Hey, that's my Dad!

Hopefully, you've read my post regarding the Trip na Trip episode featuring Zamboanga Sibugay, and hey, that was my Dad out there! :) Hehehe... read on...

I wasn't really expecting to catch a glimpse of my dad being included in the whole episode. Actually, it was something like the hosts, Uma and Katkat were having a good time singing together with Rihanna's Umbrella, and then there it was! I saw my dad, on the side of the screen, right about by Uma's side, wearing a dark blue shirt. Hehehe. I immediately sent an SMS to Daddy and said, "Wahahaha! Saw u on TV!!!", and he just laughed back and coyly said, "I told you so."

They featured several islands in the province worth taking a look at, and they also featured the Talaba Grill (Oyster Grill), the longest - taking the world record for having the longest Talaba Grill in the world, tossing into the fire just about 10,000 kilograms of fresh oysters! Yep, you read that right, 10,000 kilos. Plenty. Hahaha.

If you want to visit Zamboanga Sibugay, just book a flight to Zamboanga City. And from there, you're going to travel by land for 2 hours to reach the province's capital, Ipil. The flight from Manila to Zamboanga City takes just about 1.5 hours. Quite a trip, but it's sure worth it. Simple, huh?

Anyway, saw my dad on tv, heard Uma and Katkat sing their hearts out, even saw Uma dancing like a call boy, so staying up all night - basically all night because I dozed off right about 3.30 in the morning even though the show finished a long while before that. Just couldn't turn off my brain to sleep. Hohum.

Have a nice day.


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