the classic "Bring …

Quote for the day: TUESDAY

Saw it as a status message of someone from the other branch...

Behind every great man is a WOMAN rolling her eyes...

I am to Write my Own Screenplay!

I'm supposed to be inspired enough to write my very own screenplay, but I seem to be too busy at the time.

I know I can do it 'coz I've tried writing short stories during high school and as far as I remember I've managed to solicit the very same reactions I imagined the story can pull out from the readers. Hmmmm.

I already have the plot in mind, and the possible main characters, the only thing I have to whip up are the twist and turns themselves and most of the conversational lines.

Okay so I'm a long way from having my screenplay used and made into a real movie. But hey, I already know people who want the exposure and who are willing to set things up. Then comes the issue on who plays what in the movie. I wouldn't want my lines go to waste because the actors are DUMB. Right? I watched some locally made "projects" and the way the lines were delivered came to a point where it can be described as disgusting. Anyway, FYI, the project I'm talking about w…

Pacquiao Wins, Marky's Dead, Dad's in the Net!

Today is the day after the famous fight of the year - Pacquiao and Dela Joya. Saw it live via webcast yesterday, and I was a tad disappointed. It appears as if Dela Joya deliberately wanted Pacquiao to win. Hmmm. Did you notice that too? How Oscar just wouldn't try half as hard as Manny did in the throwing of punches, and how carefree he appeared even when Manny was already pulverizing his face? Darn. It was NOT a very entertaining fight at all. But I enjoyed seeing Manny's punches hit Oscar's face. Hmmm.

And just as everyone was so happy about the result of the Dream Fight, Showbiz was grieving and a family was brokenhearted. Marky Cielo was found dead in his room early yesterday morning. News reports say it was "bangungot", in English, a nightmare so strange that you can't move and breathe naturally and a few more minutes of it and you're dead. Basically, they say people who have "bangungot" also goes into cardiac arrest after a few seconds or …

Manny Pacquiao - Oscar Dela Joya

Every blogger is hitting gold on these keywords, might as well join the ride....

The fight will be aired in the local stations here in the Philippines tomorrow, Sunday, December 7, 2008. I think GMA is airing it, and to attract a few channel surfers who just might want to change channels while waiting for the advertisements to end, ABS-CBN is airing Juday's famous movi with Ryan Agoncillo - Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo... tragic.

Hopefully our church services will end right before their fight starts, so we can belt out shouting for any of the two.

Twilight - What do I think?

I haven't seen it yet - if you're waiting for raves or rants about it - i haven't seen it. So bite me. Tell me I'm a loser or something. Or not. 'Coz I won't forgive you if you will. Hehehe.

Anyway, due to the growing fanaticism about the said movie and story and novel, I found a way to get my paws on a copy of the ebook of the sequel to Twilight - NEW MOON. Hmmm, so as a Christmas gift to my new subscribers, I'll give away a copy of the said ebook if you subscribe to my blog! And as an added bonus, if you subscribe to my twin's blog, The Office Chronicles, she'll give out the third book - ECLIPSE. Cool? Uhuh...

Cheers! Merry Christmas!

Vocabulary and Grammar: VERY IMPORTANT

As harsh as it sounds, vocabulary and grammar is surely a must when taking into consideration applications for specific job positions that may require report writing skills and face-to-face communication with both internal and external customers.

Something that most of our professionals and graduates now severely lack. These graduates and professionals I'm referring to came from state-of-the-art schools, or schools that are considered with very high standards. But it appears that that "high standard" has lowered as time passed by.

Right now, our graduates appear like nutshells when talking in front of large crowds or in front of a group of officers in a meeting. Duh. Even their writing skills are slowly dwindling. Straight and correct grammar is now a problem among our professionals. Something that is highly needed to be able to stay in position aside from your perseverance and technical skills. Vocabulary and grammar sits side by side charisma nowadays. So I beg your pard…

Quote for the Day: FRIDAY

... kung kaya ng iba ... 'pagawa mo sa kanila! ....

{if others can do it, then let them!}

Waiting for Them: Politics in our Office

While waiting for two people to come down here in our office to discuss a report before it's release, I decided to post something up.

I noticed that my blog subscribers has dwindled to just 7 in a span of two weeks, most likely due to lesser updates/posts. So here it is. A post to update.

Let's go back to the matter at hand. Yes, we're waiting for two people to come barging in so we can calmly discuss the contents of our audit report, which basically may, or may not, ruin their day, or the rest of their week. An incident has already happened last week when another person allegedly gone berserk in their office after being reprimanded while on an important meeting with the BigBoss. Darn. My "kids" told me they saw and heard this person shouting his lungs out for being told or asked what's happening to his department. Hmmm. Our problem now is how to deflect evil eyes and annoying stares during lunch, and every other available time for them to stare and knock their…

Ride the PUJ and Watch out for this Guy!

Since I was on the brink of bankruptcy, I decided to take the public utility jeepney or the PUJ for short. I stay in Labangon so I have to take two jeepney rides and 1 pedicab ride, if I really wanted to, to get home.

So I was just minding my own business when the PUJ stopped at Capitol and took in a few more passengers in its already full capacity. I’ve always wondered when in the heck do these jeepney makers measure the width of their “standard” passengers buttocks – they always come up with crazy numbers for their full capacity. Well, this PUJ I was in can “ideally” carry up to 22 passengers, not including the front seat and the driver – according to our driver’s assistant, or the Konduktor as we call them in vernacular.

Back to Capitol. There came in this bulky guy, a bit old for normal men who’d look a bit bulging. I think he liked to go to the gym in his younger days, I estimated he was between 38 - 43 years old, just about 5 feet 6 inches in height. Or something. He slumped to hi…

Full from Lunch Topic: Marriage

Went to Lunch at our favorite restaurant today. I'm still full from the meal, good thing I had coffee.

Anyway, Person A was with us during lunch and here's a funny story. Person A suddenly blurted out, "kelan ka magpapakasal Cathy?" ...[when are you getting married Cathy?] ... what the...?

Out of sheer shock and confusion, I just replied, "Malapit na..." [soon...] Hmmm, I just can't get over the fact that Person A managed to ask me that. Crazy.

So office updates and tasks to do:

1. Just finished a report which included pictures. Lots of 'em. The topic was "loitering during office hours". Interested?

2. Submitted the report also on the audit on meal coupons. Roughly about P300,000 monthly savings - but we still have to get the figures for the offset of costs. The Agency will be billing us for reimbursement of their meals. Narks.

3. Had several LSOPs in line, most of them are for revision. Some are already being used.

4. Have to prepare the Annual …