Friday, April 23, 2010

Absentee Voters go for Gibo Teodoro

Let's Celebrate!!!

See transcription for the translations. Take note that "Ate" here in not the English term for the past tense of eat; it's a Filipino term for older sister, pronounced as [ah-teh]..

Ate from Cambodia:
Gibo kami ng kuya mo.. (Your Kuya and I are [voted] for Gibo)
Ikaw (You?)

Hehehe.. Katuwa... (Hehehe, amusing...)
Di ako makakaboto kasi di ko na-update records ko.. pero Gibo kami ni Tom. (can't vote this time because i failed to update my [registration] records.. but Tom and I are for Gibo)

Ate from Cambodia:
pati si Mam Jo, Gibo  (Mam Jo also [voted] for Gibo)

Heck, yeah.


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