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Product Review: St Joan Coconut Milk Conditioner

I was browsing along the shelves of the local grocery store hoping to find a new shampoo or conditioner to try for a change (yes people, I shop for hair care products in the grocery store) and I found this yellow plastic bottle of conditioner with the words coconut milk printed boldly on it. As a normal shopper would do, I flipped the tab on the bottle and smelled the conditioner, and it was good. I decided to buy the thing and try it out as soon as I reach my room. And boy oh boy was it nice! It smelled real good on my hair and it was absolutely fantastic. It made my hair softer and shinier after using it, even with a dandruff shampoo! It was well worth the investment.

Don’t Jump on the Bed!

Have you stayed in a hotel lately? Well, have you tried staying in a hotel for a long period of time? How about, more than a month? I have, and it’s not such a ball.

I have tried an instant when after a day in the office, I go to my room and see all my things, and I literally mean all, well arranged, even the shirts I wore in the past days. Could you think of a better way of making your guests’ stay a teeny bit more comfortable? Even arranging used clothes? Hmm, joy.

I also experienced elevator operators just stopping the elevator on a floor, and just stopping there to eat! Which was of course, not allowed, but I did not write the report anyhow.

I also have gone thru days when I just wanted to get out of the building and just feel the breeze on my skin, see other normal people taking a stroll in the mall, enjoying their walks, enjoying their free time.

And have you tried eavesdropping? Hearing things and sounds you were not really supposed to hear? Ahahaha… I have. News have wings and wal…

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I was watching this movie last night in one of the cable channels and as the movie progressed into the scenes where The five kids were already inside the factory and they were being rid of one by one, I couldn’t help but think that I will never again eat chocolate because of how eerie Willy Wonka was turning out to be. Hmm, not eerie enough I suppose. I still love chocolate.

Johnny Depp was Willie Wonka in that movie, and he just brought out the correct level of strangeness and coyness in his character. The kids were fantastic also, and Charlie, the protagonist was a charming young boy. Overall the movie was great. You all should watch it also.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) - Captain Jack Sparrow
When the Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan (2006) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) - Willy Wonka
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Auditing Ain't a Piece of Cake

When you're working for a corporation with full-blown politics being practised from every step of the corporate ladder, it's difficult to blend in. When you're one of the auditors of the said company, then it's much worse. Take for example my case. I'm an internal auditor of this company for about six months now, and the youngest auditor right until the start of February when the company decided to hire someone younger. I'm now 22 and trying to work hard, the way I knew how real auditing is done. As of this entry, I am feeling quite uncomfortable because a report I released just this afternoon turned out to have one word too many. I think the use of the word "assumed" hurt them most, especially the auditee. They say I did not do my job correctly. Well for their information, I did. I kept on pushing for the auditee to provide me with information as early as possible, but it seems they try really hard not to mind. I kept on asking, still, no immediate a…

Living with the Dreaded Thing Called Acne

Other blog posts usually say the same thing. The common cures are placed on three broad categories, over the counter medications, home made cures or herbal medicines, and dermatologist-prescribed medicines. Well, based on my personal experience, I would try to shed some light on the said topic, acne.

Let me first give you a tiny introduction to the categories.

Over the counter medications. The common over the counter medications for acne have the following ingredients: sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, clindamycin, and erythromycin. Some of them cause redness, peeling, discomfort, but they are also very effective acne medications. Examples of these: Benzac AC, Panoxyl, the much celebrated ProActive, and others known to the pimpled community.

Homemade cures/herbal medicines. These include the use of ingredients available in the comfort of our own homes, like milk, lemon, baking soda, vinegar, oatmeal, toothpaste, and even lipstick. Some of these work for some people…


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