Full from Lunch Topic: Marriage

Went to Lunch at our favorite restaurant today. I'm still full from the meal, good thing I had coffee.

Anyway, Person A was with us during lunch and Marriage?here's a funny story. Person A suddenly blurted out, "kelan ka magpapakasal Cathy?" ...[when are you getting married Cathy?] ... what the...?

Out of sheer shock and confusion, I just replied, "Malapit na..." [soon...] Hmmm, I just can't get over the fact that Person A managed to ask me that. Crazy.

So office updates and tasks to do:

1. Just finished a report which included pictures. Lots of 'em. The topic was "loitering during office hours". Interested?

2. Submitted the report also on the audit on meal coupons. Roughly about P300,000 monthly savings - but we still have to get the figures for the offset of costs. The Agency will be billing us for reimbursement of their meals. Narks.

3. Had several LSOPs in line, most of them are for revision. Some are already being used.

4. Have to prepare the Annual Audit Plan - Person A said I have to present something during the 4th Quarter ManComm meeting. Hmmm, good enough. I'm on my toes now.

5. Revise reports, submit them and have them sent out to the proper recipients.

One more thing, remember the person who wrote his/her {hahaha!} name on the bottle using stabilo boss? Well he/she went at it again, but he/she used a permanent marker this time. Only that he/she wrote his/her name on the bottle cap. Ka-brayt!!!


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