Difference Between USA & Philippines

We were feeling filthy rich last night so we bought 1/4 kilo of lechon (roast pig) for dinner. After devouring it, Tom and I decided to take a walk around the village. We always have chats, whether the topics are nonsense or seriously brain boggling.

We passed by a house with their tv facing the window; the show was Agua Bendita. You can laugh at me for saying this, but I do watch Agua Bendita, for the simplest reason that the director really knows what he's doing, Andie as Agua sounds freakishly weird for being too soft-spoken and Pilar Pilapil is such a hateful grandmother it's getting unrealistic.

Anyway, so Tom nonchalantly asks,

Tom: "Nie, do you know the difference between the US and Philippines?

Me: [thinking hard as to what he's up to so I can blurt out a comeback even if he hasn't started yet... but to no avail..] "Not really. What is it?"

Tom: "US has two political parties and a lot of channels..."  

[He hasn't even finished yet when I choked on my own laughter because I already knew what was coming. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything or else it'll spurt out of my nostrils!]

Tom: "while the Philippines has two channels and a LOT of political parties!"

To explain the humor of it, he was referring to the two major channels your antenna can catch if you don't have cable.


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