Friday, April 30, 2010

Thanks Animetrics!


Aside from today being a Friday, and a payday at that, I received another blessing today...  :)

**click the image to enlarge**

Finally received the package! And I would sincerely like to thank Ms Rowena of Animetric's World because this was what I won at her Animetric's Favorite Things anniversary promo. The whole pack was complete with the wave unit itself, one AA battery and pads! Frankly I'm a bit excited to use it tonight... and excited to see how my husband will react to it; 'coz sometimes he also gets excited about things I blog about or even win from online contests... lol!

Anyway, thanks again and hopefully I'd be able to post something when we do actually use it. (Husband included.)


Unsolicited P.O.V. on Loren Legarda

Would anyone of a kind soul tell Loren Legarda that she has to stop SAYING ALOUD that she will win the elections?!

Frankly speaking, as a viewer and an observer of the events of this year's national elections, everytime survey results are published and announced in the news and Loren is asked about what she has to say about her sinking lower and lower, all she says is that,

"Bahala na po ang survey kung sino sa ating mga kalaban ang panalo sa survey na yan, basta alam po natin na ang mga tao nasa atin po ang boto, at sa huli ay tayo po ang mananalo sa eleksyon dahil tayo po ang gusto ng taongbayan."

Oh please! Give me a break! What happens to those of us who still needs convincing is that we get ticked by listening to her overconfidence. Even if she means well, can somebody just please tell her that she has a choice, and that is to just keep quiet. Believe me, every time she opens her mouth and says things like that she sounds more and more like her opponents - the ones she so hates and refers to every time she gets interviewed by media or maybe the ones she always throws mud on during campaign sorties. I mean, really, overconfident. She even sounds more annoying in trying to sound like a sensitive, soft spoken Filipina (in this case, I'm using the term to refer to a Filipino-speaking Philippine-born female human). Well, you really don't represent, act or look like one, and trying too hard doesn't do you any good at all.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What are JEJEMONS?

No, they are not relatives of Pokemons or Digimons...or Sailormon..

Simply put, they are this group of people that just likes to put too much effort in:

  • Typing --> because they just can't figure out whether they want every other letter in small caps or in all caps. example: tHiS iS aN ExAmPlE aLReAdY!!!
  • Texting --> they are not satisfied with just the correct spelling. example:  "where do you live" is sent as "wEr d0~ u lIve"
  • Laughing --> instead of LOL or Hehehehe, they use Jejejeje.
  • usernames--> too many characters and numbers. example:  ~sexhy.^.ghurl~0690
  • publicity --> they now have more than 100,000 search results in Google.

Wait... Are you one of them?

Taxi Driver is for Gibo Teodoro

Silent but... supportive... :)

Wee Bit TOO Conceited, don't You Think?

Excuse me, but why doesn't your son understand this again?

And even says there will be and automatic people power if he's not declared the winner in the May 10 polls? Isn't that a little presumptive of him to think that he IS really going to be the next president? Doesn't this make you think that there really is something being cooked because he is now 100% sure that he'd win over the others?

Because it is fairly obvious that there is indeed no seed of doubt in his mind that there is even a chance that the surveys and even the volume of people in his campaign sorties are NOT indicative of the election results. A tinge too conceited of him. And I find these traits destructive for a nation's leader - if that ever happens.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to do your TO DO Lists

This one I really have to do myself too.. *sigh*

Anyway, so how do you do that things you've put in your To Do list?

First, let's make sure you did your To Do list. You have to have the initiative to do this list because nothing is more irritating and demotivating than having someone else tell you what you have to do all the time. So here's some tips to start with:

Create your own To Do list.
 Start by deciding what you want included in your To Do list. Do you want it to be just the list of tasks? Do you want to include contacts? Reminders? Notes? Do you want it online? With an app? What?!

Organize your tasks.
If you're doing it manually or conventionally, arrange and re-arrange the tasks listed according to the level of priority. Mark off or separate high-priority tasks (those with the deadliest deadlines!), normal priority tasks (those you can do and should finish any time of the day), and those you can do later. You can even write down task-ideas, or those that you plan to do, but do not have deadlines or can wait for several days without yourself or your boss going nuts.
If you chose online apps, or desktop managed apps, then find one that'll suit your needs - and wants. Found this article, it contained online To Do lists that I've found interesting too (25 To Do Lists to Stay Productive).
Decorate your list.
Use different colors or markers for tasks done, high-priority tasks, tasks you can do later, tasks you're just planning on doing so much later, etc. Use sticky notes or Post-its. Create a scrapbook slash to do list. The more you like the looks and feel of your To Do list, the more you'll use it - just like your favorite shirt.

Make your list authoritative.
Give your list authority to reward or punish you. If you complete all your set deadlines for the day, go ahead and reward yourself. If you failed, well, you missed re-decorating your to-do list, and you can't have that extra whipped cream over your favorite frappe.

Show off your list.
The more people you show your list to, the more you'll be pressured to tell or show them how much you've marked off.

Is this in your To Do list already?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Angry at 'Em JEJEMONS

You can really feel he's annoyance from wherever he was recording that rant...

He sounds a little too he? Gay?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Others giving you negative comments or backstabbing you means one thing - you are intimidating them, and has caused them to be insecure.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Absentee Voters go for Gibo Teodoro

Let's Celebrate!!!

See transcription for the translations. Take note that "Ate" here in not the English term for the past tense of eat; it's a Filipino term for older sister, pronounced as [ah-teh]..

Ate from Cambodia:
Gibo kami ng kuya mo.. (Your Kuya and I are [voted] for Gibo)
Ikaw (You?)

Hehehe.. Katuwa... (Hehehe, amusing...)
Di ako makakaboto kasi di ko na-update records ko.. pero Gibo kami ni Tom. (can't vote this time because i failed to update my [registration] records.. but Tom and I are for Gibo)

Ate from Cambodia:
pati si Mam Jo, Gibo  (Mam Jo also [voted] for Gibo)

Heck, yeah.


Blue Speckled Update! Facebook Social Plugins

As you can see above this very statement, I have just recently added a facebook social plugin to add more opportunities for interaction between this blog (through me.. lol!) and you, the readers....Thanks to this post, there was no need to wake the princess of geekiness in me just to have that button placed in the

If you liked, kinda liked, really liked, liked a bit, liked a lot, or whatever, any post in The Blue Speckled Diary, just hit that LIKE button seen just below the title of this post.

By the way, you can change the default setting of your facebook social plugins from "sharing everything to everyone at once" to "I'm selfish, I don't want to share it all" by going back to your facebook homepage, clicking on Account > Privacy Settings > Applications & Websites and UN-CHECK "Allow."

Sooo..... How do you like it?!


**photo credit:**

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer April 2010

At last, we had the chance to enjoy the summer heat... Not to the point of having heat stroke, but just enough to get sunburn. Ouch.

Last Friday, hubby and I, together with family, friends and their officemates, went to a beach in the South of Cebu - Tingku, Alcoy to be exact.

We spent the night at the shore with a mattress and some blankets (that's Tom).

The rest of the day was a blur of food, swimming (if that term's even applicable to!), and fun with friends.

Here are some of the pics from that lovely day of getting away.

new-age male witches....

group of "talented" people...  :)

Tom's attempt on levitation..

at the Baywalk of Naga... after several burgers, mango shake and chicharon...
compliments of Jason...  :)

this one was taken BEFORE we left the beach.. Tom was already snoring even before closing the car door. We went home Saturday afternoon, so that's about 24 hours of R and R...  :)

So.. Have you taken your time off?


Friday, April 16, 2010

Updates in Tagalog.. Ang mga Bago at Hindi na Masyado...

Sige nga.. Marunong pa ba akong magtagalog... hahah

Unahin natin yung mga naunang nagyari.. Kumbaga, hindi alphabetical order.

Narinig nyo ba na nasunugan ang Waterfront Cebu City Hotel? Andun kasi ako nung magyari yun. Sa katunayan, heto ang isang litrato ni Lito Lapid, kandidato para senador sa halalan sa ika-10 ng Mayo. Nakataas pa ang paa sa mesa sa Lobby. Balewala sa kanya na yung mga kasamahan nya eh mukhang di na magkamayaw kasi nga, diba may sunog sa may labas? O baka, may anting-anting sya? Hmmm. (Pasensya na, low-end ang camera ko eh... paki-click nalang nung picture para lumaki at maaninag nyo nang mas mabuti...)

Tapos, yan na yung itsura nung part na nasunog. O diba.. Di halatang medyo natagalan bago naapula yung apoy.. Nadamay nga yung bodega nang katabing establishment o, kita nyo ba?


Nakakuha na nga ng baller id ang asawa ko ng mga kandidatong iboboto nya daw sa eleksyon... Meron din ako nyan, pero yung kay Gibo lang, di pako sold-out sa vice president na gusto ng asawa ko eh. Manigas sila.

Nanunuod ba kayo ng Agua Bendita? Ang alam ko may post ako na merong detalye na nanunuod ako nun, teka ha. Andito. Eh ano naman kamo? Wala lang. Nakakita na kasi ako ng male version nila. Aws. Sabi nila male sila. Mukha talagang ano diba? ummm, kambal... lol!

Ay oo nga pala, nakita namin si Binay sa isang restaurant, buffet ang tirada. Ang dami naman kasi nila eh. May kapansin-pansin din sa kanya, at hindi ito ang skin tone nya; Mahilig siyang tumingin sa pagkain na nakahain sa buffet tapos magtatanong sya kung pwede bang magpaluto ng iba - hindi ba bale kung parehong putahe o hindi... Bakit kaya ganun noh?

Basta.. O, ayan... tapos na. Bow.


Do You Play Farmville?

If you're an active farmer in Famrville, you would definitely appreciate this firefox add-on:

Feed Filter.

You can see the details at their homepage, plus the download link. But since you're reading this blog, I'll just immediately give you the download link..

Once you've installed it and firefox has restarted, go to the add-ons pop-up window (Tools - Add-ons) then click on Extensions and look for Feed Filter. You can adjust the settings in the Option button located at the left side.

photo credits to http://www[dot]chocolatesoftware[dot]com.

Stock Market Investing Seminar in Cebu!

To all my business-minded friends... 

There will be a seminar to be facilitated by Claire S. Quiray, a stock market analyst, on April 21, 22 and 23 at the Baseline Complex Restaurant, Juana Osmena Cebu City, Cebu.

For all those interested, please visit the AET website at


The role of Stock Exchange; The PSE, its role & features; The role of listed companies; Varieties, categories and classes of stocks; The role of stockbrokers; Getting listed in the stock market.

Understanding the elements of stock market
Market Direction (recognizing market trends, why prices move up and down)
Stock Selection (how to evaluate and choose stocks for investment)
Risk Capital Management (how to manage risk in stock investing)

PART III: CORPORATE ACTIONS, their impact on share prices
Initial Public Offering; Back-door listing; Stock Rights; Dividends; Buy Backs

Stock brokers in the Philippines; Stock brokers with on-line trading facilities



Trading Time; Bidders and Sellers; Stock quotes, board lots, fluctuations; Market orders and executions; Done transactions; Commonly used market lingo

Trading Strategies. Discovering what are the trading strategies available and which ones will work for you.

Market Diagnosis. Analyzing market trends, speculative versus play trading, what links can do, the importance of volume, value and posted prices, why you should know who the buyers and sellers are.

Pulling the Trigger. Making orders (buy up, sell down, post, strategize, done at market, etc.)

Monkey Business. Learn how to defend yourself from the common malpractices in the trade.

Broker Assisted and On-line Trading. Feature, advantage and differences. How to trade Filipino stocks anywhere in the world.

PART III: Q and A.


Intro to Technical Analysis; Charting Techniques; Trend and patterns-how to profit from it; How to determine buy and sell signals using the MOVING AVERAGES; How to determine buy and sell signals using an OSCILLATOR;

Sources of Information

PART 2: Q and A.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please Help a Friend Win!

Powerbooks just held a contest about your Summer Reading list, and a friend's niece joined and needs our help, all you have to do is to "like" it; no harm done.  :)

To "like" the entry,

1. Become fan of Powerbooks page

2. Once you're already fan, look for artwork no. 4 by lee larga

3. click "like" and that's it. The more facebook users who like leslie's artwork, the more chances of her winning..  :)

Kindly share this to your friends too..
pretty please?!

An Open SMS to Noynoy


I received an  anonymous SMS from, of course, someone I didn't know.. Maybe they harvested mobile numbers from God knows where and my mobile got included.

This is just to have it published to reach more than that person can text in one hour... So here it is:


Please take note that the above was in no way altered, edited, proofread, checked for punctuations or spelling errors - this was what the SMS contained, as is, even the all caps thing. I didn't change anything. And also, for all my reader's information, that SMS came from +63906 789 2132... Whoever owns that, I do not know. Anyone who knows the owner of that number, you can leave a comment below this post, or if you just have comments, go ahead.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Blue Speckled Diary in ALEXA!

I just updated my site info in Alexa, and they say it will be ready within two days. But so far, their initial analysis of this blog has come up with really good results!

For me, that's pretty ok... not the best I can do with it, but given all the competition, that's really good already. And I also just found out that most of my visitors are older than myself... hmmm.. Doesn't matter, I ove my readers!

Other details from Alexa are:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank:   2,744,766 
  • Sites Linking In:   67 
  • Top 5 High impact Search Queries relevant to the site are:  muriatic acid, miniatures, marvelous marvin, on facebook, and dairy farm

Please do continue supporting this blog, ok? maybe spread a little good word or two?



Karylle Nipple Slip: TRUTH or MYTH?

Is this really true? Or is it another hoax?

Anyway... How come these girls don't know what's happening? Is it really that hard to feel that your top just showed your chest to the public? jeez...

Anyone? Comments?

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Bring them Home!

Wouldn't you want to bring Alvin or Theordore home?

I recently stumbled on the Munk Yourself site where you can turn yourself into one of those cutesy little chipmunks, add a few sounds to it (they have a text to sound app, if you want to have a more personalized message) and send it to some friends or embed it to your own blog or site. Below is what I come up with using the randomize button:

If you want to Munk yourself too, just go to their site:

Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakquel is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital which you can download or avail right here. For more games and activities which you can share with your kids, just go to for more of these lovely-to-pinch creatures!


Monday, April 5, 2010

LACO: Make Your Summer Meaningful.

No, you don’t have eye defects; your glasses don’t need adjusting. It’s not loco or cola or loco. It's really LACO.

LACO stands for Love in Action Christian Outreach. It’s a local outreach program that provides a mini-library and a learning center/facility for our “neighbors” – the underprivileged children and their families living just around the corner.

*click on the pictures to enlarge.*

LACO’s wish is to help the children learn with the Bible as the source and tool for teaching and values formation. It also serves the entire family, not only the children, by helping provide the means and skills to the parents to be able to start a livelihood project for them to be able to sustain the needs of the entire family and later, to be able to stand on their own once the LACO’s program for their children ends.

Maria Elena Escasiñas, or Malen as I sometimes call her, is the lady that spearheads LACO here in Cebu City (see photo). Most of their classes and activities are held either in the cramped space as seen in the photo, or outside their (Malen's) house because they don’t have any other venue for it that they can use for free. But the thing is, Malen did not ask me to look for a real estate agent. She asked me for help.

So now, I'm calling on people with soft spots for children who cannot take care of themselves and those whose parents cannot properly provide for their needs, but who so deserve more that their current state. There are lots of potential from these children, all they needed is a nurturing hand that can help them develop their skills and be educated. LACO is actually in need of help.

So if you have used books, maybe those appropriate for elementary education, extra school or office supplies, maybe used clothing that are still in good condition, or maybe you are just willing to support a child, maybe two, in the Bless Program, or if you hear yourself saying, "Why give secondhand things when I can share new ones?"  Please, please leave a comment here or contact Malen directly through her email:

You can even help out LACO financially so they can continue being a blessing to the children, and maybe expand their outreach to other parts of the city.

For other information, update, pictures of their activities, or prayer requests, drop by their Facebook Page HERE.

Again, to contact LACO (Love in Action Christian Outreach):

Email:   Maria Elena Escasiñas  at

FB page: Love in Action Christian Outreach

Leave a comment below this post, or email me at

Don't be content with counting your blessings. Be one.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Don't Read my Blog

Here are the top 10 reasons you did not read my blog.

You probably just subscribed to it instead....

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Reading is still a Project - even at Work

April Boy Songs and Lyrics

I am right.. right?


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Boy Songs and Lyrics

You don't want to hear them, but radios are blaring with them.
You don't want to remember them, but it keeps ringing in your head.
You don't want to memorize the words, but you remember.
You don't want to sing them, but you hum along.
You love to hate them, because they're simply April Boy's songs.
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