I signed up for PPP!

Yeah, I signed up for PPP. Pay per Post. I actually did a long time ago, but haven't managed to post something that would literally have me paid. Hehe. Guess there's always a second time.

I signed up because.... I'd rather make money blogging than make enemies because of some of the rants that I've been doing. Besides, trying out an opportunity to earn while doing something you actually enjoy can't hurt, can it? So how did I hear about PPP?

There obviously have been quite a buzz over the blogging world about pay to post schemes and so far, PayPerPost rules in terms of positive feedback. They've been known to really pay for the post made rather than have the blogger make the post, have it around the web for quite a bit, only to find out later that they have had the advantage of being buzzed about in the net and yet they'd just say that the post was not approved and so there'll be no payment. Such a ridiculous thing to happen. Well you know who you are. That's probably why I let my account with you get suspended.

Anyway, I'm trying out PPP again, hoping that the positive response from other bloggers will live out it's reputation. I'd really rather blog about how I happen to experience a well-paying blogging thing. Hehe.

"What are you going to do with all the money you earn!?!?!?!"
Hmmm, I think, if I ever get hold of enough money earned thru this endeavor, i'd think about buying my own domain and make other opportunities for fellow bloggers who would love to experience the money making possibilities of it, while also contributing to lift up the blogging rep of fellow pinays who are now surfacing from the shadows into the limelight of the blogosphere. Sounds noble, huh? Ehehe.


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