Product Launch & Me Speaker!

We had a one-hour product launching this morning and I was tasked to I can't see! But I won't change anyway!discuss the details of the said "product". Well, basically, it really wasn't a product, and it wasn't really a product launching... I was just kidding. Basically hiding the truth of the matter behind business jargon.

So this is what it really was: we're trying to implement something that will idealistically curb our expenses by 300,000 a month. Cool huh? Plus we get to monitor attendances and un-required overtimes, and nonsensical requests for more people. Even nicer - since we can hit more than one bird with this one stone.

And of course, we have the anti-change group. They say it's too much hassle. Yes it is! 100%! But the thing is, it gets less of a hassle over time. More practice makes perfect - with perfect implementation, more savings, less people, more compensation to go around. Right? Nice....And I spoke to the group. Yep, with my huge booming voice, my sarcastic side comments, and annoying glances. Harhar!

Anyway, it's already all over the internet that the results for the Civil Engineering Board Exam (November 2008) Results is already out of the box, so hear ye! The link to that is this:

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