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I signed up for PPP!

Yeah, I signed up for PPP. Pay per Post. I actually did a long time ago, but haven't managed to post something that would literally have me paid. Hehe. Guess there's always a second time.

I signed up because.... I'd rather make money blogging than make enemies because of some of the rants that I've been doing. Besides, trying out an opportunity to earn while doing something you actually enjoy can't hurt, can it? So how did I hear about PPP?

There obviously have been quite a buzz over the blogging world about pay to post schemes and so far, PayPerPost rules in terms of positive feedback. They've been known to really pay for the post made rather than have the blogger make the post, have it around the web for quite a bit, only to find out later that they have had the advantage of being buzzed about in the net and yet they'd just say that the post was not approved and so there'll be no payment. Such a ridiculous thing to happen. Well you know who you are. Tha…

Zamboanga Sibugay in Trip na Trip

Trip na trip is a locally-produced travel-related show that features regions of the Philippines that few people know about, or they hardly ever thought that some places of that same region or province are worth exploring... And so....

They're featuring a province close to my heart (it's were my family's based right now), so I think everybody should get a good look at it! That's where Ipil belongs. You've heard of Ipil, right? Ipil Massacre of 1995? Yeah, I was there, I mean THERE. Our house got burned during that ill-fated day. Even saw the "Abu Sayaff" people who burned our darn house. I was like 10 years old back then, but I still remember quite vividly.

Anyway, if you all want to see how our province has risen from the ruins and developed itself into a paradise, well you've got to see this show. It's Trip na Trip, airing in ABSCBN tonight, Friday, February 29 at about 11:30pm... Don't forget. We'' have oral recitation about it, ok?


Taking a Break Seems Rational

My nose is getting irritated as of this moment because my "temporary" officemate decided to buy a perfume he wasn't quite aware of the effect (it actually smells like natural ugly body odor, Mike..) and he is now officially in my "annoying" things/persons list. God, I hate the smell - and he says it's a perfume. Duh, bite me.

Anyway, I'm realizing now that I really don't like my job right now, I'd rather have a business of my own of some sort. Maybe a bookkeeping company or something like that. Something that's not non-routinary, but entirely routine work also... {--->read the rest below}

If possible I'd like to change career paths right now without having to lose the income I get from my current job, and staying online blogging about it won't keep me alive that long. I couldn't find a niche right now, and scatteredly blogging about almost everything won't drive in the cents. Pay-to-blog schemes don't quite appeal to me …

Are You Watching Closely?

Every magic trick consists of three parts, or acts:

The Pledge, where a magician takes an ordinary thing and shows it to the audience. He shows you this object to see that it is indeed real- normal. But of course, it probably isn't.

The Turn, when the magician turns this ordinary thing into something extraordinary. Now you're looking for the secret but you won't find it because of course, you're not really looking. You really don't want to know. You want to be fooled. But you won't clap yet because making something disappear is not enough, you have to bring it back - that's why every magic trick has the third act, the hardest, the part we call...


The Prestige is a movie showing two friends and partners Alfred Borden(Christian Bale) and Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) who, because of one trick going foul, became bitter rivals. The conflict started when Borden wanted to do more, to be his own magician, and by doing so, killed Angier's wife when a …

Scheduling your Posts

I've read on one blog that you can schedule posts now in blogger. This is one of the features of wordpress, and I think my fellow blogger users have just discovered this scheduling thing just about now, like me... Hehe..

I found that post in Allen's blog, and as I read through, I noticed that he gave the link to, so i tried clicking on it and eventually finished reading his blog post.
Curious as I sometimes become, I tried logging in to the (meaning this one) and found the same thing applicable. So to my fellow blogspot users, this post options thing is located on the left side of your "create a new post" page, in line with the area where you choose the labels you'd like to attach to your post. Clicking on it will reveal a drop down thing which allows you to choose whether to allow reader comments, backlinks, and the date and time when you'd like your post to be published.

So there, hope some of us who don't …

Upcoming: XMEN 4!!

Alas, it is confirmed - there is such a thing as X-Men 4!!!

It's the fourth installment for the X-Men movies and it's working title - I have no idea if this really will be the final one for release - is X-Men Origins: WOLVERINE... So that means, yep, it's all about Wolverine. Wolverine will be a prequel to the X-Men saga. It will center on the origins of the superhero with animal-like reflexes, an alloy skeletal system and the ability to heal from virtually any wound.

Hugh Jackman is also a producer for this movie. Here's a shot of th official movie pic:

And a young 11-year old Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee is playing as the young Logan.

Another character will come in for this installment and that is Deadpool, and the famous Gambit.

**credits to the following for the pics:
and this for the links... http://www.x-men…

Deperate to Stay Awake

I love this pup... Soooooo cute!!!

Click on the "Read the rest..." to see the video! Cheers!

A Farewell Letter

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a famous writer from Columbia and Nobel Peace prize winner for literature, has retired from public life for reasons of health. He has a form of cancer which is terminal. He has sent a farewell letter to his friends and it has been circulated around the Internet.

He says:

If God, for a second, forgot what I have become and granted me a little bit more of life, I would use it to the best of my ability.
--this is highly recommended by teachers, managers, supervisors, and other who-nots, who sometimes promise people or themselves that if given such and such, they would use it to the best of their abilities. but this realization, i think, butts in late in life; especially when you're aware that you're losing it.

I wouldn't, possibly, say everything that is in my mind, but I would be more thoughtful of all I say.
-- this is fairly hard to do, especially if you're like me, who sometimes act/ta…

Lethally Pointy Heels

Fortunately for me, it was payday last Friday, and so I have a chance to finally, buy a new pair of shoes for office wear. Hehe.

I was using an old pair of fairly flat shoes which, is really on the brink of breaking down, the only thing that’s holding it all together is the fabulous insoles. So I decided to go out last Saturday and take an unplanned tour of the nearest shopping mall, and hey, found a pair I can work with.

I walked around for let’s say, 30-40 minutes, determined to hunt down a nice pair of heels that can actually fit into my budget. I was feeling ok because I was at the same time getting some exercise into my system. I usually brisk-walk when I’m alone so as to fend off observing eyes as mine, still being alert of potential buys.

So I finally went to the department store area, because I was getting this funny feeling that the trend of shoes I was looking at at the boutiques were a bit too much for my feet structure. Finally came across a nice pair and immediately turned i…

A Post-Valentine's Day Post

Wohkay... Just got off the phone with my guy and aside from the fact that he's a little feverish right now, he's OK...

He's in a mall in Davao City right now, eating lunch... I told him in one of those wait-a-minute kind of moments that he's actually in one of the places we loved walking around in when we were in high school. He sounded fascinated. Just imagine, you're right...

there sitting in one of the restaurants that your girlfriend used to eat in. Cool, eh?

Anyhow, he's planning on clarifying whether he'd go through with the travel-to-my-friend's-town kinda thing, and I think he's too stumped right now to even push through with it. I just feel a little sad that I can't take care of him right when he's feeling a little sick. Last night he told me he felt like he has a fever. I think that fever will really push it's way up his skin today. Oh I hope he goes back home and take a good rest. I just wish I was there for him.

Let's change …

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day today, and everybody's question is "Who is your Valentine?"

Well, who is my Valentine? Hmmm. Intrigued? No need. A lot of people in my workplace sort of has the same comment - I look good. Oh really? I think I know why.

In some of my previous posts in this blog, I actually was blabbering about this guy. This and that. Whatever and whatever. He used to be my ex. And for some reason, we got back together. Crazy, isn't it? We {the two of us} sometimes think it's a little puzzling, funny, silly, crazy, or some other word that works the same. Yeah, it got so berserk at a point or two. But - only God knows - we're now a "we" again.

Hmmmm, so what's in it for us today? Nothing. Phone calls. If we get lucky, then maybe emails. We're in different islands right now for crying out loud! He's working, I'm working. We miss each other. We just can't fly off and see each other. But hey, maybe a little distance every on…

Another EMAIL Hoax...

I usually open my emails first before going on with work for the day, and guess what I received today. An Email Scam/Spoof/Hoax. Goodness. Do they really actually fool people with these? Read on...

The email was from this person/s (so guys & gals, take note of that):
Ecowas Donation Lottery {}

And the email itself is this:

Fondazion Di Vittorio.

BATCH NO: (N-222-6747,E-900-56)

Congratulations as we bring to your notice, The Foundazion di Vittorio
has chosen you by the board of trustees as one of the final recipients
of a cash Grant/Donation for your own personal, educational, and business
development. To celebrate the 30th anniversary program, We are giving
out a yearly donation of US$900,000.00 to 40 lucky recipients, as
charitydonations/aid from the VittorioFoundation, ECOWAS, EU and the
UNO in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament. which is part of our
promotion To file for your claim you are to fill out below information
and send it to the Payment Remitance Offi…

I have an Impending Headache.

After almost half a day talking to the phone, maybe an hour reading emails and replying, and another few minutes deciding what to do next, I actually have an impending headache. By impending headache I must've meant that my headache is at it's initiation point, it's just about to start. You can...

actually feel the throbs starting and trying to make me feel that "Hey, I am a headache. And I am going to inflict pain on you just about now."

Goodness. This is crazy. The last thing I worked on in the provincial office just turned sour. They have just recommended an administrative hearing, and it's all going berserk from thereon. That darn report may just be the key to an administrative hearing that can uncover several other "anomalies" and it's driving me nuts. Even if I'm miles and miles away from that office, I feel the effect because now, they're trying to put the blame on me for not discussing my findings with the auditee.

Which is crazy! B…

Won an iPhone?!

I have no recollection of even joining a contest for an iPhone, let alone a named contest like the Cadbury Sweepstakes.

I was just wondering because I just received an email saying that I have received, thru my PayPal account, a billing for handling fees of $24 via UPS. It also says that I have

allegedly won an iPhone thru a Cadbury Sweepstakes I don't remember joining. I didn't even receive a confirmation email about winning such a thing {or it may have gone into my spam folder which I empty out of instinct!}.

Can someone verify this information please? I do think this is a hoax, but I'd rather be sure.

Besides, $24 is a big amount.

Bet Oprah Couldn't Do That!

Have you in your craziest state of mind, tried or even thought of trying to eat a piece of dog food? Well, heck, I haven't, but Ellen did - on national television.

This is kind of redundant to say the least, but I was just really fascinated that Ellen Degeneres was so, well, into it that she just popped a piece of dog food right into her mouth and crunched away! Even said that "This is not bad." It just made me wonder, because of her antics, I believe a lot of people can identify with her as a host - and a good one at that for being able to completely relate to her audience by letting them feel that she's one of them. Not the typical "I'm the host, so I shouldn't be doing anything like that." kind of thing. I know you get what I mean.

Anyway, I'm a little bored right now, and I really don't want to dive right into my auditing work just yet. I have this heavy feeling in my tummy right now, so maybe I'd just take a look around the blogging w…

Dori of Finding Nemo

Did you watch Finding Nemo? I’m sure you liked Dori… Haha.. She was so cute with that memory loss thing…Well, she’s Ellen Degeneres.

I was watching the season 5 premiere of Ellen’s show, and the heck. She was so good. I find her to be a better host than Oprah {no offense!}.

I find the premiere enjoyable because of Ellen’s natural knack for making jokes. She’s got this original humor that very few people tend to be able to generate on their own and maintain for that matter. And they had this game Which Bitch is Rich? Haha, real nice. And oh, she ate a piece of crunchy dog food. Bet Oprah couldn’t do that.

the 4,000 mark

V'been blogging for a while now, and I've noticed that traffic to my blog has dwindled a bit... Maybe because I posted less as time passed by, but heck, I've reached some kind of milestone!

According to my counter, there has already been 4,006 visits to this blog as I'm typing this (excluding my visits, of course)...

And the visitors came from 100+ countries already! Wow. That should have been nice if I only knew how to convert site visits into money properly/correctly. So far, no good feedback from my adsense ads, and I've stopped making posts to pay-per-post-like sites because there are times when they ask for posts and my mind just kind of closes up. Hmm. Something in my brain. Anyway...

I think, since I'm in a different environment now, I'm back where I first started my blogging "career", I can make up for lost time and internet connection and update my blogs regularly - again.

So, cheers to The Blue Speckled Diary for having 4,000+ visits, and ho…

A Pinoy Young Adult's Survey

I presume gawa 'to ng isang Pinoy guy... hehehe

1. bakit ang babae ang dami tanong?
- oy, depende yun kung sinong kausap...

2. Ano ang pinag uusapan nyo sa loob ng comfort room?
- depende pa rin kung sinong kausap at kung anong unang topic na na-open...
pero kung office CR, e di syempre, "official" things only

3. Ano meron sa Kikay Bag?
- kikay stuff?

4.Nakapasok na ba kayo sa guy's cr?
- Oo... hehe

5. Hindi ba kayo nagsasawa sa iced tea?
- hindi, bakit, kelangan bah?

6. Ano ang feeling ng tinititigan kayo?
- hmm, weird. sagwa lalo pag pangit ang nakatitig... :)

7. Eh yung may ibang klaseng titig?
- yay! yoko...

8. Do you really keep secrets?
- kinda...

9. Bakit galit kayo ke Kris Aquino?
- hindi ako galit sa kanya per se...minsan OA kasi eh

10. Bakit gustong gusto niyo ang 'a walk to remember'?
- typical idealistic romance kasi.. tragic ending though

11. Bakit pag tumingin kami sa nude, malaswa na kami?
- kasi we know what you're thinking!

12. Ano pa ba?
- ewan sa yo

13. Bakit ma…

Lawmakers Vote on Motion to Declare Speakership Vacant

Members of the Congress spent hours and hours last night (Feb 4) voting and explaining their respective votes regarding the motion to declare the speakership vacant – meaning, they were voting to vacate JDV’s position as Speaker of the House.

Before this votation was the privilege speech of JDV that lasted just about 59 minutes wherein he voiced out his emotions and other thoughts including the notion that this move of Nograles to have him kicked out of speakership is all a plot to get back at him for what his son Joey did to the First Family, that is, instigated that the First Gentleman was involved in the well publicized ZTE scandal.

Some of the votes I heard while patiently watching the very tedious session were as follows:

Tony Boy Cuenco: “a vigorous NO!” Datumanong: {I forgot, sorry…} Zamboanga City Rep: “affirmative” Actor Danny Hernandez: ‘wag naman nating baliwalain ang ating mga neophyte Congressmen and women” – {he forgot to say his vote because of his ‘speech’ but it was a Y…

Money Changers in the Airport

It’s currently 11:05am as I’m composing this, waiting for our flights boarding. I’m right here inside a coffee shop, thinking that there might be WiFi, but the heck, there isn’t. Not even the weakest signal. And I realized, my laptop requires an adapter. Wehehe.

Anyway, being my usual self, I spend my waiting time watching other people, and even when I’m not auditing, some things just sometimes reveal itself.

There was this guy, wearing the “usual” flowery shirt and pants, the typical get up for

people who find some kind of work in airports welcoming or ushering people or something to that effect. I thought he had a job in this coffee shop, but to my surprise – well, no better word, but I guess I wasn’t really surprised – he took out a wad of bills from his pocket, foreign bills because they looked nothing like the local Philippine money, and walked towards a table of chinky-eyed people and talked in hushed tones while discreetly showing the bills to the foreigners. Hmmm… It was looking …