LACO: Make Your Summer Meaningful.

No, you don’t have eye defects; your glasses don’t need adjusting. It’s not loco or cola or loco. It's really LACO.

LACO stands for Love in Action Christian Outreach. It’s a local outreach program that provides a mini-library and a learning center/facility for our “neighbors” – the underprivileged children and their families living just around the corner.

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LACO’s wish is to help the children learn with the Bible as the source and tool for teaching and values formation. It also serves the entire family, not only the children, by helping provide the means and skills to the parents to be able to start a livelihood project for them to be able to sustain the needs of the entire family and later, to be able to stand on their own once the LACO’s program for their children ends.

Maria Elena Escasiñas, or Malen as I sometimes call her, is the lady that spearheads LACO here in Cebu City (see photo). Most of their classes and activities are held either in the cramped space as seen in the photo, or outside their (Malen's) house because they don’t have any other venue for it that they can use for free. But the thing is, Malen did not ask me to look for a real estate agent. She asked me for help.

So now, I'm calling on people with soft spots for children who cannot take care of themselves and those whose parents cannot properly provide for their needs, but who so deserve more that their current state. There are lots of potential from these children, all they needed is a nurturing hand that can help them develop their skills and be educated. LACO is actually in need of help.

So if you have used books, maybe those appropriate for elementary education, extra school or office supplies, maybe used clothing that are still in good condition, or maybe you are just willing to support a child, maybe two, in the Bless Program, or if you hear yourself saying, "Why give secondhand things when I can share new ones?"  Please, please leave a comment here or contact Malen directly through her email:

You can even help out LACO financially so they can continue being a blessing to the children, and maybe expand their outreach to other parts of the city.

For other information, update, pictures of their activities, or prayer requests, drop by their Facebook Page HERE.

Again, to contact LACO (Love in Action Christian Outreach):

Email:   Maria Elena Escasiñas  at

FB page: Love in Action Christian Outreach

Leave a comment below this post, or email me at

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