Don’t Jump on the Bed!

Have you stayed in a hotel lately? Well, have you tried staying in a hotel for a long period of time? How about, more than a month? I have, and it’s not such a ball.

I have tried an instant when after a day in the office, I go to my room and see all my things, and I literally mean all, well arranged, even the shirts I wore in the past days. Could you think of a better way of making your guests’ stay a teeny bit more comfortable? Even arranging used clothes? Hmm, joy.

I also experienced elevator operators just stopping the elevator on a floor, and just stopping there to eat! Which was of course, not allowed, but I did not write the report anyhow.

I also have gone thru days when I just wanted to get out of the building and just feel the breeze on my skin, see other normal people taking a stroll in the mall, enjoying their walks, enjoying their free time.

And have you tried eavesdropping? Hearing things and sounds you were not really supposed to hear? Ahahaha… I have. News have wings and walls have ears. Tata!

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