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Finally.. Passed 1st Batch of Docs for the BIR Audit

Hoorah, we're being audited. Again. (Sarcasm intended)Apparently BIR's targeting hotels for their 2010 audits and behold, we're a
hotel. *facepalm*I thought what we first submitted to the boss had mistakes, but lo, there
were only interchanged columns in our excel file. Haha! But still, it had
to be corrected to be "correct".Anyway, I'm way too sleepy, and our pc's mouse surrendered and wouldn't
move, so I'm ticking away using my mobile phone. And if you're reading
this, then blogging via email in Blogger still works. :)Cheers!

Profit? or Loss?

Hmm, based on the impromptu calculations that were not the normal thingys asked for during these types of meetings, it's a BIG loss.

At least we profited in terms of calories. Thanks to F&B. Haha!

I think It's Gonna Rain..

(Taken at the South Road Properties)