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How are you?! :)

Well guys, I'm back from a crazy two months of beingin the treasury office. I was just able to snatch myself away from there because I now have a companion doing all the treasury thingies - MArilac, who was previouslyy with the Accounts Payable, and was courageous enough to take the challenge. So there, at least I was able to update my blog a little...

I sometimes feel so annoyingly tired and yet restless at the same time - can't even drag myself to go to the supermarket and buy some things! The last time I was outside to unwind was like the other Sunday, when I went out with a friend to watch Die Hard 4.0... which was really cool by the way, it's just that Bruce Willis is really getting old...

Anyway, I'm planning to get out of the office earlier than usual because I really need to buy some toiletries and also because I'm afraid I might forget how the mall looks like... Hehehe! Besides I wanna spend just a little time with myself to unwind and not be watching tv in…


It's been a long while, huh? Hehe!

So have you watched the Transformers? It's really good, nice thing to watch if you want to remember your good old childhood days when you watched the transformers on tv... Hehe! I really loved the computer animations, especially the way the Autobots transformed. I particularly was fascinated with Bumblebee... I wish I can have a car like him... :)

Ok, got to go... It's one heck of a busy day!!!! {as usual... ;) }