How to do your TO DO Lists

This one I really have to do myself too.. *sigh*

Anyway, so how do you do that things you've put in your To Do list?

First, let's make sure you did your To Do list. You have to have the initiative to do this list because nothing is more irritating and demotivating than having someone else tell you what you have to do all the time. So here's some tips to start with:

Create your own To Do list.
 Start by deciding what you want included in your To Do list. Do you want it to be just the list of tasks? Do you want to include contacts? Reminders? Notes? Do you want it online? With an app? What?!

Organize your tasks.
If you're doing it manually or conventionally, arrange and re-arrange the tasks listed according to the level of priority. Mark off or separate high-priority tasks (those with the deadliest deadlines!), normal priority tasks (those you can do and should finish any time of the day), and those you can do later. You can even write down task-ideas, or those that you plan to do, but do not have deadlines or can wait for several days without yourself or your boss going nuts.
If you chose online apps, or desktop managed apps, then find one that'll suit your needs - and wants. Found this article, it contained online To Do lists that I've found interesting too (25 To Do Lists to Stay Productive).
Decorate your list.
Use different colors or markers for tasks done, high-priority tasks, tasks you can do later, tasks you're just planning on doing so much later, etc. Use sticky notes or Post-its. Create a scrapbook slash to do list. The more you like the looks and feel of your To Do list, the more you'll use it - just like your favorite shirt.

Make your list authoritative.
Give your list authority to reward or punish you. If you complete all your set deadlines for the day, go ahead and reward yourself. If you failed, well, you missed re-decorating your to-do list, and you can't have that extra whipped cream over your favorite frappe.

Show off your list.
The more people you show your list to, the more you'll be pressured to tell or show them how much you've marked off.

Is this in your To Do list already?


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