Absentee Voters go for Gibo Teodoro

Let's Celebrate!!!

See transcription for the translations. Take note that "Ate" here in not the English term for the past tense of eat; it's a Filipino term for older sister, pronounced as [ah-teh]..

Ate from Cambodia:
Gibo kami ng kuya mo.. (Your Kuya and I are [voted] for Gibo)
Ikaw (You?)

Hehehe.. Katuwa... (Hehehe, amusing...)
Di ako makakaboto kasi di ko na-update records ko.. pero Gibo kami ni Tom. (can't vote this time because i failed to update my [registration] records.. but Tom and I are for Gibo)

Ate from Cambodia:
pati si Mam Jo, Gibo  (Mam Jo also [voted] for Gibo)

Heck, yeah.



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